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Talking about “the good old days”

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Feeling nostalgic about happy times from your youth can be sweet to look back on, but it becomes too much when you start comparing now to then. Constantly complaining about how things were so much better ‘back then’ shows your age and can make people uncomfortable around you.

Being resistant to technology

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Technology isn’t going anywhere, so there’s no point trying to avoid it. It may seem difficult to understand since you were brought up before mobile phones, but being open to learning will make the process so much easier. Refusing to learn how to use the basic tech makes you seem old and stuck in your ways.

Not wearing sunscreen

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Sunlight is one of the main factors towards physical aging. UV rays are not only harmful for your skin, but they speed up the wrinkling process. If you work outside or are often in the sun, you should be using an SPF every single day, regardless of the weather forecast.

Using outdated slang

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This doesn’t mean you should start speaking like a teen. Outdated slang from 30 years ago won’t go unnoticed and it definitely ages you. Some expressions may even be offensive now, so even if you don’t mean to be rude, you could come across that way.

Complaining about younger generations

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“Young people don’t want to work”. Complaining about younger generations makes you seem old and bitter, and it’s the worst way to get young adults to respect you. Things have changed since you were young, so comparisons and grumbles aren’t helpful. Support young people and be open to listening to their perspectives.

Wearing outdated band t-shirts

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In the comfort of your own home wear whatever you like, but in public it may be noticeable. Especially if the band you’re repping is super niche and disbanded years ago, it can make you look like you’re trying too hard to seem ‘hip’ or ‘cool’. You’re either making yet another nod to the ‘good old days’ aimed pointedly at the younger generations, or you’re trying to give yourself hipster points amongst your similarly aging peers.

Not trying new foods

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Eating the same three meals in rotation for dinner can make you look old as it’s associated with the elderly. Refusing to order anything slightly unusual or new at a restaurant can make you look boring or stuck in the past. Trying new food is fun and can make dining out more enjoyable.

Not getting enough sleep

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Lack of sleep not only feels bad inside, but also affects your appearance on the outside. Sleep helps our bodies recover from the day and also keeps our skin healthy. If your body is super tired, all your energy will be used on basic bodily functions and not on aesthetic upkeep, like reducing dark circles.


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Smoking is one of the main causes for early aging. Not only is smoking extremely harmful for your body and lungs, but also bad for your looks. The smoke will wrinkle your face, particularly around your mouth, a well as your hands, making you look way older.

Wearing a three piece suit

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Unless you’re heading to a wedding or super fancy event, a three piece suit is too much for the average day – even if it’s something kind of formal. Nowadays, even a lot of CEO’s don’t take to suits, never mind three pieces. This style of formal wear is very much out of date for work, so it can make you seem older.

Eating too much red meat

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Red meats are considered carcinogens and should really be eaten in small moderation. The high fat levels found in a lot of red meat products can speed up the aging process as well as Carnitine found in beef, which can cause skin to wrinkle prematurely. It’s recommended to only eat red meat once a week.

Wearing dated clothing

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People notice your clothes straight away, so wearing dated styles will for sure be noticed. Styles very specific to past decades will age you as you won’t look like you’re up to date with recent fashion trends. Put the flared denim jeans away and stick to a more timeless style.

Heavy drinking

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Alcohol causes dehydration as it’s a poison to the body. This causes the skin to start losing its elasticity and bounce, increasing wrinkles. Alcohol depletes levels of vitamins in the body, and so does the collagen levels, which is used to keep the skin youthful.

Not moisturizing

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Skin requires moisture to stay healthy and bouncy. Moisturizers are used to keep our faces looking younger and hydrated, so skipping this in your morning routine is doing no favors to your looks. Hot water from showers dries your skin, so it’s even more important to moisturise after a shower.

Using the wrong shower products

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Shower gels and body washes do not wash your hair! You may think shampoos and conditioners are for people with long hair, but you’d be wrong. Washing your hair with harsh soaps will put it in worse condition and could make hair look thinner, therefore aging you unnecessarily.

Not managing stress

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Stress can have a big impact on your lifestyle choices and, in turn, rapidly age you. When you’re chronically stressed, your body builds tension and that can be shown through the face or body, as well as prompting unhealthy dietary changes. Wrinkles can be increased and stress also prevents proper sleep, causing you to be stuck in a loop.

Having the same haircut for years

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Never changing up your hairstyle can have you stuck in the wrong decade. Certain styles aren’t very common anymore, so if you still are rocking a cut from the 80s it can age you more. The older you get the more you should steer clear of wacky styles and have a more timeless cut that suits your hair type.

Jumping on every trend

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Trying to copy every single trend that comes out will not only leave your wallet empty but you will lose your sense of style. Wearing trendy items you don’t enjoy can actually make you look older as it can come across like you’re trying too hard to stay youthful.

Avoiding exercise

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Exercise has many benefits and one of those is keeping you feeling and looking young. Exercising not only keeps you in shape but will improve your posture and mobility. Your skin’s elasticity also improves with working out which will help prevent early wrinkles as well as giving you a glowing complexion.

Too much coffee

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It’s hard to give up our caffeine fixes, but coffee isn’t the best for aesthetics. Black coffee in particular can really stain your teeth, especially if you have multiple mugs a day. Yellowing teeth can be a sign of aging so if you start to stain your teeth it can make you look older than you are.

Neglecting facial hair

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Messy facial hair can make you seem way older. If you leave your facial hair unkept it can age your face, as longer beards are associated with older men, especially if you have started to gray. Go for a clean shaven look or stay on top of your facial hair maintenance, but avoid the weird, in between stage at all costs.

Wearing baggy suits

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A baggy suit shrinks your frame down and can make you look shorter and more frail. This can age you as your body is shrouded by baggy fabric, and any of your younger characteristics like broad shoulders or toned arms get covered up. Make sure your suits fit well and avoid oversized silhouettes.

Not drinking enough water

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Without enough water your skin can look dull and dry, which isn’t very youthful. Drinking plenty of water will help keep your skin looking healthier, and will also support other bodily functions and overall health. It’s recommended to drink around three liters of water a day.

Eating too much sugar

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Sugar is super bad for your skin. Collagen is what keeps our skin supple and youthful but sugar can prevent the production of collagen, or can even break down existing collagen, and cause extra stiffness and loss of elasticity. It can also create blemishes, even as an adult…

Neglecting your hands

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Your hands are one of the first things to start physically aging other than your face. Hand cream and moisturizers will help slow down the wrinkling process and keep your hands from turning super tough and aged faster. Protecting your hands from strong chemicals and the sun will also keep your hands from looking older than you.

Not grooming your eyebrows

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Your eyebrows frame your face and can make or break the balance of your face. Long and wiry eyebrows age you a lot, as long wispy hair is associated with old age. Groom your eyebrows with tweezers or scissors to keep them growing wildly and taking over your face.

Poor posture

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Slouching or hunching really makes a difference to your appearance. Hunched backs are often associated with the elderly, so to avoid people thinking you’re way older than you are, be sure to stand or sit up as straight as possible. A good posture will help with aches and pains especially paired with exercise.

Bad diet choices

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Your diet is super important for health reasons but also for your appearance. A bad diet full of salt and saturated fat will age you as high sodium levels dry the skin and can make you look bloated or puffy. Saturated fat is super bad for the heart and can impact how well you can exercise.

Outdated eye glasses frames

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Are giant aviator frames really the best choice? Eyeglasses, like clothes, also go through trend rotations, so don’t stick to one pair or style for life. Larger or rounder frames can age you as we often see elderly people use them, and they can overbalance your face and make you look smaller.

Choosing the wrong haircut

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Don’t just choose any old hairstyle you see in magazines or on tv. If you have thinner hair, you will make yourself look older if you choose a haircut that shows off the thinner parts of your hair. Sometimes shorter hair, even if you have less of it, looks better than wispy long hair.

Poor dental hygiene

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Your teeth are a focal point on your face, so they are one of the first things people notice about you. Stained teeth and bad breath will not only make you look older, but make people want to avoid you laughing in their direction. Don’t skip out on brushing twice a day and always floss to help prevent damage to your gums.

Avoiding current happenings

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Refusing to keep up with changes in society and culture can make you come across as stuck in your ways and ‘too old’ to understand things. Keeping yourself educated on the world and being open to change will actually help you navigate through the modern world.

Being pessimistic

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Having a constant negative outlook on life isn’t healthy for you, but it will also make others around you think you’re old and bitter. Don’t fall into the stereotype of being a ‘grumpy old guy’ because people may start thinking you’re 10 years older than you are. All that frowning will create some deep wrinkles too.

Falling into fashion stereotypes

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Socks and sandals, tucked in polo shirts and visors. Thanks to the internet in particular, there are many fashion stereotypes associated with older men so don’t fall into the trap. If you find yourself dressing ‘like a dad’ according to the internet, try switching up your style.

Not having a skincare routine

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Washing your face with soap and water isn’t always enough. There are so many skincare products that help with the reduction of wrinkles and the prevention of more. Retinol is an anti-aging ingredient that is a great addition to your skincare routine, so don’t skimp out on trying new face products.

Not taking pride in your appearance

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It can be tiring constantly putting effort into your appearance, but if you fully let yourself go, it will make you look way older. Not staying on top of neat hair, ironed clothes and hygiene will make you seem like you don’t care anymore. Don’t wear a suit everyday, but get out of your pjs when you leave the house.

Unwilling to change

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Most people change throughout their lives and it can be healthy. However, if you refuse to change and grow for the better, it can put people off being around you and, ultimately, age you. Holding ‘old’ or ‘outdated’ views will make you look exactly that, old and outdated.

Having dirty and unkempt fingernails

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A lot of older men seem to steer clear of maintaining their nails, but it can really boost your appearance. Your hands are very noticeable to people, especially if you talk with them. Dirty or unkempt nails age you because it looks like you’re too ‘old’ to properly care for yourself.

Wearing worn out clothes

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It can be hard to throw away your favorite sweater you’ve had for years, but worn out clothes don’t add anything to your appearance. Specifically knitwear with holes or stains can make you look way older than you are, because it looks like that item of clothing is older than the mobile phone.

Choosing outdated colognes

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How you smell leaves a lasting impression on people you meet. Cologne is a great way to express yourself and help you feel more put together, but the scent is important. Super heavy or strong scents from a few decades ago can age you, because people could start to associate you with the smell of ‘old fashioned’ cologne.