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Eating pizza

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Believe it or not, there’s a correct way to hold a pizza slice. When you hold it flat, all of those tasty toppings slide right off, resulting in a cheesy mess. To prevent this, hold the slice in a U-shape. This way, all the toppings will remain intact, resulting in flavor within every bite and much less clean up when you’re done!

Making tea

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If you squeeze your teabag against the side of your cup, you’ve been brewing the beverage all wrong. Squeezing the juices from the bag results in too many tannins being released in the drink, altering the overall taste and potentially leading to stubborn teeth stains. The best thing you can do is simply wait for your tea to brew before throwing the tea bag in the trash.

Peeling bananas

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Don’t peel your banana from the top. Instead, prize open the fruit from the bottom. Squeeze the snack ever so slightly, before tearing the fruit open down the side. You’ll notice that it opens much easier, letting you get to the juicy insides of the fruit without any fuss.

Brushing your teeth

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Don’t brush your teeth with strict horizontal movements. Instead, hold your toothbrush at a 45 degree angle and use short back and forth strokes. Then, tilt the brush horizontally (so that the brushes are underneath your teeth) and brush in up and down movements, ensuring all of your chompers are squeaky clean and no areas are missed when cleaning.

Cutting bread

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Tucking into a brand new loaf of bread doesn’t need to be an arduous process. Instead of endlessly hacking away at the loaf, flip the bread upside down. This way, you can cut it from its softer bottom, where it’s much easier to slice through the mouthwatering snack. It’s also worth making sure that you use the correct tools for the job where possible.

Splashing mixers

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We’ve all been there – used our mixer only to have our kitchens become coated in ingredients. To prevent this from happening in the future, simply slot a paper plate between the beaters and the mixer itself. This way, you’ll have a makeshift cover that prevents any splashing, and helps to keep your mixer clean as an added bonus!

Pouring juice

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It might seem that no matter how hard you try, you always manage to spill some juice. Not anymore! Start flipping your juice box over, pouring into a glass with the hole being on the farthest side. The motion results in a clean pour, meaning that not a single drop of juice goes to waste.

Filling up on gas

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When you get a new car, that first trip to the gas station can be embarrassing, leaving you wandering around your vehicle looking for your gas tank. If you take a look at your dashboard, however, you’ll see that there’s a small arrow next to the gauge, telling you which side of your car the gas tank is on.

Squeezing a lemon

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Give your hands a break. If you don’t have a tool to help you squeeze a lemon to try and retrieve its precious drops, pop it into your microwave for ten seconds. The heat draws out all of those zesty juices, allowing you to squeeze your lemon with far less effort.

Using hair clips

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Instead of putting your hair clip in wavy side down, flip it over. Placing it this way allows the clip to lock your hair in place more effectively, preventing any stray strands from being on display. It’s also more pain-free, preventing the ridged edges from catching on your locks.

Using aluminum foil

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You don’t have to take the entire roll of aluminum foil out of the packaging in order to rip off a square. Most boxes have a small tab on their side. Press it inwards, and it’ll allow you to roll the product outwards, helping you to rip off the exact amount that you need.

Eating takeout

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Don’t open your Chinese food container and pour it onto a plate. Instead, open the box from the top (or, in some cases, the bottom). This way, you’ve got your own little box to eat out of, saving yourself from any unnecessary washing up. They’re usually recyclable too, which is handy for the eco-conscious.

Scrubbing pots and pans

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Don’t tire yourself out by endlessly scrubbing away at stubborn stains and marks. Instead, fill your pot up with boiling water. Then, add a small amount of vinegar. Leave it to soak into the stains for 20 minutes, then pour the mixture away. As if by magic, the stains will be removed without any unnecessary elbow grease.

Crying over onions

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There are many ways to prevent onions from bringing a tear to your eye. You can coat your chopping board in lemon juice, freeze the veggies for 15 minutes, or try cutting them in a bowl full of water. Whatever method you choose, you’ll be sure to have dry eyes.

Defrosting meat

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You should never defrost meat at room temperature or under running water. If you do, the bacteria has a high chance of multiplying. Instead, you should plan ahead, placing your cuts of meat in a pan or bowl for them to defrost in the fridge overnight, ensuring they are fully and safely thawed.

Scribbling out words

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If you’ve written something sensitive or made a handwritten mistake and want to keep it from prying eyes, don’t furiously attempt to scribble it out – it’ll still be visible, even leaving a mark on the pages beneath. Instead, write an array of random letters on top of the word. This way, it’ll be impossible to decipher.

Microwaving your food

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When heating up your food in the microwave, don’t evenly spread it across the plate. Doing so can lead to a cold middle and burnt edges. Instead, leave an empty circle in the middle of your food. This way, the heat is evenly distributed, with no cold or burnt bites in sight.

Untying knots

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Don’t endlessly tug on a knot, or try to undo it with brute force. Instead, tap the knot with a spoon or a hammer. Then, twist the knot on the loosest end. The friction from the tapping and the pulling motion will affect the looser side, meaning that the knot open should with ease.

Peeling garlic

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The most effective way to pop garlic from its bulb is to press down on it with the palm of your hand. Then, put the cloves of garlic in a bowl or container with a lid and give them a hefty shake. They should separate from their skins instantly, saving you precious time.

Wearing headphones

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While many headphones are now wireless, there are still many of us who prefer their wired counterparts. If you do use these devices, be sure to wrap the wire around your ear. This way, they’ll stay firmly in place, preventing you from being parted from your tunes, and making you less susceptible to losing them.

Cleaning your blender

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Blenders are often thought to be one of the hardest household appliances to clean. Not with this handy hack! Fill your blender halfway up with water, before adding a generous lashing of washing up liquid. Then, turn the appliance on, giving it a good whirl. Pour the water away, and your blender will look good as new. Just remember to watch the blades!

Holding your steering wheel

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It’s a common misconception that you should hold your steering wheel at the ten and two positions. However, doing so doesn’t give you complete control over your car. Instead, you should hold the wheel either side (nine and three), allowing for better maneuvering. Holding the wheel like this will also allow for your airbags to properly inflate in case of an emergency.

Storing avocados

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When you’re waiting for your avocado to ripen, don’t place it in the fridge. The cool temperatures will change both the texture and the flavor, alongside lengthening the ripening process. Instead, leave them to ripen at room temperature, resulting in a tastier, zestier salad. Just remember to watch that they don’t become overripe and mushy!

Using cotton buds

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You can use cotton buds to clean your ears – just in select locations. You can use the tool to remove any excess earwax or dirt from your outer ear, keeping everything fresh. What you shouldn’t do, however, is shove it deep in your ear, as this can lead to hearing loss from eardrum damage.

Adding keyrings

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We’ve all experienced the struggle of trying to add a keyring to our collection. The metal rings are incredibly stiff, resulting in many broken nails. Instead of endlessly struggling, use a stapler. These stationary tools are the perfect size to separate the rings, saving your fingers from bouts of pain.

Using toilet seat covers

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The most effective way to use a toilet seat cover is to place the item with the flap facing outwards. This will result in the cover fitting the seat better, alongside preventing any potentially harmful particles, bacteria or germs from gathering in the location. It also allows for a much easier and hygienic removal.

Keep bedding together

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Instead of forever searching for a matching pillow case, sheet, and cover for your comforter, keep them all together in the first place. Fold your sheet and comforter cover up into neat squares before placing them inside your pillow case. This way, you’ll have a handy matching set whenever you go to change your bed.

Storing chocolate

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Many of us make the dire mistake of storing our sweet choccies in the fridge. However, the cold conditions can sap the sweet stuff of all its flavor, alongside filling the food with unwanted moisture. Instead, store chocolate at room temperature, resulting in a tastier and less grainy treat.

Reheating pasta

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When you place pasta in the microwave, ensure you coat your bowl with a damp paper towel. This will give the food plenty of moisture, allowing it to be full of yummy flavor. Alternatively, you could place a glass of water in the microwave for the same effect.

Cleaning faucets

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Don’t waste your hard-earned dollars on unnecessary cleaning sprays! All you need is a lemon. Cut it in half, and rub the citrus fruit against your metal taps. They’ll have a glimmering shine in no time flat – all without a chemical in sight. If you repeat this method frequently, you’ll never have to buy surface cleansers again.

Storing your t-shirts

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We’ve been doing it wrong all of our lives! The best way to store clothing items is vertically, with any central designs proudly on display. This way, you can see each and every garment at a mere glance, saving yourself from endlessly rummaging. If you like, you can also color-coordinate your clothing to be even more organised.

Sharing popcorn

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There’s nothing quite as awkward as your hand crashing into your pal’s when sharing a bag of popcorn. To prevent it from happening in the future (and to have easier access to the snack), turn the bag sideways and split it open. That way, you’ll be able to feast to your heart’s content without any rude interruptions.

Using the blue part of the eraser

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Contrary to popular belief, the blue part of an eraser isn’t for removing pen ink. Try as you might, it’ll just result in your paper becoming torn, making a mess, and ruining your writing. The blue part’s actual purpose is for removing heavier, denser marks, whereas the pink part is for lighter smudgings.

Only using peelers for potatoes

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Don’t limit your peelers usage to just peeling a potato. They can be used for all sorts of food preparation – whether it’s dicing onions, slicing garlic, or cutting off slithers of cheese. This can also help with portion management, meaning that you use more appropriate portions of cheese when making a lasagna, for example.

Letting your pasta boil over

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Place a wooden spoon across the top of your saucepan the next time you boil up some pasta. When the boiling bubbles meet the water repelling surface of the spoon, they immediately retreat back into their murky depths – resulting in no more spilled water or marks from scalding.

Making smoothies

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You may think that you should put the denser item at the bottom of your blender, as it’ll be nearer to the blades. However, the best way to blend up a smoothie is to fill it with the water-based products first. Add milk, juice, or water first and foremost, and then add your fruits and veggies. This helps you to get an overall smoother blend.

Using a plunger on a toilet

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Plungers are great tools for flat surfaces, such as sinks. However, they’re relatively ineffective when it comes to unclogging your toilet. Instead, coat your toilet in plastic wrap, ensuring there are no gaps. Then, give your toilet a flush. The pressure from the sealed suction of the flush will help dislodge the blockage, and your toilet will be unclogged in no time.

Have cooler water

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On a hot summer’s day, there’s nothing better than a refreshing bottle of cool water. To get that crisp edge, get a paper towel and wet it. Then, wrap it around the bottle. Place it in the freezer for around 15 minutes, and you’ll have a bottle of water that quenches your thirst like no other.

Using elevators

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You’d think that elevators were relatively simple affairs, but they hold their own secrets. If you press the same floor button twice, it’ll cancel the arrival. Furthermore, if you hold the close door button down alongside your floor button, you’ll get an express ride straight to your desired level.

Cutting tomatoes

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Don’t laboriously cut cherry tomatoes one by one. Instead, place them on a plate. Then, get another plate and place it directly on top. Grab your knife, and cut through the tomatoes sideways. This way, you’ll get evenly cut tomatoes in one fell swoop. Just be careful to make sure you don’t slip or apply too much pressure when using your knife.