Lately everyone seems to be happily engaged and enjoying the summer season with a nice, fat, sparkling diamond.


Not me. I am enjoying the summer season at home, alone while my boyfriend works weeks at a time in another state. But I’m not complaining (okay, I am complaining a little bit).


So, I got to thinking: who cares if everyone else is getting married and buying a house? Big deal if they are celebrating their sacred vows in front of all of their closest friends and family. And is a gorgeous poofy dress really all that special? ( Don’t mind me if I start tearing up trying to hold back my meltdown.) In all honesty though, I think marriage is beautiful. But I also think loving someone is beautiful, and the want to get married shouldn’t stop you from enjoying being in the relationship you are in. And if you aren’t in a relationship there are still tons of things you can enjoy without someone else holding your hand.

1. Some weddings take days of prepping at the venue. You can spend that time traveling and exploring new places. There are tons of articles that explain how to travel on a budget too!

2. While they spend time moving all of their stuff into their new house, you can lay on the couch and binge watch Game Of Thrones.

3. Diamond rings are expensive….whatever I still want one. Sorry, but I’ve got nothing for # 3.

4. Instead of registering for your wedding you can shop for yourself!

5. Instead of working out to look flawless in the dress, you can totally binge eat your favorite junk food.

6. While the bride and groom are looking their best, you can still come home to your partner in yoga pants and a tee.

7. While they are making delicious meals for each other you can get away with take out and not feel the slightest bit guilty.

8.While they are paying off debt, you can still rack it up!


9. They are putting a down payment on a house, while all you have to worry about is a down payment on new toys, like quads or kayaks.

10. While they are having kids you can still enjoy the absence of doctors and tracking your ovulation.

11. You don’t have to focus so much on your future, instead, you can move around and experience the world before making any serious decisions.

12. They are probably going to bed early, but you and your man (or girlfriends) can still hit the bar!

13. While the bride and groom are settled in their careers, you can still experiment with what kind of career you want while you aren’t responsible for anyone else.

14. Once married, date nights can be a bit hard to plan with a household to run and little ones on the way. Enjoy the spur of the moment dates and trips before too much responsibility can make spur of the moment decisions difficult to carry out.

15. Planning a wedding can be expensive, but attending them is free and almost always a total blast.

16. While they are trying to save for retirement and upgrades you can still spend your money wherever you want!

17. Weddings can also cost the bride, groom, parents and grandparents a lot of money. When you are just a guest at several weddings you get a good idea of what is important and what isn’t when it comes to planning your own wedding budget.

Marriage is an exciting and sacred thing, but for those of us who aren’t getting married and entering the last few steps of adulthood, just remember to enjoy what you have now. It will happen eventually, but sometimes, a little less responsibility and accountability is nice to have.