Are you getting sick and tired of seeing all these post from people that are on your “friends” list that you honestly don’t care about; instead of seeing your real friends’ updates. Or maybe it has just been too long and you need to clean your closet and rid it of all the skeletons (yes that means your ex’s and his ex’s, because you know you added them just to snoop). Or it is that you don’t want all these strangers to see everything that you post. Either way we have a really cool and super easy way for you to go through your enormous friends list.





So what you do is look at the Birthday section every day and check to see if there is anyone you want to unfriend. It’s really simple and it’s on the top right of your homepage.


Doing this every day is a simple way for you to rid yourself from all the annoying people on your friends list. Now, if there was only that easy to get rid of obnoxious people in your real life.