What about swimsuits?


Don’t let your concerns hold you back from enjoying a day at the beach or pool in a swimsuit. Consider a skirted suit that flares out and accentuates your hourglass figure while still showing off your body. With this stylish option, you can soak up the sun and enjoy the water while feeling confident and fashionable. Achieving an hourglass look has never been easier!

Add a coverup


Once you are out of the water, you can grab this loose and flowy top to cover your arms and back. It’s perfect to catch the breeze as you stroll around. You can pair it with a long skirt if you prefer to cover up your legs.

Wear tops with good airflow.


The top features small perforations on the fabric to promote better ventilation without compromising your modesty. Match it with a flesh-toned bra that comes in various shades to blend with your skin tone. This style provides sufficient coverage for your arms, making it ideal for hot and windy weather.

Wear a light wrap as a design piece.


When it’s hot outside, a wrap can be a great option. It provides natural coverage for your arms and legs while also protecting you from the sun. You can wear it over a tank top and shorts or a skirt and tie it in a way that works for you. This particular wrap has a lovely flow to it that adds to its appeal.

Wear a peplum top


Peplum-style tops are perfect for indoor events during springtime. They flare out around the waist like a skirt, providing coverage for the tummy and hips. They also cover the arms, making them a great option. Consider getting these tops in various colors.

Tie a light cover-up over a maxi dress.


Consider wearing a maxi dress if you have a lunch date with friends on a warm day. To cover your arms, you can throw on a beach cover-up. This simple addition will transform your outfit into a stylish ensemble perfect for enjoying the sunshine.

Choose a light cotton shirt with small vertical stripes


Using vertical stripes creates a visual effect of elongating the body, making one appear slimmer. This cotton-made clothing item is also ideal for warmer weather as it provides comfort. For a more playful and lively look, tie the front of the top instead of tucking it in.

Wear a lightweight camisole.


The camisole tops are a perfect blend of cotton and spandex. They are also available in lovely colors, and the straps are adjustable for a perfect fit. Moreover, the camisole tops are lightweight and breathable, ensuring that you stay cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Choose an “off-the-shoulder top.”


Off-shoulder tops are a great option to achieve a soft and feminine look while covering your arms. However, keeping them slightly off the shoulder and not too low is important. These tops give a feminine vibe and are perfect for warmer weather. Avoid buying ones with fitted sleeves, as they will not give the desired effect.

Wear “cut-in” styles.


The cut-in style tank tops are available in a variety of colors and are very fashionable, featuring a design that highlights the shoulders and chest. This design draws attention to the center of the body, away from the arms, resulting in a slimmer appearance overall.