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1. Soda loaded with sugar

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Sugary drinks are bad for you, we all know that, but you might have associated them as being bad for gut health as opposed to brain health. In reality, though, high sugar levels increase the risk of diabetes, which is linked to brain conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. So try to avoid soda where possible.

2. Bad carbs! We’re talking white bread

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White bread might be one of the best inventions of modern times… but that doesn’t mean you should be consuming loads of it. In fact, white bread actually equates to refined (bad) carbs, and this means it contains high glycemic index, which impairs proper brain function.

3. Put that cookie down!

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Foods like cookies contain trans fats, and these can be very bad for your brain. This is particularly true when talking about packaged cookies – fresh cookies are much better for you – and studies have proven that role who consume large volumes of trans fats tend to have a poorer memory.

4. High-processed foods

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Foods that are high-processed have huge amounts of fat, salt, and sugar, and we all know these kinds of TV dinners can be unhealthy for you. But, did you also know that they can be bad for your brain as well as your body? Try to avoid consumption of high-processed foods like ready meals as much as possible.

5. Artificial sweetener

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There are loads of different option for artificial sweeteners, and they provide a great alternative to sugar. Sweeteners like aspartame, which exist in many different sugar-free products, can be bad for the brain because they are linked to cognitive problems, and it’s important to keep on top of this.

6. Shots, shots, shots!

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Oddly enough, alcohol can have a positive impact on your brain health over time, but this is only in small doses. Heavy drinking over time can actually have the opposite effect, and can lead to issues such as memory loss, behavioural problems, and issues with sleeping routine as well.

7. Something smells fishy

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Seafood is generally very good for you because of the omega-3 fatty acids included in it. But, there are certain types of seafood that are not good for you, and this includes predatory fish such as swordfish. This is because they contain high levels of mercury, which can be harmful to the body and the mind.

8. Instant noodles = instant regret

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Instant noodles are quick and convenient, but the problem with them is that they can also be quite bad for you. These noodles are highly-processed, which increases your chances of weight gain and that, in turn, means that your brain is going to be unhealthy as a result.

9. Diet sodas: not so healthy after all

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You might think that just because something is a diet soda that automatically makes it healthy, but this isn’t the case. Diet sodas don’t have sugar in them, but they do have plenty of sweeteners to keep them super tasty. These are known to be bad for you and can lead to a number of cognitive issues.

10. French fries might fry your brain

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As delicious as they might be, French fries need to be enjoyed in small doses. Gorging on French fries might bring concerns about the weighing scales, but there are other issues to consider as well. Fried foods such as fries can cause inflammation in the blood vessels and this can be bad news for your brain.

11. Don’t go nuts with donuts


Donuts are one of the tastiest treats that you can enjoy, but they are unfortunately a bit of a double whammy as well. They are fried and full of sugar, which makes them bad for brain and body. They can cause inflammation and clog up blood vessels, this can cause lots of brain issues and impair cognitive function.

12. White rice? No dice

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White rice is full of lots of refined carbohydrates, and this can help to spike your blood sugar levels. The issue with this is that it can increase the risk of things like Alzheimer’s or dementia. What’s more, it can also lead to a crash that might leave your brain foggy, and impair cognitive function.

13. Rethink the red meat

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Red meat is bad news for both head and heart, and you need to try to reduce your red meat intake. It is full of saturated fat, which can lead to a build-up in the body and the brain. This can lead to increased inflammation across the board, which can also increase the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

14. Fatty cheese (but it tastes so good!)

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There is no question that fatty, creamy cheeses taste delicious, but it is also the case that if something that tastes good, it could well be bad for us. Fatty cheese is a big no-no for things like brain health as a result of the saturated fat content that exists in it.

15. Butter: Is it worth it?

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Butter can be a useful food and is perfect for using with any other different food stuffs! Butter is a full-fat dairy product, the saturated fat that is involved means that you should try to switch to a more low-fat option, and this is something that will help improve your brain moving forward.

16. Salad dressings: Just a bottle of syrup

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Salads are delightfully delicious and healthy for you – having as many of them as possible, done well, can be a good thing. You need to be careful, though, about loading up your salads with bottled dressings. Many of them contain high-fructose corn syrup, which is the same ingredient that you get in sodas.

17. Processed sausage could cause an issue

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Processed sausage might be delicious and go perfectly on your barbecue, but they can also cause a number of issues. They have a higher amount of saturated fats, which can result in inflammation. The problem with this is that it can increase the risk of developing dementia and other cognitive diseases.

18. Fast food makes fast work of brain problems

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Burgers are a staple of American cuisine, and they are a top choice to dip into now and again. However, it is important to understand that fast food (such as burgers and fries) are high in saturated fats. This is something that can lead to alzheimer’s, as well as having high levels of sodium that can make your brain foggy and slow.

19. Pastries are a no-go!

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Sweet pastries taste amazing, but the issue with them is that they boast an extremely high sugar content. This means that you will be experiencing high amounts of glucose in the brain, which is something that can lead to memory and focus issues, and other brain problems going forward.

20. White pasta – switch to brown!

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White pasta is a key part of any diet, but eating a lot of it can lead to issues like brain decline due to the refined carb content increasing inflammation. It will be much better and much healthier for you to switch to brown pasta as a healthier alternative, and make this integral to your diet.

21. Pizza dough isn’t the best


Pizza is something that many of us tend to enjoy, but the fact that it is not particularly healthy is something many of us overlook because of the fact that it tastes so good. Pizza dough is full of refined carbs, and these are carbs that can negatively impact your brain function.

22. Cured meats won’t preserve your brain

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Cured meats that you can find at the deli counter are a great addition to a sandwich or light lunch but many people don’t realise the harmful impact they can have on your brain. This is because they’re full of nitrates. These nitrates are used as a preservative to keep the color in the slices, but this can be a problem for your brain.

23. Twinkies

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Twinkies taste pretty amazing, but the reason for this is because they are pretty much pure sugar. Boxes of Twinkies can be found in households across America, but the fact they’re high in sugar and trans fats can lead to brain decline, as well as worse long-term memory function.

24. Sweet coffee: Not so sweet

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The Starbucks order is a mainstay of any American breakfast… but beware next time you order yours. Of course, it depends on how much sugar you choose to have in your coffee, and this is something to keep in mind when you’re at the drive thru. Drinking coffees high in sugar, syrups, and creams can spike your blood sugar and increase the risk of brain problems.

25. Energy drinks: Brain boost in the wrong way

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Everyone is aware that energy drinks are not exactly great for you, but you maybe didn’t imagine they could negatively impact your brain as much as they do. Being incredibly high in sugar and caffeine means that your brain can easily get addicted to them. They may make you feel temporarily more alert but, long term, they’ll make matters worse.

26. Sugary cereals: Not a great start to the day!

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Cereal is meant to be a healthy breakfast option and, in many cases, it will be – as long as you choose the right cereal. Plain cereal is boring to look at, which is what makes the vibrant options like Lucky Charms so tempting. The high sugar content in these cereals means bad news for your brain health, affecting cognitive function with pesky sugar spikes.

27. Pancakes and Waffles

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Sometimes, when you want to treat yourself for breakfast, pancakes and waffles are the only thing that will suffice. The problem is that they are high in sugar content, as well as being paired with something like butter or chocolate sprinkles, meaning a combination of refined carbs and saturated fats, which can lead to decreased cognitive function in the AM.

28. Cake frosting: try a plain sponge instead

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Baking a cake for any occasion is a great way of enjoying a tasty treat! One of the best bits is, obviously, getting a taste of any leftover frosting. The problem with this, though, is that cake frosting is full of trans fats, and these have been known to slow down brain function long-term. Save it for special occasions only, folks!

29. Seed oil: It’s seedy, alright

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A lot of people choose to cook with oils aside from from olive oil and coconut oil, but you may want to reconsider this. Anything that is made with seed oil has been highly processed, resulting in a huge number of omega-6 fatty acids. When consumed, these are known to result in brain inflammation, so limit your intake wherever possible.

30. Vegan ‘meat’ alternatives

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Non-meat alternatives might seem like a much healthier and tastier option to meat dishes, but they aren’t as healthy as you might imagine. Many of these tend to be highly-processed and pumped full of chemicals, similar to that of fast-food meat products. They are thought lead to issues such as cognitive decline, so maybe opt for the chickpeas instead.

31. Muffins

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Muffins are perfect as either part of a breakfast treat, or as a delicious and tasty snack. The problem with grabbing a morning muffin is that it is going to be full of hydrogenated oil, soy bean oil, and corn syrup. The problem is that these are ingredients that have been linked to cognitive impairment, not setting you up well for the day ahead.

32. Soy sauce

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Soy sauce might be delicious to add to certain dishes – but it is also a product that is loaded with sodium. The problem with sodium is that it can restrict the flow of blood to the brain. If you want to reduce the harmful effects of soy sauce, you should consider switching to soy sauce with low sodium content.

33. Frozen Pies

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Frozen pies are an excellent choice for a quick and convenient dinner, but they are also a problem from a health perspective because they are full of trans fats. According to a lot of research, trans fats can be hazardous to health, and have even been linked to potential cases of brain shrinkage.

34. Frozen Pizza

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Frozen pizzas are delicious. They make a quick, convenient dinner choice for so many working American everywhere. Despite this, frozen pizzas are known for being very high in fat. Consuming too many of these products can cause you to feel slow and lethargic, and this can impact your brain power in a lot of ways.

35. Ice Cream

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Ice cream is pretty much the best thing ever! It’s cold, it’s delicious, and it has so much flavor to it, with endless options available. It is also, however, full of ingredients that can clog the arteries, and this is something that can negatively impact memory and brain function in a handful of ways.

36. Fruit Juice

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Fruit juice is deceptive in many ways, making us think we’re bring healthy, when that might not actually be the case. Fruit juice is so high in sugar that it has been linked to possible problems with cognitive function, so you need to reduce the amount of juice you consume. If you must drink it, consider trying to make it at home.

37. Sour Patch Kids

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Sour Patch Kids are among the most iconic sweets ever, but they are also one of the worst sweets to eat in terms of impacting brain ability. Because these sweets are so high in sugar and added chemicals, they can impact the brain in a negative way – particularly increasing hyperactivity in children. You need to make sure you reduce them to treat days only.

38. Margarine

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Often regarded as a healthier alternative to butter, margarine may actually not be as healthy as we once thought. This is largely due to the trans fats and artificial chemicals that are included, as these can impact your brain and body in a number of different ways. They make you feel sluggish and lethargic, impairing your cognitive ability across the board!

39. Drink syrups

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Whilst your collection of drink syrups allows you to flavor your daily iced coffee in many different ways, do you really know what’s in them? It is important to understand that these are full of sugar and articificial sweeteners, not to mention coloring agents we don’t even understand!, These are all proven to have a detrimental affect on cognitive function.

40. Bacon

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Bacon is perhaps the elite tier breakfast food, at least for meat eaters, but it is also a food that can negatively impact your brain as well. The curing process contains a substance known as histamine, which has been linked to brain fog and other long-term brain problems.