Credit: Insider Food via YouTube

There’s an easier way to peel your banana

Credit: Helpful DIY via YouTube

Peeling a banana can be a tricky business – with the top part becoming too flaccid if the fruit is too ripe. Instead of aimlessly wrestling with the snack, open it from the bottom. No matter the ripeness, the fruit will be far easier to open, allowing you to eat the healthy snack within seconds.

Eat your toast toppings down

Credit: Old Food Guy via YouTube

As unnatural as it may sound, you should be eating your toast with its topping facing downwards. This is so the sweet honeys, jams, and other toppings connect with your tastebuds first, before they’re merged with the stodgy bread, giving you a more mouthwatering experience.

Takeaway containers can be used as plates

Credit: Mad Scientist via YouTube

Say goodbye to washing up woes – Chinese takeaway containers can be unfolded to make a makeshift plate. Simply extend each corner of the packaging to reveal a perfectly proportioned dish for your fast food. All you need is some utensils and you’re good to go.

Leftover pizza? Make sure it’s nice and toasty

Credit: Taste of Home via YouTube

There’s nothing more delicious than leftover pizza – hot or cold. However, if you’ve been reheating your leftover takeout in the microwave or oven, you’ve been doing it entirely wrong. Instead, warm it up in a pan – it’ll add an extra sense of crunch and deliciousness.

You can check an avocado’s ripeness with just a look

Credit: justinisme via Reddit

We’ve all cut into an avocado only to be met with a sense of disappointment that it’s too ripe. In the future, flip it upside down, and pull out the stem. If it’s too ripe, there’ll be a gaping, dark hole. If it’s ripe enough, there should be a small, earth-toned shaped gap, meaning it’s the perfect time to delve into its juicy interior.

Pistachio shells can be a handy tool

Credit: @jake_albaugh via Twitter

Next time you’re munching away on some tasty pistachios, don’t immediately discard the shells. Keep them on hand – they’re the perfect tool to open other nuts, saving your nails from becoming jagged and worn. Be warned – this hack can significantly speed up the snacking process, so do so at your own risk.

Fill your sandwich properly

Credit: LauraJesson via Reddit

There’s nothing worse than taking a hefty bite of your sandwich, only to be met with a mouthful of bland bread. Next time you’re making a sandwich, ensure you cut and place the fillings effectively – covering every inch of the bread, resulting in each bite being full of taste.

Freeze your oranges

Credit: CastorpsWelt via YouTube

Oranges are the perfect summer treat, offering a refreshing dose of vitamin C. Save precious seconds of your time by speeding up the peeling process – freeze your orange for around 15 minutes before you plan to eat it. The icy temperatures will cause the pith (that pesky white stuff) to stick to the skin, not the fruit.

Use eggshells to prevent an unwanted crunch

Credit: @RealDuncanHines via Twitter

They say like attracts like, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to eggshells. Next time you’re baking a cake and an unwanted fragment of shell tumbles into your tasty mix – don’t reach for a spoon. Instead, use a piece of eggshell to fish the shard out – the shell strangely attracts it back to its former host.

You should eat your burger upside down

Credit: Insider Food via YouTube

We’ve been doing it wrong this entire time! The top of the burger is typically thicker than the bottom bun, making it the preferred base option to prevent all of those juicy fillings from falling out. Once you flip your burger, you’ll never eat a patty the same way ever again.