If you have spent the past few months or years as a singleton looking for the perfect man to come into your life, there is no need to despair. There is also a lot that can be done to help you out of this rut and on the way to a successful new relationship.

Unfortunately certain things you do can really put guys off without you even noticing it. You may think he has totally blanked you or not even noticed you but it may be a different story all together.

After looking into this area for a long time and reading through thousands of posts on our relationship forum, I can genuinely tell you the reasons usually fall into three main headings.

1. Men Like A Challenge

Men instinctively like a challenge. If in the early stages of getting to know a guy, you make it clear you like it and are always available for him, it will become very boring, very quickly. It is a better plan to be a little unavailable now and then. It is all about balance though. You don’t want to be so unavailable that he gets bored waiting to spend time with you.

2. Men Like Confidence

Confidence is a great quality in both men and women. It can actually counteract the fact you may not be the best looking person in the room. You may have noticed that some of the most popular people both socially and with the opposite s*x are those that exude confidence. Learn to be sociable and chatty with different groups of people. Guys are drawn to confidence like a bee to the hone pot.

3. Men Can Feel Threatened by Others in Your Group

When you go out with friends you should be conscious about the group size and the dynamics of the group if you are looking to meet a new guy. When a single guy sees a huge group of rowdy girls for example, he may be less willing to approach you than if you were with a couple of friends. Three is a great number because the guy will know that your other two friends can chat to each other if he is successful in gaining your attention. Also try to avoid having too many other guys in your group especially if they are really close to you as this could appear to be your boyfriend.

If you have been single for a while now and are ready to get dating again, why not get yourself out on the town this weekend with a couple of friends. Remember these tips and see how you get on. If you do manage to meet a great new guy, I expect a Christmas card!