Attractive people, particularly women, are pretty good at leveraging their looks to get free things.

Some might see this as unfair, probably the guys that paid for those free things expecting something in return that they never received. My argument to those men is this: women are objectified and make significantly less to do the same job that men are making much more doing. Not to mention we bear children. That trumps all pity men may ever have for themselves. So, with that in mind, is it really unfair for women to get free stuff?

Some say it is, some say it isn’t. But what do you think of using Tinder to get free pizza? That takes it to a whole new level.

They call it… “The Tinder Games.”



Please notice that there are also wings in this picture. Pizza and wings.

This is actually depressing to read.



The hilarity in this is one-sided sir. Sorry…

These are the rules.



Wait…isn’t the pizza what you’re winning? Or is there another prize too?

It’s really working. Working well!


Is this really happening? I don’t know if I should be impressed or shocked.

If pizza fails, don’t forget there are always other options.



Is she cruel or is he dumb? I can’t get over this!

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