When you think of a wedding gift from a groom to his bride on their wedding day you think perfume, underwear or maybe jewellery. These are all lovely ideas but don’t really take that much effort. They also lack something of the personal touch.

It was the personal touch that Seth Fickett wanted to add to his wedding day when he came up with this awesome idea. Knowing his wife Natalie was a big fan of One Direction, he decided to team up with his six groomsmen to plan a dance routine to perform at the reception.


According to the Huffington Post, the groom took to YouTube to show off his thoughtful gift — and consequently, his dance skills. “I wanted to give Natalie, my beautiful bride, an awesome gift at the wedding reception. So I asked my brother/best man, Asher, to secretly help me choreograph a dance for the groomsmen to practice at the bachelor party,” Fickett wrote on his YouTube channel.

My favourite part has to be the end where they are both lifted up on their chairs and paraded round the dance floor as everyone else joins in.

Good work Seth.

[h/t: Brides]