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Some things that couples do are pretty gross, from picking their spots to watching them go to the bathroom; the gross-o-meter gets neglected the minute that you fall in love. For better or for worse, you’re in it for the long run, and that means seeing the things that they hide from everyone else.

1. Talk in their own gross language

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You know you’ve been with your partner too long when you have your own language that has so many new words and phrases that no one would understand what you’re saying if they overheard. Also, if anyone overheard the way you speak to each other, you’d be completely mortified…

2. Pick each other’s spots

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If you’re someone who likes picking spots, there is no better sight than a massive blackhead on your partner’s nose. Ever noticed they’re looking at you a little too closely, and not in a lovingly-gazing-into-your-eyes type way? Yeah, it’s probably because you have a spot on your face that they can’t wait to get their hands on.

3. Chat to each other while one person is on the toilet

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Why should a toilet break end your conversation? If you’re really comfortable, you might even do this while your significant other goes number two. And hey, that’s okay, if you can see them like that and still love them, you’re bound to be able to go the distance.

4. Co-ordinate their outfits

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Okay, wearing matching outfits is probably a little too on the nose, but we all know a couple that purposely wear the same colors so that they don’t just chat totally in sync, but they look the part too. This may make you and your partner feel like ‘hashtag couple goals’, but it’s a little gross to other people…

5. Have gross nicknames for each other

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Pookie, Schmookie, Cutie Patootie… Listen, nobody would blame you for being sick in your mouth even reading those. However, some couples love a gross nickname and think it’s so romantic… but maybe keep those moments for behind closed doors. Nobody needs to hear it.

6. Farting in front of each other

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If a stranger, or even a family member, farts in front of you, you might think that it’s totally gross. So, how come it’s completely okay to do it in front of your partner? Because you’re so ridiculously and disgustingly in love, that’s why. Some people even say that they like the smell of their partner’s farts…too far.

7. Picking each other’s nose

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Look, if you’re talking to them and it’s hanging right there, you’re gonna pick it. You do everything with this person and you love them, so although it may seem gross on the surface, you’re well used to any gross bodily habits. Also, twice the noses, twice the fun. Happy digging for gold…

8. Sharing a towel

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There is literally nothing worse than a laundry basket piled high with dirty clothes; they just take up so much room in the washers! With that in mind, this one might seem gross but is actually probably more practical. Just don’t think too much about what the first thing you dry is, and what the last thing they dry is.

9. Or a toothbrush

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Ever packed for a romantic night away with your partner and gone to get ready for an intimate dinner, only to find out that you’ve totally forgotten your toothbrush? Of course you’re going to use theirs! If you look at it logically, you do literally kiss them, so it’s really not that gross if you think about it… maybe.

10. Borrowing each other’s underwear

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Sometimes, there is nothing more cozy than lying on the couch in your partner’s big t-shirt and a pair of their comfy boxers. Not only is it sentimental, but they’re a nice reminder of your partner if you guys aren’t together at the time. Plus, hopefully the sight of you in their underwear will drive them wild…

11. Discussing bodily fluids openly

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“I drank too much coffee today, my pee is so dark!” We’ve all been there, just admit it. This person knows literally everything about you and has seen everything, so, of course you’re going to fill them in on the bits they don’t see, your weird body fluids! Sharing is caring, after all.

12. Liking the smell of each other’s armpits

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A person releases a lot of pheromones from their armpits, so if someone calls you gross for doing this, just tell them that it’s not you, it’s science. Some people just want to bottle their partner’s scent, and a good old sniff of their armpit is the best way to get that hit…

13. Not shaving

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When we first get into a relationship, we are all perfectly groomed and bald in all the areas we need to be. However, as we get more and more comfortable with our partners, our grooming routine goes seriously down hill. Although some people might think it’s gross, body hair is perfectly normal!

14. Snacking in bed together

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There’s nothing that screams lazy Sunday more than staying in bed all day snacking with your favorite person. Although it may seem like a good idea at the time, the minute you get up and see all the crumbs on your nice bed sheets, you feel instant regret and realize just how gross it really is.

15. Leaving dirty laundry everywhere

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Once you move in with someone, your standards truly slip and you let them see everything that you used to keep behind closed doors; including the massive piles of laundry all over your house. Dirty underwear on show may seem a little gross to visitors in your home, but it’s normal when you’re in love.

16. Sharing grooming tools

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Living with someone you love is all about amalgamating your things, including your grooming tools. You only need one pair of tweezers and nail clippers lying around the house, and you probably won’t wash them between uses. Go on, share all of your DNA with them, that’s true love.

17. Burping with reckless abandon

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If in doubt, let it out. Holding in your burps will just give you a sore tummy for hours to come ad make you feel super bloated. If you’re with somebody you love, they shouldn’t be alarmed if you just let one rip whenever you like, in fact, they should find it sexy if they really love you…

18. Helping with personal grooming

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Sometimes, you can get the spa experience at home for free. Just ask your partner to pluck your eyebrows and they’ll probably be thrilled at the opportunity to pick at your face and make you more aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Or, if you’ve had a fight that day, inflict some mild pain; it’s a win-win.

19. Showering whilst the other is on the toilet

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Look, time is always of the essence, especially when you’re late to dinner. With that in mind, why waste the one bathroom for one person when you could both use it and chat at the same time? It’s not like you’ve never seen them naked before…

20. Discussing bowel movements

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Don’t all relationship experts say that it’s important that couples share everything with each other? So, surely by ‘everything’ they mean bowel movements too? It’s always good to know that things with your partner are nice and regular, in all departments…

21. Picking at food stuck in each other’s teeth

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Well, you’re not just going to let them walk around with food stuck in their teeth are you? That would be embarrassing, and we don’t want to embarrass those that we love. It’s not gross at all. Actually, if you don’t do this for your partner, it probably says more about you!

22. Use the other’s clothes as a tissue

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Ever wiped your nose on your significant other’s t-shirt, only for them to get really annoyed because it was fresh out of the wash? This one may seem pretty gross on the surface, but eventually you get some comfortable with them that nothing is gross anymore, and isn’t that just beautiful?

23. Getting each other’s ingrown hairs

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For someone who is a fan of pimple-popping, there is no sight more exciting than a big, fat ingrown hair; especially if it’s somewhere that your partner can’t see or reach. Get those tweezers and get to digging because you’re going to get endless satisfaction from pulling those suckers out!

24. Using the shower as a toilet in front of the other…

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There are two types of people in this world: those who pee in the shower, and those who lie about it. If you’re really comfortable with your partner, like, maybe too much, you might even do this in front of them. This one isn’t even cute-gross though, it’s just downright disgusting…

25. Sharing gum

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Ever gotten so mad at your partner because they accidentally ate the last piece of gum and then they pull half of it out of their mouth so that you can have some too? Who would think that’s gross? It’s cute, caring, and now you’re both feeling minty fresh; if anything, it’s the opposite of gross…

26. Comparing bloated bellies


There’s nothing funnier than seeing who has the most bloated belly after you and your significant other have sat down to a meal where you both ate way too many slices of pizza. Some may think this is gross, some take pride in pretending you are both about to be parents to a little carb baby. Congratulations!

27. Cleaning up when someone gets sick

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Some people are totally squeamish, so the though of cleaning up someone else’s vomit, no matter how much you love them, is a no-go. However, if you can stomach it, this actually shows someone that their partner is there for them when they need them most and will hold their hair back when they inevitably need to throw up again.

28. Kissing before brushing teeth

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Have you ever woken up next to your partner, looked over, and thought that they were so beautiful that you just had to kiss them then and there? And did you let a silly fear of morning breath stop you? No, of course you didn’t. These are the things we do for love, toothpaste or no toothpaste.

29. Wearing ugly underwear

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At the beginning of a new relationship, we pull out all the stops, including always having matching underwear on. However, as things progress, we let our partners see the real us, and that includes the underwear with the holes in them that we wear on laundry day…

30. Getting in their old bath water

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Getting into a bath to wash your hair that your partner has just soaked in for an hour may seem pretty gross to some, but, let’s be honest, who can be bothered running a fresh bath every time? Plus, this one is good for the environment; so think about that next time you call it gross.

31. Sharing razors

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Ever hopped into the shower and decided that you need to shave your armpits, but only your partner’s razor is there? Of course you use it. This one isn’t even that gross, because you definitely make sure all the hair is washed out so that they never know what happened…

32. Getting morning gunk out of each other’s eyes

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There’s nothing worse than talking to someone who just has that tiny bit of gunk stuck in their eye in the morning. Just get it out of there by any means necessary. If your partner looks super-cute with their bedhead and sleepy voice in the morning, this gunk just ruins it.

33. Discussing periods

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This one is less gross and more just a part of life if you’re in a relationship with a woman. Periods happen, and sometimes they’re messy, and your partner needs to be okay with that. Plus, it’s good to give them a heads-up if you’re about to enter the few days of the month where if you don’t get your ice-cream, you will cry.

34. Talk in baby voices

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No one will ever admit to it, but everybody does it. If you’re truly comfortable around your partner, the gross little baby voice comes out. We all think it’s cute when our partner does it, but would totally die of embarrassment if our friends ever heard it. Just own it.

35. Smelling their clothes to see if they need a wash

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Has your significant other been wearing that t-shirt for a suspiciously long time? Sometimes, just because there isn’t stains on it, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need washed. There’s nothing wrong with giving their clothes a sniff and then demanding that they remove them so that you can throw them in the wash, if anything, it’s hygienic.

36. Pulling out their weird hairs

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Ever noticed that one, really long hair that grows out of your partner’s nose? Of course you have, and of course you’ve wanted to pull it out from time to time. If the gross-factor of doing this has stopped you from going at it with the tweezers, then this post is for you. It’s still pretty gross, but you should do it for their sake.

37. Examining their strange rash

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Being in love means showing someone all parts of yourself, even those that aren’t very pretty or attractive. If you are comfortable enough around them to show them a gross medical issue before you even show a doctor; that’s true love right there, and it’s beautiful.

38. Shaving in front of each other

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When we first get into a relationship, we all like to keep up the illusion that our perfectly groomed bodies just stay like that all the time. Once that all fades away and we are truly comfortable with our partners, they get a peek behind the curtain and can see the work that goes into looking good.

39. Feeding each other

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Sitting down to an ice-cream sundae and feeding each other with the same spoon may seem like a fantasy straight out of a 1950s diner scene, but actually, if you think about it, it’s pretty gross. Not just because it’s an over exaggerated act of PDA, but because there’s just no need to share salvia like that!

40. Spending hours on the sofa together, covered in food stains, binging Netflix

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This is a regular occurrence in most relationships, but is pretty gross if you think about the crumbs, and the fact that you will dodge a shower if it means that you can squeeze in just one more episode. Let’s just face it, being in love is gross, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.