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1. Not washing hands after peeing

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Okay, so this is a pretty common one that most guys will have done, and it’s pretty darn gross too. Guys will too often pee and then not wash their hands after the fact. This is even worse in a public restroom or a restaurant restroom. Stop it guys!

2. Turning underwear inside out

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This one is regarded as something of an urban myth, but there might be more truth to it than you realise. We probably all know at least one guy who has done this before, and turning underwear inside out to wear it again rather than washing it is pretty grim.

3. Picking their nose

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Look, we have all probably picked our noses at some point, and this is a pretty normal thing. The difference with guys, though, is that they tend to do it in public and do it brazenly at that. Picking your nose behind closed doors is one thing, but doing it in public is quite another.

4. Smelling their own bad breath

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Bad breath can come about for many different reasons and there are a lot of ways to deal with it. For most people, we want to get rid of bad breath as soon as possible, but some guys out there actually enjoy smelling their bad breath. Weirdos!

5. Peeing in the shower

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Peeing in the shower is absolutely disgusting, and yet it’s something that all guys seem to have done at some point in their lives. We don’t need to go into detail about how gross this is, but the toilet is literally right there… how hard is it to pop out of the shower and pee properly?!

6. Wearing their favorite pair of jeans too long

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We all have a favorite pair of jeans and clothing that we love to wear, but guys can also take things too far sometimes. Wearing their favorite pair of jeans for a couple of days is perfectly normal, but doing it for too long is pretty gross as they’re essentially wearing dirty clothes.

7. Fiddle with their junk

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Guys seem to love adjusting and fiddling with their junk – no matter who’s watching. They tend to do this when they’re just sitting and relaxing in their sweatpants but some even do it out in public! It’s unpleasant, rude and mega gross – especially if they aren’t washing their hands afterward!

8. Not showering for days

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Skipping a day where you don’t shower is pretty much okay and is actually recommended for helping you protect your body from germs via good bacteria. But, once guys start to go days and days without showering, this can become pretty unhygienic – so let’s hope it’s not a common habit.

9. Neglecting foot care

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Foot care is an essential component of health, wellness, and grooming, but this is something that a lot of men tend to overlook. Having disgusting feet is definitely not an attractive feature, and this is something that we would advise all guys to take care of as much as possible. Nobody likes the stench of cheese, guys.

10. Not grooming properly

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Proper grooming is one of the best things that you can do to ensure you look great and feel confident – it’s actually one of the basics. Some guys, though, seem to embrace skipping those all important steps just a bit too much. How many times has you man left a full patch of ever-growing stubble or, worse, skipped a few toothbrushing sessions? Gross!

11. Ignoring the importance of flossing

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Ever noticed a guy with spinach stuck in his teeth?! Flossing is a key part of oral health and hygiene, something that guys often skip or ignore out of pure laziness! Cleaning your teeth with a toothbrush is one thing, but you need to follow that up with a flossing session to make sure that you are getting the food and bacteria out of your teeth and gums.

12. Not lifting the seat

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This is one of the most controversial ones on the list but not lifting the seat when they pee is one of the most gross things that guys do. This can cause them to get pee on the seat, which is pretty grim, especially for ladies who sit down to pee afterward! It’s not only filthy but downright selfish, boys.

13. Chucking their dirty laundry on the floor

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Another gross thing that a lot of guys do is that they will often throw their dirty laundry in a pile on the bedroom floor, as opposed to in the laundry basket. This is disgusting and slobbish, but is something that a LOT of guys tend to do. Just pick up your clothes from the floor and put them in the basket guys! How else are they going to get clean?

14. Not washing up their used dishes

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Look, we’re not suggesting that you have to wash up your dishes every day, immediately after finishing your dinner but, guys, come on… Stacking up used dishes in the sink, and not getting around to them for a long time is pretty disgusting, and this is something that a lot of guys will often do. Worse still if they leave them in their bedrooms!

15. Bottom burps

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Farting is a normal bodily function, but there is a time and a place for it. Whilst ladies tend to visit the bathroom if they need to fart, men are perfectly happy to do it publicly. We understand that this can be something that is accidental, but some guys seem to revel in their stench!

16. Spilling food on their clothes

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It’s important to try to eat in a tidy manner and this is something that most people will manage to do, or at least try to. Many men, however, simply pig out and refuse to eat in a tidy manner. They wind up with food all over their clothes (and round their mouth!), which is gross and kind of a little embarrassing too.

17. Overlook manscaping

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When it comes to having a great grooming regimen, you need to think about the whole body. Where a lot of guys slip up is that they overlook manscaping, and this is something that can be pretty gross as it can harbor bacteria. As a guy, you don’t want your “garden” to become wild or overgrown, so focusing on manscaping is important.

18. Taking pride in their poop

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via Instagram

Look, we understand that pooping is a perfectly normal bodily function… but why is it that guys take so much pride in theirs?! Emptying your bowels is completely natural. What’s not natural is taking a good look in the bowl afterward! Honestly, this is a pretty gross thing that a large percentage of guys tend to do, and it’s something we’ll never understand.

19. Secretly binging reality TV

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Okay, so maybe this isn’t gross, but maybe it depends on the show they are binging! We all know that guys have secret “guilty pleasure” movies or TV shows they wouldn’t want anyone knowing they love to watch. Binging reality TV is bound to be one of these guilty pleasures… especially after mocking their girlfriend or wife for loving it!

20. Eating food off the floor

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Yes, the 5-second rule is a thing… sometimes. However, there is a time and a place for this, and it depends on context. Dropping a piece of bread on the floor, in your own home, and picking it up quickly is one thing, but grabbing a chicken wing that falls on the floor of a restaurant and eating it, is definitely gross!

21. Popping zits

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Popping zits is one of those strange phenomenons, something that dermatologists actually say is a bad idea. However, we imagine it’s also something that is quite satisfying, and this is no doubt why a lot of guys perform this incredibly gross activity on a regular basis. Just make sure you clean it up please…

22. Chewing chapped lips

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Chapped lips can happen in the colder months of the year, when your lips become dry and cracked. One of the things that guys do that is pretty disgusting is chewing their chapped lips. Sometimes you can’t help but chew your dried and chapped lips from time to time, but swallowing what you’ve chewed is disgusting!

23. Not tidying toenails after clipping

Credit: Pond5

Clipping toenails is one of the things that we all need to do when it comes to grooming and keeping on top of personal hygiene. However, one of the disgusting things that a lot of guys do is that they leave their toenail clippings lying around after the fact. Yuck.

24. Pulling out nose hair

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Nose hair can grow pretty quickly, and this will get worse the older you get. Trimming your nose hair on a regular basis is something that many men have to do but they seem to take this to gross levels. Pulling out nose hair is a painful and disgusting habit, leaving them everywhere is even worse!

25. Drinking a beer from last night

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Having a few beers with the boys on an evening or night out is something that many guys like to enjoy and this is perfectly normal, encouraged even. However, one of the gross things that a lot of guys do is to take a few swigs from a warm, flat, open beer bottle the next morning after waking up. Just, ew.

26. Not changing bed sheets regularly

Credit: CleaningTips via Reddit

Your bedding needs to be clean, soft, comfortable, and cozy, and this means you need to change it and wash it on a regular basis. However, one of the gross things that a lot of guys do is that they just leave their bedding for weeks without actually putting it through the laundry, and this can cause it to accrue dirt and germs. Maybe think twice before staying over.

27. Spitting in public

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Spitting is pretty darn gross at the best of times, and one of the most disgusting things that a lot of guys do is that they spit in public. We have no idea what it is that causes guys to think this is okay, but it is one of the most disgusting and horrible things that men tend to do!

28. Not cleaning the loo after use

Credit: Clean Freak & Germaphobe via YouTube

It is important to make sure you keep the toilet clean after use. If you’re going for a number one, a basic flush might suffice, but if you’re going number two, you might need to use the toilet brush and some bleach to clean the bowl. Unfortunately, far too many guys don’t actually do this, and it leaves a disgusting surprise for the rest of us.

29. Not using deodorant/antiperspirant

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Deodorant and antiperspirant are an essential part of being able to stay hygienic and reduce the chances of sweating. However, a lot of men don’t actually bother using deodorant or antiperspirant products, which can cause them to sweat and possibly develop body odor. This is pretty grim for everyone involved.

30. Not brushing teeth regularly

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Making sure you look after teeth and gums is one of the most important things you can do for improving personal health and hygiene. Not brushing your teeth every day is completely disgusting, and causes bacteria to build up in your mouth – not to mention the bad breath! This is one of the grossest things way too many guys tend to do, but refuse to admit.

31. Leaving the inside of the car dirty

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The inside of your car can say a lot about you, and keeping it clean is one of the best and most basic things you can do. However, you will find that a lot of guys out there actually leave the inside of their car filthy, messy, and covered in detritus – even if the outside is their pride and joy! This is actually low-key disgusting.

32. Wearing the same socks

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Much like the underwear “hack,” a lot of guys think it’s perfectly okay to simply pull their dirty socks inside out and wear them again, or even to wear the same pair of socks for days on end. This is gross, not to mention unhygienic, and yet still some guys persist with this. Why?!

33. Double dipping

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Dipping into sauce is great for loads of different scenarios; whether you’re dipping chips into salsa, wings into hot sauce, or bread into fondue, a dip can make for a wonderful tasting experience. However, one of the most disgusting things that a lot of guys do is the dreaded double dipping. Nobody wants to eat your saliva, so just don’t do it!

34. Eating earwax

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Why do men feel the need to pick things out of their orifices and put them in their mouths? If it’s not boogers it’s earwax, and honestly, this is one of the most disgusting of all the things that guys do. Seriously, just grab a Q-tip and dig the wax out yourself in a normal, non-disgusting way!

35. Not cleaning hair from shower drain

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Showering is the perfect opportunity to keep yourself fresh, clean and hygienic, and we understand the need to groom in the shower. However, one of the most gross things that guys do in the shower is that they don’t clean their hair from the drain when they’re finished, leaving it for some other poor soul to clean up.

36. Not throwing away out of date food

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Sometimes perishable food in the fridge will run out of date, and it will need to be thrown away or replaced – it’s a fact of life! We all know that guy who grabs the out of date milk carton from the fridge, sniffs it, notices it’s off, and then puts it back in the fridge. What is the actual matter with him?! Pure laziness, and just plain gross.

37. Leaving the trash to overflow

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There are a lot of gross things that guys tend to do, but one of the most disgusting is leaving the trash to overflow. Once the trash becomes full, it needs to be taken out and replaced with an empty bag, duh! Some guys will just leave it to overflow and get out of hand, letting their grossness spread through the home.

38. Overlooking the vacuuming

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Keeping your home clean and tidy is important for health, hygiene, and making sure your place looks great. However, there are too many guys out there who will overlook basic important steps, such as the vacuuming, which is essential. Whether they’re lazy, don’t see it as important, or just plain gross – it’s the best way to lead to a disgusting and untidy home.

39. Using the same towel for days at a time

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When you have a shower or bath, it is important to towel off properly and make sure you are dry afterward. However, one of the gross things a lot of guys will do is that they will use the same towel for days at a time, even after wiping their nether regions dry. Yuck.

40. Leaving tissues in pockets during laundry

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One of the most disgusting things that a lot of guys do is that they often leave tissues in the pockets of their pants when they put them in the laundry. This is something that can cause bits of tissue to cover all of the clothes, and result in disgusting wet, bitty, tissue residue – not just for them but for whatever unsuspecting victim has put washing in too! Gross.