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Picking their noses

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A lot of men over the age of 50 like to pick their noses, and many guys turn this into an Olympic sport. A lot of them will even pull out bogey and play with it, or, even worse, they might even put it in their mouths and eat it. Yuck! Some don’t even try and hide it…

Pull their nose hair

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Nose hair grows longer when you get older, it’s a natural fact of life, but it really needs to be adequately maintained. The problem is that many men over the age of 50 refuse to keep on top of it, letting their nose hairs run free and wild. Not only is it unsightly, but this leads to long and unruly nose hairs that they just can’t help themselves but pull…

Wiping and looking

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Whether it’s for a number one or number two, we all need to go to the bathroom – that’s a basic human function. Where guys tend to get a little disgusting with it is their proclivity to wipe their butts and then inspect the contents of the toilet tissue afterwards. Come on, you should all know better than that…

Peeing in the shower

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Showering is always a good way of being able to keep on top of your health and hygiene, and this is obviously a good thing. However, one of the more gross elements of this that men over 50 tend to do is that they will sometimes pee in the shower, with no regard for who they share it with. Guys think this is no big deal, but it’s actually pretty grim.

Drinking a beer the next morning

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Another disgusting thing that pretty much all guys have done at some point in their life is drinking a beer in the morning, straight after waking up. No matter how bad your heads hurting, there’s no excuse. It’s even more disgusting, and not entirely uncommon, if it’s a swig from an already open and used beer that’s been sat out overnight.

Wearing jeans for too long

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The great thing about jeans is that they are durable, trendy, and very easy to match with pretty much any outfit. The bad thing about them is they often cover, or seem to cover, a lot of disgusting sins. This makes them a popular choice for men, but it also means that a lot of guys choose to wear them for too long, and this can lead to disgusting smells and dirty pants.

Biting their nails

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Another gross thing that a lot of guys tend to do when they get a bit older is that they bite their nails more than ever before. It’s a gross habit at any age – particularly when taking into account how much dirt and grime gets under them on a daily basis. Do these guys not even care about their hygiene?

Putting sweaty clothes back on again

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Look, we’ve all been in that situation where we take clothes off but then we might need to put them back on again for whatever reason. This isn’t so much of an issue if they don’t actually smell, mostly just feeling gross more than anything, but many men over 50 don’t realise just how much they sweat! Especially their gym clothes… No thank you.

Not shaving for months

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Look, we get it. Shaving can be a real issue, it’s fiddly, time-consuming and often involves a whole lot of clean up. One of the most disgusting things that a lot of guys tend to do when they get a little older, though, is that they don’t shave for long time periods of time, prompting beards to become long, unkempt and downright ugly!

Leaving their hair unwashed

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Not washing your hair is fine now and again. The problem is, though, that a lot of older guys leave their hair unwashed for a long time, leading to it becoming greasy and unkempt. Maintaining your hair and keeping it clean and tidy is basic task, really, and crucially important to make sure you look great at all times.

Turning their boxers inside out

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Another thing that men over 50 tend to do is turn their boxers inside out to wear them again – ignoring the fact they’re not actually clean. They think they’re being clever in getting another day of use out of them, but it’s actually just plain revolting. It’s something that should be a big no-no if you want to improve your health and well-being, or have any kind of standards.

Turning their socks inside out

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Similarly, another gross thing that a lot of men over the age of 50 sometimes do is to turn their socks inside out so they can wear them multiple times without having to wash them. We understand the need for this in an emergency, but just thing about the smell! Disgusting!

Eating last night’s take out pizza

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Pizza is delicious and is America’s #1 takeout of choice for a reason. In some, often very drunken, cases, though, the full pizza might not be finished that night. Taking leftovers out of the fridge and reheating them is one thing, but eating it cold, from the box on the floor, when it’s been left out all night is just plain gross.

Adjusting their junk

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Adjusting and playing with your junk is something that all guys do at certain points, let’s not lie here. It’s not just teenagers, it’s behavior you can expect to see from guys over 50 too. This is not the absolute grossest thing that men of this age do but it is pretty disgusting all the same… especially if you catch them doing it in public.

Chain smoking

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One for the things that happens when you get older is that you start to care less what people think about you, leading you to do things you might not typically do or not valuing your healthy image and lifestyle as much as you once did. A lot of guys over the age of 50 will not only smoke, but they will also chain smoke too, with no care for how it makes them look, feel or smell.

Vomiting without brushing afterward

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Obviously, we all sometimes get ill. Especially in later life, poor health can come for any one of us. However, just because a man is over 50, doesn’t mean it’s always a sympathy warranting sickness, with hangovers remaining one of the number one causes for vomiting in adults. Some guys don’t even brush their teeth afterwards, which is gross no matter how bad you feel. Yuck!

Piling up laundry

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Nobody has time to do their laundry every single day, so this means you need to at least have a laundry bag or basket in your room. Whether single, or living with their poor, long-suffering wives, guys just love to overfill theirs or, worse still, ignore it completely. Some just let their dirty clothes stack up in the bedroom, which is kind of disgusting as well as plain lazy.

Leaving their bedroom a mess

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Speaking of bedrooms, what is it with guys and leaving detritus all around the place? Some men are neat and tidy, but in a lot of cases this is not true. The worst is the hoards of older guys who leave their bedroom a mess… just grow up. This is even more of an issue if they live with someone, who do you think is cleaning up?

Leaving sinks of dirty dishes

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Washing up isn’t something that many of us enjoy doing, but it’s a necessary part of home maintenance and keeping your kitchen clean and functional. For some unknown reason, some grown adult men think that leaving sinks full of dirty dishes is okay. It comes with all manner of health and hygiene concerns. Come on… we’re not in college anymore!

Not covering their nose when they sneeze

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Many guys how pretty powerful sneezes, there’s probably some weird psychology behind a bigger sneeze and thinking they’re macho. One of the gross things that guys, particularly those in the over 50 bracket, often do is refusing to cover their noses when they sneeze. This ups the risk of a pure snot shower, which is pretty disgusting really.

Not cleaning up after shaving

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If they, by some miracle, actually want to look well groomed – we’re glad, grateful and often excited by the prospect. However, it’s rare that this comes completely without drawbacks. Men over 50 love to leave their shaved facial hair all over the bathroom once they’ve finished. Just clean it up guys! It’s not hard.

Not cleaning food out of their beards

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Now, this is likely the worst beard based one yet. Having a long beard is a pretty niche look and, to be fair to them, some guys can just pull it off. But what absolutely none of them can pull off is the food in beard look, an all too common occurrence for guys of a certain age. Make sure you stay on top of beard hygiene guys! Don’t be saving those crumbs for later.

Not getting their hair cut

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Not washing your hair as a guy is bad enough, but not getting a hair cut for a long time is also pretty gross when you think about it. This will see your hair grow all wild and unkempt, looking like you’ve just all round given up at middle age. It won’t look good and certainly won’t be the most hygienic – so make sure you get this sorted out as soon as possible.

Not shaking off properly at the urinal

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Using the urinals is a quick and convenient way of going to the bathroom without it taking too much time, but a lot of guys forget the most important part – the finish! In too many cases, guys use the urinal, and they don’t shake off properly at the end, which can result in urine getting on their underwear or pants… what a turn off.


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Farts are a natural bodily function, but in a lot of cases, it’s just more hygienic and socially responsible to pick your moments, and make sure you drop your smell in the bathroom where possible. When guys get older they are more likely to fart more, whether its through bodily changes or a simple lack of care, and this is a pretty gross habit for everyone involved.

…and relishing the smell

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What’s worse than the fart itself? A man that continually smells his own stench. What’s the one thing that might be, somehow, even worse than that? Actually enjoying the smell that you’ve produced. This is an all-too common occurrence for a lot of guys and is hands down one of the more disgusting things men over 50 will do.

Wiping their nose on their sleeves

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Yes, in some cases, a tissue might not be in reach, but do guys really have to wipe their snotty noses on their sleeves? Not only is this going to ruin the sleeve of a perfectly good jacket or sweater, it is also pretty gross and unhygienic as well. So please, on behalf of everyone who has to be near you and your snotty sleeves, stop doing this!

Scratching their balls

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Men have a lot of dangly parts… and as they get older those parts become more dangly! One of the most common gross habits that men over the age of 50 have is that they scratch their balls on a more frequent basis. Some even do it in public, which is by far one of the worst offences. We hope they’re at least washing their hands afterward!

Peeing into a bottle

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When you’ve got to go you’ve got to go, as the saying goes. However, the majority of us would be inclined to hold out until we get to the nearest bathroom, surely. Some guys (or, more specifically, men, usually in trucks) grab a bottle or whatever is lying around, to help relieve themselves. Yuck!

Not washing their hands after going to the bathroom

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Having to pee (or more) is something that occurs when it occurs; you can’t really do anything to control when you need to go. However, what you can control is making sure you wash your hands after you’ve been. There’s nothing emasculating about good hygiene, guys, come on. It’s simple.

Forgetting to lift the toilet seat


Okay, so this one is probably only gross to the ladies out there. When guys forget to put the seat down it’s infuriating, but when they refuse to ever lift up the seat in the first place, it’s downright gross. At 50 years old you’d think they’d have developed an exceptional aim, but the urine splashed all over the seat suggests otherwise…

Eating something that’s fallen on the ground


You’re probably familiar with the so-called ‘Five Second Rule’ (undoubtedly cooked up by a man), that states food dropped on the floor is fine to pick up and eat as long as it’s within five seconds. This is pretty gross to be honest, yet it’s something all guys have probably all done at some point in their lives. And no, blowing on it doesn’t remove the germs…


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Gas comes in a lot of different forms and, obviously, does need to be expelled at some point to save us from the struggles of trapped wind. Belching is one of the main ways to achieve this, obviously, but guys over 50 tend to embrace this just a little bit too much and don’t even try to hide it. No matter how essential, it’s pretty gross – especially in public.

Eating stuff that makes their breath smell

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Another of the gross things that men over 50s tend to do is that they eat more stuff that makes their breath smell, with no attempts to combat the problem. This could be anything from garlic to onion to anything in between. Avoiding these particular foods is obviously a great way of reducing your risk of halitosis, but just taking the time to chew some gum works wonders.

Not bathing for days

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For some reason, some older guys believe that they do not need to bath or shower every day. Skipping the odd day may be fine, hey, life’s busy and bills ain’t cheap – but there’s nothing worse than days upon days of man stench. Just because you’re not a teenager anymore, doesn’t mean you’re escaping the old BO.

Smelling their armpits

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As they get older, many guys become more comfortable with their bodies, which is great in so many wonderful ways! But it can also lead to them doing weird and gross stuff, such as smelling their armpits. In public. This is even more disgusting if they are all hot and sweaty from working out. Seriously guys, yuck.

Not using antiperspirant

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Just as we discussed earlier: even though those teenage years are long since passed, the sweaty stench of body odor can still creep up on anyone. Antiperspirant is definitely something you should be looking to keep up with, something all too many older men are keen to try and ignore. Don’t overlook pretty basic health and hygiene, you’re a grown man – not an animal.

Wearing underwear with skid marks

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At 50 and beyond, you’d think men would’ve learnt how to properly wipe their butt. Wearing underwear is a key part of life, something the majority of us do daily, but the amount of grown men who find themselves leaving skid marks in their underwear is absolutely absurd! This is beyond forgiveness and by far one of the worst things a guy can do…

“Cleaning” a plate by picking dried food off it

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Some men, to the absolute disgust of many, come up with the grossest ways to avoid common household chores. This includes, shockingly, “cleaning” their plate by picking up the last bits of food with their fingers – or even licking off. News flash: this is not cleaning, and those plates are probably dirtier than before!

Using nail clippings to pick their teeth

Credit: Feri Dhani Hasri via Vacteezy

It sounds niche, but it’s more likely than you think. Clipping your nails and allowing them to go everywhere is gross enough, but some men even go as far as to use their clippings for other odd jobs – including, but not limited to, using them as toothpicks. We don’t even need to go into the reasons that this is gross, lets just hope none of the men in your life are guilty of it…