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1. Not washing their makeup brushes

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Makeup brushes play a huge role in every woman’s arsenal, and this is why it is so important to utilise these brushes in the most effective way possible. One of the grossest habits that women over-50s secretly have is not washing their makeup brushes when they should be.

2. Wearing the same bra for days on end

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Bras are worthy servants for women, and have been for years, and one of the most disgusting things a lot of women do as they get older is that they wear the same bra over and over again without washing it. Wearing the same bra for days on end is something that might seem like a good idea, even if it’s not.

3. Not maintaining good scalp health

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You need to try to look after your hair as much as you can, and there are a lot of ideas you can use to make the most of this. One of the gross things a lot of women do as they get older is that they don’t maintain good scalp health, and this is something that you need to

5. Not washing their hands after peeing

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Something that has become more common in recent times is women not washing their hands after using the bathroom. This was long considered to be a male-only issue but that’s not quite the reality. Many women over the age of 50 have not washed their hands after peeing.

6. Scraping dirt from their nails

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When you have long nails, you increase the risk of getting dirt and grime underneath them. This is particularly the case for women of a particular age who spend a lot of time gardening. You are more likely to get dirt under your nails if this is true of you, and scraping dirt from under your nails is one of the grossest habits of older women.

7. Picking chipped nail polish

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Chipped nail polish is something that can happen for an array of different reasons, and this is something you should expect if you are a woman who uses her hands for a range of different activities. One of the common yucky habits of over-50s women is the tendency to pick chipped nail polish, and this is tough to resist for any woman!

8. Too much day wine

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All of us have enjoyed a glass of vino from time to time, and day wine is even something that a lot of women get into as they get older. However, you have to try to make sure you aren’t drinking too much day wine, as this can lead to you becoming inebriated during the day on a regular basis, which is not good.

9. Wear underwear with holes in it

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Underwear is something that you sometimes forget to even put on as you get older, but there is one habit that’s more gross than not wearing underwear… Wearing underwear with holes in it isn’t something that we would recommend, and, in fact, holes should be a sign that your underwear needs to be changed.

10. Waiting too long to do laundry

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Laundry is something that can be done whenever needed, and you should look to try to do at least one load of laundry per week, to keep things ticking over. Of course, this can be more challenging if you don’t own a washing machine, but these days laundrettes are affordable places, and you shouldn’t let your clothes go too long without washing.

11. Not showering for several days

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Look, we’re not suggesting that you have to shower twice a day every single day, but one shower every couple of days is pretty much par for the course. As a lot of women get older, they often wait too long before they shower, and this is something that you need to try to avoid for hygiene reasons.

12. Peeing in the shower for convenience

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Look, let’s be clear, we have all done this at some point, and a lot of older women find themselves less able, or inclined, to take themselves out to the shower and to the toilet to go pee. As such, a lot of women find it easier or more convenient to just pee in the shower, even though this is a horrible habit.

13. Smelt their bad breath

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We’ve all woken up before with morning breath, but chronic bad breath is something many women suffer from. As we get older, we care less about what people think of us, and this can lead to us making decisions some might perceive as gross, such as smelling our bad breath.

14. Dug all the hair out of your hairbrush

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Hair congregates in your hairbrush over time and it can be a nightmare when you are looking for ways of trying to maintain your hair. One of the gross things that many 50+ women often tend to do is to dig all of the hair out of their hairbrushes, and this is pretty grim to be honest.

15. Blocked up a plug hole with hair

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Hair in the plug hole is pretty disgusting and this is something that a lot of older women are guilty of causing. Blocking up the plug hole with hair, especially in the bath, is something that a lot of older women are guilty of, and this is absolutely gross, so it is something you should try to avoid.

16. Stroked leg hair

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We have all had to deal with leg hair at points in our lives, and taking a razor to it as quickly as possible is typically the best course of action. But, this doesn’t preclude some of us ladies from behavior that is a little more disgusting, and one of the key things that falls into this bracket is stroking your leg hair.

17. Clipping your nails everywhere

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Nails need to be clipped, and this is a key part of the grooming process that everyone is going to need to get right as much as possible. So, there are a lot of things to consider here, and one of the most disgusting elements involved in this comes when older women clip their nails here, there, and everywhere.

18. Eating cheese straight from the packet

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Cheese is one of the tastiest foods pretty much ever, and it is a versatile culinary choice, that goes well with any occasion. However, one of the most disgusting and gross things that a lot of women do as they get older is starting to eat cheese directly from the pack. Once you start doing this, it’s a downward slope!

19. Sharing a toothbrush

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There are a lot of examples of women engaging in behavior that is low-key disgusting. However, one of the main ones that is both gross, and unhygienic, is sharing a toothbrush. Make sure you invest in a good toothbrush, and that you are replacing your toothbrush sporadically to ensure it is always usable.

20. Hair growth misadventures

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Hair growth misadventures can plague the best of us, but leaving these unattended can be a little disgusting. Instead, you need to take decisive action to ensure you make the most of this, and deal with any unwanted hair growth problems. It is important to deal with this before it spirals out of control.

21. Carries around a mini pharmacy

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As you get older you might find yourself in need of more and more medication to help you through the day. And, a lot of women have taken to carrying around their medication in their purses, in such a way that resembles a portable pharmacy. If this is you, then it could be time to change your approach.

22. Swearing at technology

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Technology has provided so many amazing opportunities for all of us, but it can also be a source of continual frustration and annoyance as well. Because of this, there are a bound to be occasions on which you lose your temper with devices. This can lead to a lot of women losing their col and swearing at technology. It happens to the best of us.

23. Spends an inordinate amount of time in sweatpants

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Sweatpants are the default setting for a lot of people, especially those looking to unwind and relax after a long and tiring week. However, as a lot of women get older, they find that they spend more and more time in their sweatpants. This can signal that you are checking out mentally of a lot of stuff, so try to limit sweatpants usage.

24. The rise of nocturnal noises

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As you get older, you will find that your body does odd things when it comes to sleep and sleeping routines. One of the biggest results you’re going to see from your sleep when you are older is a rise in nocturnal noises. By this we mean your snoring is likely to be more prominent, and noisy!

25. Regular bathroom visits

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One of the things that women over the age of 50 struggle to keep up with is the amount of time they need to spend in the bathroom. As you get older, your bladder becomes more shy, and this is something that can see you wind up needing to spend more and more time in the bathroom than you might be used to.

26. Becoming a cat lady

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Older women often tend to need companionship, and this can materialise in the form of becoming a cat person. There are a lot of advantages to getting cats for companionship, but this can be something a lot of women are overly reliant on. Becoming a “Cat Lady” isn’t necessarily the end, but you maybe shouldn’t make a habit of it.

4. Used dry shampoo because they didn’t wash their hair

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When you get older, you lose the time and inclination to wash your hair properly, and this can increase the risk of poor self-grooming. Luckily, for those 50+ women, there’s a great hack to counteract this, and that comes in the form of dry shampoo. Never leave home without it!

27. Terrible fashion choices

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As you get older you are likely to get more out of touch with the way the world is working, as well as things like fashion sense. This is why there are plenty of older women who have poor fashion sense. Terrible fashion choices are one of the things that a lot of people aged 50+ tend to struggle with.

28. Developing a taste for disgusting new foods

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Your appetites and tastebuds change over time, and this means that a lot of food and meal choices will change over time. One of the most disgusting and gross things that a lot of women over 50 do is that they start to experiment with more disgusting food and meal choices.

29. Leaving makeup on overnight

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Leaving your makeup on overnight is one of the things that a lot of people do, and women over 50 are often more likely to do this. Removing makeup after a long day or night is something that can seem like a massive drawback, and this leads to a lot of people choosing to ignore this.

30. Plucking nose hair

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As you get older, your hair continues to grow, and this means you need to keep on top of your grooming schedule. Plucking your nose hair is something that a lot of women over 50 tend to do more than they did when they were younger, and this is one of the gross habits a lot of ladies have.

31. Midnight gorging

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Another of the more questionable habits that women in their 50s sometimes fall foul of is midnight gorging. Raiding the fridge at all hours of day and night will certainly keep your calorie count up, but it’s also something that might not be good for the waistline moving forward.

32. Pulling out their false teeth

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False teeth are sometimes a big part of getting older, and you might need to get false teeth fitted if you are dealing with oral issues. This is something that can affect women of all ages, but those over 50 are going to find themselves more at risk of needing to get false teeth fitted by your dentist.

33. …and keeping them in a glass of water

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When you have false teeth one of the most gross and disgusting parts of this process is keeping them in a glass of water beside your bed. This is pretty normal for those who have false teeth, but this doesn’t make it any less gross to be honest! In some instances you might be able to keep your false teeth in a specific case.

34. Eating loudly

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Chewing your food is an essential part of eating, and this is something you need to mitigate. When you are trying to pay close attention to your eating habits, chewing is something you can stay on top of, and trying to ensure you aren’t chewing too loudly is absolutely essential.

35. Not washing their hands after the bathroom

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Something that too many women over 50 get wrong is that they are too quick to get in and out of the bathroom as fast as possible. It has become more common in recent times for women who are older to skip washing their hands after they have visited the bathroom.

36. Not maintaining their “Lady Gardens”

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Your lady garden is one of the most important parts of your body, and you need to make sure it is maintained as much as possible. There are loads of different ways of being able to keep on top of this maintenance, but too many older women don’t actually take the time to stay on top of their private areas.

37. Taking a call on the toilet

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Taking a call on your cell is something that you need to do on a regular basis, and there are loads of situations in which this might happen, and you might even find you are on the toilet when you’re taking a call. This is not something that you should make a habit of, and it’s one of the more gross habits women over 50 sometimes have.

38. Scratching your nether-regions

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Itchiness can happen due to a range of different reasons, and might occur due to clothing or detergent uses, or even some kind of condition. But, it is clear that scratching your nether regions is something that a lot of older women do that is actually pretty grim.

39. Wearing dirty clothes again

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Let’s be clear, all of us have worn dirty clothes at some point in our lives, but for older women, this can become a habit. One of the more common disgusting habits of women over 50 is that they wear dirty clothes again, and this is also something that you need to look to avoid where possible.

40. Using the same towel for weeks without washing it

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Whilst it is fine to reuse a towel after your first use, it is also important to make sue you aren’t using it too much. If you find a position in which you are using the same towel for week on end without washing it, this is something you’re going to need to rectify in order to benefit your health and well-being.