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Clogging the drain

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Hair washing comes with its own slew of issues. Aside from how lengthy the entire process is, it usually leads to big clumps of hair descending from their scalp. These stray strands find themselves wedged in the plug. If left, and we all know they often are, these clumps can quickly turn smelly.

Sniffing their armpits

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There’s nothing worse than being out in public and profusely sweating. On days that are particularly hot, you may see some girls subtly giving their armpits a sniff, searching for any signs of BO. Worse still, they occasionally get their poor friends to sniff for them – yuck!

Peeing in the shower

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Most women won’t admit to it – but it’s a fact, some girls pee while they’re in the shower. There’s something about the dangerous combination of warm, running water and a full bladder that makes the urination inevitable – no matter how unhygienic it may be.

Pimple popping

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It’s not so much the fact that girls pop their pimples that’s a bit yucky – it’s the fact that they actually enjoy it! Yep, for some reason, most women find a strange pleasure in squeezing their spots, proudly declaring it to their pals. Worse still, some girls watch videos of pimple popping online or make their poor partners suffer the wrath of their popping!


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This may seem like an innocent enough act, but, when you think about it – it’s actually pretty gross. Taking a metal utensil to repeatedly rip stray hairs out of your skin isn’t exactly a pleasant activity. That said, women can’t win either way, as they’d be deemed as being “gross” if they unabashedly rocked any facial hair.

Using their bra as a pocket

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If a girl hands you something, try and see where it came from. More often than not, it’s been stuffed down their bra, accompanied by the sweat from their cleavage. In the future, keep an eye on their hands at all times – women aren’t quite as clean as they’d have you believe.

Going to sleep in their makeup

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It’s likely happened to every girl on Earth – they’ve fallen asleep while coated in cosmetics. It’s a gross habit to fall into as it can severely clog up facial pores, leading to an array of pimples and acne issues. Worse still, some women apply a fresh coating of product on top of their old makeup for that sultry smokey eye! Yuck.

Shaving their toes

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Yep, it’s true. Some women really do shave everywhere – including their toes. Keeping Hobbit feet at bay, girls often incorporate their feet into their shaving routine. As gross as it may sound, have you considered what’s grosser? Yep, not shaving their feet entirely, leaving their furry toes on display.

Wearing the same bra for days

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Doing laundry is boring and takes time away from your hobbies, so it’s no surprise that many women actually wear the same bra for days or even a week at a time. While it saves on laundry and is therefore good for the environment, boob sweat also happens… so it’s pretty gross.

Forgetting to wash their face

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This rings particularly true after a night out drinking, leaving them stumbling to bed without a care in the world for their millitant skincare routine. Usually, the face is the most important area for a woman – with them spending hours moisturizing their skin to perfection. Introduce alcohol to the mix, however, and you can kiss your skin’s health goodbye.

Using out-of-date makeup

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Believe it or not, but makeup actually has an expiry date. Many women don’t realize this, continuing to apply outdated cosmetics to their skin every single day. These products can harbor a great deal of bacteria, leading to clogged-up pores and even potential infections.

Chewing on their nails

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Nails pick up a great deal of dirt as you go about your day, staying stuck beneath the tip. What’s gross, then, is that sooo many women chew on their nails, inadvertently swallowing down huge amounts of unsavory bacteria. A thorough washing of your hands is always recommended before you put your fingers anywhere near your mouth.

Not washing their makeup brushes

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Makeup brushes pick up all sorts of disgusting debris. Whether it’s bacteria, dirt, or oil, these brushes need to be frequently cleaned to ensure healthy skin care. Many women neglect to take care of these utensils, smearing dirt across their face every time they apply their makeup.

Picking dead skin off their lips

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It’s a habit that’s hard to stop once you get started. Many girls pick the skin off their lips, removing any hanging flaps by force, leading to chapped and broken puckers. What’s even more disgusting is that some of these women then eat the dead skin!

Using their besties’ toothbrush

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What’s a toothbrush between best friends? Many girlies won’t hesitate to use their besties’ toothbrush when they’re in a pinch, particularly during impromptu sleepovers. Worse still, many girls won’t even wash it before using it, sharing all of their pal’s germs… Pretty disgusting, really.

Picking their nose

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Although they may put on a feminine, dainty image, many women are hiding a dark secret – they pick their noses. Of course, they don’t do it in public, but instead go for a good picking when they’re in a bathroom stall, keeping their habit a secret from the world.

Going days without showering

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Sometimes, showering is just too much effort. Scrubbing your body from head to toe takes time – and don’t even get started on what happens if a girl’s hair gets wet. Because of the aggro, many women choose to skip showering altogether, hoping that their sweat glands don’t betray them.

Forgetting to change their bed sheets

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Changing a bad is a long-winded process, requiring levels of effort that are sometimes too elusive to muster. Instead, girls will forget to change their sheets, sleeping in the same bedding for weeks on end. Do they truly forget, or is it just a symptom of laziness? We’ll let you decide.

Disguising greasy hair with a messy bun

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Greasy hair? Don’t care! All you have to do to hide your less-than-appealing locks is to whack it up in some form of a bun. This way, passersby won’t know that you haven’t washed your hair in a week, keeping those congealed locks as your own dirty little secret.

Plucking their ‘tache

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Girls get facial hair, too – they just ensure that men never, ever see it. Women will spend hours looking at themselves in the mirror, primping and plucking themselves raw, ensuring not a single hair is sprouting from their seemingly flawless skin. Many of them even enjoy the plucking sesh!

Getting dirty clothes out of the wash basket

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We’ve all been guilty of this at one time or another. When you run out of fresh clothes, you dive into your wash basket, desperate to grab something to wear to lunch. As long as it isn’t obviously stained, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear. Nobody has to know, after all.


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Yep, girls fart too. It’s a fact of life – every human passes wind. Girls just don’t broadcast their flatulence for everyone to hear, unlike men. They deal with the natural phenomenon with class and tact, choosing to remove themselves from a room before they drop their gases.

Using perfume instead of washing their clothes

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It’s a horror-inducing moment – realizing that you haven’t washed your clothes, leaving you with nothing to wear. Never fear, though – perfume is here to save the day! Girls simply spray a few squirts of their favorite scent over their garments and head out for the day, cleanliness be damned.

Sniffing underwear to see if its clean

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It’s a risky business, wading through your floor-drobe, desperately seeking a pair of undies that haven’t been previously worn. Then the guessing game begins – were these worn the other day, or were they dropped from your last load of washing? Only one thing for it – the sniff test.

Creating fake online profiles to talk to their ex

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Some women actually create fake online profiles for the sole purpose of reaching out to their exes. It’s dishonest, odd, and if they find out, it can cause more drama than it’s worth. It also stops them from moving on and living their life. Again, this one may not be physically repulsive – but it sure is morally gross!

Texting their gal pals intimate details

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Whether it’s about their toiletry habits, their time of the month, or every last detail about their latest hookup, you can bet that girls text about it. Most likely, they don’t spill the beans to just one person – but display their most intimate details to the group chat.

Piercing their own ears

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Girls are hardcore, barely batting an eye when it comes to pain. They experience stomach-turning pain once a month, after all. With that in mind, what’s a bit of irritation when forcing a piece of metal through your own ear? Yep, rather than waiting for a professional, many women pierce their ears themselves. Ouch.

Picking off their mascara

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Instead of using makeup wipes and products to remove hefty lashings of cosmetics, some women choose alternative methods. As a form of late-night entertainment, they often lay in bed, picking off mascara with their bare hands. What do they do with the excess product? Wipe it on their bedsheets, of course!

Stroking their leg hair

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There’s something oddly comforting about running your hands through hair, like some sort of prehistoric caveman. When the winter months roll around, you can be sure that most women forgo the leg shave, enjoying the satisfying sensation of feeling like a fuzzy little monster.


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As well as farting, women also burp. A lot. After a midnight feast that breaks their diet, many girls will be belching through the night – giving many men a run for their money. They won’t be shy about burping in front of their gal pals, either – sometimes even making a competition out of it.

Lying about their period

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Just like migraines and headaches, periods are a common excuse that women use to wiggle out of events they don’t want to attend. But it’s better to be honest and practice asserting what you want rather than risking a rather messy ‘the boy who cried wolf’ event.

Not changing their tampons or pads enough

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Every woman has forgotten about their pad or tampon at some point, perhaps because they’re just too busy to remember how long they’ve been using it. Not only is it gross, and potentially smelly, but it can also be dangerous. Leaving a tampon in too long can cause very real health risks like toxic shock syndrome.

Having sex while on their period

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Sometimes women are so in the mood, that they’ll risk making a mess. It may feel good now, but good luck getting any stains out of your sheets! Fortunately, some women have lighter periods than others and can get away with it without worrying too much.

Stalking their ex

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Breakups are tough and it’s normal to be curious about what your ex-partner is doing even after a long time has passed. So, many women turn to social media to snoop on their ex’s life. Some would argue, that after a while, stalking your ex online gets a little creepy. Gross, in an embarrassing, weird and shameful way.

Wearing the wrong bra size

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Many women attempt to make their breasts look fuller and perkier by wearing ill-fitting bras, whether they’re too tight, large, or small. However, while an attractive cleavage may seem like a blessing, wearing the wrong size bra can lead to back acne, among other issues like back and shoulder pain.

Getting back with their ex

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Okay, so this isn’t physically or hygienically ‘gross’ but, often, getting back with your ex is a bad decision, stemming from loneliness, insecurity, and remembering the past with rose-tinted glasses. Remember, you left your ex for a reason, and getting back with them will likely cause old problems to repeat and make everyone worse off.

Wearing perfume instead of deodorant

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We’ve all picked up our deodorant in the morning and realized, in a state of absolute terror, that we’re all out and reached for whatever we could find. Unlike deodorant, perfumes often don’t last too long and won’t stop you from developing the dreaded BO.

Using toilet paper to dry their armpits

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Sadly perfume, while it smells great, doesn’t stop you from getting sweaty and stinking up a storm. So, some women actually wind up using wads of toilet paper to dry their armpits in a desperate effort to stop sweat patches from staining their clothes! Gross.

Using dry shampoo

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Sometimes, washing your hair can be too much of a fanfare. Failing to properly dry it can lead to frizz, while styling it can take an hour (or sometimes more). Therefore, a lot of women choose to use dry shampoo. The product does indeed make hair look clean… But dirt and bacteria are certainly lingering in those locks.

Reusing razors

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Shaving your legs can be an arduous ordeal, especially when you forget to pick up a new razor. Many women will reach for a used razor (even if it’s been placed in the trash) as opposed to venturing out to by a brand-new product. Gross? Possibly, but sometimes you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.