DIFFICULT: Julia Roberts


After years in the industry, actors inevitably develop reputations. Julia Roberts, America’s sweetheart, has garnered various monikers throughout her career. Her character-inspired nickname, “Tinkerhell,” emerged on the set of Hook, capturing both the essence of her role and a touch of concern.

DELIGHT: Steve Carell


In Hollywood, talent alone often isn’t enough to stand out. However, Steve Carell breaks the mold. Known for his remarkable acting skills and comedic genius, he is also recognized for his exceptional kindness and politeness. Carell’s caring nature, warm smile, and manners make him a highly sought-after actor for a wide range of roles, from drama to comedy.

DIFFICULT: Lea Michele


Glee, a magical blend of music and high school, captivated viewers worldwide. While most actors on the show were adored for their singing talents, one cast member, Lea Michele, left a less favorable impression on her co-stars. Multiple sources revealed that Michele displayed diva-like behavior, referring to other actors as “cockroaches” and making hurtful comments on set.

DELIGHT: Jim Parsons


Jim Parsons is an exceptional and highly regarded actor. His amiable nature and professionalism made him a pleasure to work with during the filming of The Big Bang Theory. Parsons’ ability to adapt, embrace change, and try new things garnered immense praise from his colleagues. Parsons’ easy-going demeanor, versatility, and dedication have contributed to his success, making him one of the highest-paid TV actors in history.

DIFFICULT: Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez, a globally recognized actress and singer, gained fame with her hit “Jenny From The Block.” People who have worked with Lopez claim that she exhibits diva-like behavior, making excessive demands during her travels. From requesting an entire hotel floor for herself to refusing to interact with flight attendants, it appears that Lopez’s diva reputation precedes her.

DELIGHT: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


Dwayne Johnson, a shining star, is known for his professionalism and work ethic in the industry. Surrounding himself with great coaches and individuals has greatly contributed to his success. Johnson’s genuine charm and dedication have made him one of the most respected figures in entertainment.

DIFFICULT: Chevy Chase


Chevy Chase, a Hollywood legend, struggled to connect with newer actors and cope with the demanding hours on the Community set. Despite portraying a character similar to himself, his lack of enthusiasm was evident to the crew. Chase occasionally left the set, only to return days later to make up for missed scenes.

DELIGHT: Meryl Streep


Due to limitations, we couldn’t submit our extensive essay praising the greatness of Meryl Streep nor express disappointment over her limited Oscar wins. Instead, we’ll highlight that industry stars and professionals can’t stop raving about her. Streep consistently delivers outstanding performances and has an approachable and magnetic presence off-screen that endears her to everyone.

DIFFICULT: Alec Baldwin


On the set of the sitcom 30 Rock, it seems Alec Baldwin didn’t find much enjoyment or camaraderie with his co-workers. According to multiple directors, he was less than pleasant to work with and even went as far as threatening physical assault towards one director—quite a departure from his character, Jack Donaghy’s charm and wit.

DELIGHT: Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence not only achieved fame through The Hunger Games, but she also won the hearts and respect of many. With her talent, she has starred in numerous blockbuster films. Despite her young start, Lawrence is highly regarded for her professionalism, fun-loving personality, adaptability, and down-to-earth attitude. She is truly an awe-inspiring and shining star in the industry.