A wedding is a bittersweet event.


A sweet one, for the happy couple, because they have finally found what we all seek, an everlasting love and companionship. On the other hand, for those lonely souls left behind still saddled with a daunting task of finding such love it can feel awfully bitter.

To pacify this feeling, the “bachelor party” was born to commemorate friendships and to cruise the path of a single man before heading down marriage lane.

However, for Robbie Chernow, something very different happened. After landing in Chicago, he discovered that all of his friends’ flights were cancelled and he was all alone.

Chernow decides that the party must go on and details his journey, using #ChicagoForOne and went on to attend a Bear’s game!

Unfortunately, the empty seats only reminded him that he was still all alone on this awesome trip

Apparently everyone in my section also tried to take Delta to get here. #bears #chicagoforone

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If it’s any consolation, two promoters gave him a free fridge magnet.



Next, a boring boat ride was in store for his 28-year old, traveling alone. His hopes were sinking fast!

This boat trip was a bad idea and now Chernow was against all hope of finding new friends

Chicago is a beautiful city filled with beautiful people….I assume #chicagoforone

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Then, another pit stop from a kind stranger and Chernow took it. He was offered a sip of her wine and Chernow sipped it, without hesitation and shared this pic and caption:


With hope renewed, Chernow tried Tinder to look for more friends and nothing more!

First time using Tinder! Fingers crossed! #chicagoforone A photo posted by Robert Chernow (@rwchernow) on

Never mind, don’t need an app for that!

Charnow was probably better off alone and relied on people like Captain Ray to guide him.

Even carousel rides lacked all nostalgia without friends

Charnow tried dining alone. It had no charm.

This held some. . .

However, he accepted his loneliness in finer fashion, through art and architecture.

His story inspired this gofundme page so that Chernow could really enjoy his loneliness

With extra funds he can consider a warmer climate.

Having such a swell time here that I’m already planning my next vacation #mexicoforone? #chicagoforone A photo posted by Robert Chernow (@rwchernow) on

He may not have had a magnificent bachelor party experience, but he sure made memories here!

You said it, pillar! #chicagoforone

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Donate at Chernow’s GoFundMe and help this lonely guy find peace. You can follow the Chernow saga on Instagram.