5 Reasons Guys Mess You About



We all know how tough break ups can be. That feeling that you are alone now and need to set off back into the world of dating if you are ever to meet the right person in the future. Who ever was to blame for the break up, there is one inevitable truth… The fact you will most likely see your ex again. It may be while you are out shopping and not looking your best,  or it could be while you are out on a night out with friends. How ever it happens, it is usually pretty uncomfortable and can drag up lots of memories.

As if this is not bad enough, there are also occasions when your ex may actually come back in your life with the intention of getting back with you. Or at least that is how it appears. If you have started to miss them and think the right move would be to dive right back in with both feet, you may want to read the below reasons they may be back first.

5 Reasons your ex may be trying to get back with you.


1. They Miss You

Sometimes before your partner realises what they have got, it is too late. They may have taken you totally for granted and just thought you would be there forever. If you took the decision to end it with them, there is a chance that gave them a giant wake up call and they now regret they way they may have treated you. In this instance it is up to you whether or not you should give them the opportunity to prove to you that they can be better second time round. The saying “leopards can’t change their sports” is unfortunately most commonly the truth when it comes to ex partners.

2. You are irreplaceable

It may be that your ex initiated the break up with you. They may have been out and about and started to think they could do better than you. Maybe they have seen people at work or out socially and thought to themselves that they would prefer to be with that person than you. What can often happen after the break up is that your ex realises maybe the grass isn’t always greener. They get single, get out and start trying to get with new people and realise either that person doesn’t want to be with them. Or they may realise the other person could not offer all that you could. In this instance once again it is up to you as to whether or not you give it another chance. Listen to their reasons and ask them to be honest with you as to why they ended it. In a way this experience may have been a good thing if you do decide to get back with them. At least they didn’t find out by cheating. The chances are that in the future they will not be tempted by other people and will be even more devoted to you because they know what’s out there doesn’t compare to you.



3. They are bored

If it was your ex that finished the relationship, there is a chance that after a few months of being single, if they are still alone, they may decide they are bored. In this situation they may find themselves looking through their phone or Facebook contacts and see your name there. They may think that you will be available for them as it was them that ended it. It would be a huge mistake for you to take them back at this stage, even if you wanted to. Play it cool and if you do decide to get back with them, make sure it is on your terms at a time to suit you.

4. You moved on and they are like What!

When people end a relationship and dump their partner, the assumption is sometimes that their partner will be totally destroyed and never get over them. If instead you pick yourself up and get back out there and meet someone new, your ex may not be happy about it (what do you care right)? This can be a bit of a consolation for you if you notice your ex getting jealous. Don’t lower yourself to the levels of rubbing it in. Just be happy you are in a new relationship and ignore your ex and their opinions.


5. They know you will have them back

If when they finished it with you, you made it clear you were unhappy and begged them to take you back, you More than likely your ex will be drawn to your renewed confidence and will end up coming back within your radar.  All it takes is one phone call, you hear their dulcet tones and you’re back to square one. All that strength you’d found to get yourself back on track goes out the window and your back to an emotional wreck. The problem with taking people back and giving them a second chance is that although in the early stages, things can seem great, old habits can often return and things go back to exactly how they were before.