Noah Galloway has had a pretty rough ride in recent times.

Right after 911, Noah enlisted in the army to go to serve fighting for his Country. After having fought in the for the US in Iraq twice, he woke up one Christmas Eve in hospital with his mother by his side. Noah had fallen victim to a roadside bomb and tragically lost part of his left leg and arm after they needed to be amputated to save his life.


After the incident, Noah suffered from depression and went through a very difficult time in his personal life. This went on for a couple of years with Noah drinking and becoming a recluse. He then decided to sort himself out. He joined a 24 hour gym because he was too embarrassed to show his body in the daytime.

He trained harder and harder and become stronger and healthier. He then started to go to the gym in the daytime as he grew accustomed to the way he looks.

Noah has since appeared on the Ellen show and featured on the front cover of Mens Health magazine. He has also joined the line up on the TV Show “Dancing With The Stars”.


In the clip below, we get to see just how dedicated Noah is to developing himself in all he does. He learned to use his body in a different way and blew the audience away with this performance.

Noah, you are a true inspiration to us all. Keep up the good work.

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