So you’re out on a date with a total ten.


I’m talking baby blues, six pack, tan skin and perfect pearly whites. Ten minutes go by and you realize you’re out of things to talk about. Maybe you make an awkward comment. He looks at you like you’re a freak.

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Flash forward six months. You’re sitting at home after a hard day at work, in the middle of your cycle and crying over the season finale of Game of Thrones. Hot guy is nowhere to be found, not that you would want his shoulder to cry on because, let’s face it, honey, he’s just not into that kind of stuff. Suddenly, your super goofy best guy friend bursts through the door dressed as John Snow insisting he has defeated death. You are overwhelmed with laughter.

The angels start singing and the heavens part. You have found the man you’re supposed to be with.

Okay, so maybe not everyone is likely to have this experience, but you catch my drift. The funny guys are where it’s at ladies. I mean sure, who doesn’t fantasize about Ryan Gosling and Adam Levine? But honestly, nine times out of ten, the man who can make you laugh will be the better partner.


People who have a good sense of humor tend to not take life too seriously. Even better, they remind their loved ones not to, either. They encourage us to find the humor in the places we would have otherwise found fault or felt embarrassed. They teach us that it’s okay to mess up and laugh at ourselves when we do so. Naturally, they are a riot to be around because they just make everything so damn funny.

Guys who have this gift really embrace it. I love a man who can embrace himself, even when others may not know how to handle him. People spend so much time trying to look and act a certain way because we don’t want to feel judged or targeted. But they just don’t care. How sexy is that? I mean, having a man by your side who will be himself and not care who likes it or who doesn’t is just so desirable. Who wouldn’t want someone with that kind of guts?

These men also have confidence. They aren’t afraid of people laughing at them, in fact, they love when people laugh at them! They aren’t afraid to be the center of attention and don’t get caught up in the pressure to be entertaining when all eyes are pointed their way. They naturally get attention by being themselves, and they know how to handle it.

The last point I will argue is that men who are funny will always know how to cheer you up. No matter how bad your cramps are, how emotional you might be or what kind of day you had, he will one-hundred percent of the time make you crack a smile. And he won’t stop trying until he does.

Dating a funny guy will give you a better long-term relationship because they will make you laugh when you want to cry, never let you be embarrassed by yourself and will have the ability to turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one full of hysterical laughter. So ditch the hottie honey and go after the guy dressed as John Snow.