Growing up we all play games such as Pictionary, Twister, Jenga or Monopoly. These games all come in neat little shiny boxes with clear instructions on how to win, how to lose and how to play the game in general. They are only played when both players are ready, and the game finishes at a time when both players are happy for it to finish.

These games are designed for all ages and are played up until we reach the age where we start to play another type of game. That’s right the “mind game“.

The difference with mind games however is that there are no rules. The game is very different for every person that plays it and there are no clear winners or losers. A lot of the time you have no idea what your next move should be. Unlike board games thee is often no opportunity for a do over or a second chance to play the game again.


With mind games as with board games, there are sometimes liars and cheaters however in mind games the person being cheated on his left in a much worse situation. Some players even create their own rules leaving their opponents completely confused and not knowing where they stand.


Personally I am sick and tired of mind games. I want to throw the hypothetical board away and smash up the pieces. I want to forfeit any attempt to play the game again cashing my chips and let someone else take my spot.

The sad truth is, however that if you don’t go ahead and play the game, you stand no chance of winning, or in this case finding your perfect match. Giving up is the same as settling for a life of loneliness and without the opportunity of meeting your Mr or Mrs Right.

So the only choice is to go along playing this game we call love, trying to find other people to play with that understand our rules and share similar goals.

Take texting as an example. Some people say you shouldn’t reply right away while others say you should wait at least one day before you send a reply, even if you like the person. They also say if you leave it too long you may put the other person off and they may look elsewhere. Either way you feel like you’re losing and the rules seem to make no sense

People tell you playing the game adds mystery to the dating experience. They think this mystery gives a budding relationship and early spark. What they forget is that the relationship at this stage is very fragile and playing these games leaves a very real risk that you will accidentally ruin everything without even knowing it.


So I want to take this opportunity to create a new type of game. This game is much simpler than Monopoly or Twister but is much more rewarding when it is played right.

It requires no instructions or advice from friends and is all based on your instinct. Lets all refuse take those silly pieces of advice form our friends on the best timescale for replying to a message or how long you should leave it before the first kiss.

Just imagine if we all stopped the games and got REAL with each other. Surely the dating routine would all be much easier. If we drop the bull and got honest from day one, we would most likely learn a lot more about each other in the early stages.

Just imagine receiving a text telling you something like “Hey I really enjoyed seeing you the other night, how about we go for dinner this weekend?”. Instead of “Watsup”?


No more mind games trying to hide the fact we like the other person. No more playing it cool thinking it makes someone like you more.

We are all a bit too old for silly games now anyway.