The World’s Best Paid Room Cleaner


Offering money is a powerful motivator for children to comply with their parent’s requests. Even young children are drawn to the idea of earning and saving money. This mother’s strategy of hiding $100 in her daughter’s room as an incentive to clean it is clever. While it may not magically turn her daughter into a tidy person, it is likely to get the job done quickly.

Something Weird In the Background


Taking pictures on our phones is a common way to share moments with our loved ones, but it can be a bit of a challenge for parents who grew up with separate cameras and phones. This mother might have accidentally left her finger in the frame, or perhaps she wanted to capture the unique perspective of a large finger in the foreground.

Early Signs of Possession


The meaning of this text message is unclear, but it appears to be a combination of a malicious software virus and a ghost haunting the phone. On a phone keyboard, holding down a key displays a list of alternative letters that can be used instead of the primary one. It’s likely that this is what occurred with this mother’s phone, but based on her daughter’s reaction, it may be something more problematic.

Don’t Type Without Seeing


Losing your glasses can be a frustrating experience, especially when you need them to see. The inconvenience of impaired vision can lead to accidents, such as bumping into objects or tripping. It’s comparable to typing on a phone with your eyes closed. This mother’s text message serves as a reminder always to wear your glasses when using your phone.

Autocorrect Strikes Again


This child has a great sense of humor, which is fortunate because most kids would find this text offensive. Autocorrect can be a significant source of relationship problems, and it’s simple to type unpleasant things and blame it on the feature. It seems that neither Apple nor Android has made much of an effort to fix the problem.

When Life Is Too Short


The trend of “YOLO” is intriguing, as it’s a phrase that can easily be misinterpreted. According to this trend, one should live life to the fullest because “you only live once.” While taking risks and being bold is encouraged, protecting your life is essential, considering that you only have one. This mother is advising her child not to risk his life by living excessively, taking the “YOLO” trend too seriously.

Burn This Text Exchange


Parents sometimes attempt to learn the slang and habits of their children in an effort to seem “cool.” However, these attempts are often met with disapproval from the kids. The following conversation between a mother and her daughter exemplifies why parents should never try to do this. Once parents step into the counterculture space of their younger generation, it ceases to be cool. One hopes no one ever discovers the true identity of the individuals involved in this cringe-worthy conversation.

An Encouraging Father


While people might assume that police officers are the strictest and most uptight parents, this isn’t always the case. In fact, some officers become quite laid-back after a few years on the job. Perhaps this is due to a combination of being desensitized to certain things and having a more liberal mindset. Whatever the reason, it likely played a role in this amusing and potentially incriminating text conversation.

Dad’s Proud Achievement


We have previously noted that fathers often have a dry and ironic sense of humor that is well-suited to text messages. It’s difficult to imagine the unpleasant ideas that might have raced through this young girl’s head, but at least her mother received a “prego” as a response.

That Is Definitely Not Chocolate


The poop emojis have some of the most adorable expressions among all the creatures in the emoji collection. It’s quite interesting that people have made the poop character cuter than most of the animals available. This mother mistook the smiling poop for a delightful chocolate cone due to its charming and positive appearance.