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Mark and Holly were a perfect for each other, they had been together for a while and were ready to make it official and tie the knot together. As it turns out, Mark’s mom had never met Holly until the big wedding day. So when she turned up to the wedding she was nervous with excitement, however what she didn’t expect to happen, was for her to notice something about Holly that she just couldn’t stay quiet about. How will Mark and Holly continue after they find this out? Find out what happens in this insane real-life story…

Martha’s Story

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Mark’s mother, Martha, was a 64-year-old woman who was living the simple life in the small town Fargo, North Carolina. Herself, her husband Peter and their son Mark had been living there for years – it felt like home. They were always a very tit-knit family, so it was truly heartbreaking for them when Martha’s husband and Marks father, Peter, sadly passed away. Martha decided to still stay in their family home as it was the only place she’d ever called home.

Her life in North Carolina

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North Carolina is a beautiful state, with gorgeous scenery and friendly towns – it’s no wonder she chose to stay there! Martha started taking classes to become a florist and then eventually opened up her own shop in the town, to distract her from the loneliness of being alone at home. She quickly became thee go-to place in the town for flower arrangements and was thriving. She also had a small but close friendship group that led to a peaceful, happy life.

Mark leaves home

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Of course, the dreaded day for every parent came where Martha’s only son Mark left his hometown to move onto better opportunities. He studied software development in college and received the amazing news that he had been hired for an amazing company in New York City! Even though Martha was sad to see him go, she was incredibly proud and excited for her son and really just wanted the best for her son – like any mother would.

Adapting to the big city

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Even those who have lived in New York their whole lives will admit that the city is a hard place to live in – and boy, did Mark agree! Growing up in a small town of rural North Carolina, moving to NYC was a huge jump for Mark and he found it hard to get used to the constant noise, people and fast-paced life. After a months of getting used to living there, Mark finally felt at home – although he did often miss Fargo and his mum.

A year went by

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Mark had quite a demanding job, which meant he couldn’t book any time off to go see his mother in Fargo. Martha completely understood that Mark was building his future and held no grudge, all she cared about was his health and happiness. However, they did have phone calls at least once a week to catch up on everything in each other’s lives. Mark was thriving with his job and social life, and Martha was thrilled for him! Little did she know, things were about to change…

Mark tells his mum about his new girl

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It was like any other day – Mark called Martha up to have his weekly chat with her, however this time he had something excited to tell her. Mark told his mom that he had met a girl named Holly 6 months ago through mutual friends and has slowly fallen in love with her! Martha heard the immediate excitement and happiness in her son’s voice that she was so happy for him, and since she sounded like a nice girl, she couldn’t wait to meet her!

Mark and Holly met through mutual friends

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When telling his mother about how they met, he explained that he had gone to a friends party one weekend, reluctantly as he was often so tired after work, and that night a mutual friend introduced Holly to him. Mark then went onto explain that they found out they had so much in common and that it felt like fate!

The beginning of Mark and Holly

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Mark still had his weekly phone calls with his mom and would often explain how its going with Holly; how things were evolving, their initial struggles, how their love is growing. But when Martha asked her son what their biggest obstacle is, Mark straight away replied with ‘our careers’. They both wanted to become successfully in their fields, which meant that if they decided to get married or start a family, their careers would take a hit.

The relationship started to grow

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Martha gave her son the advise of ‘take things slowly, let things happen naturally’, and that is exactly what they did. They stopped worrying about the unknown with their careers and relationship, and started focusing on each other and the present. However, things were still evolving fast and the couple eventually decided to move in with one another -after all, who can afford 2 apartments in NYC?!

Mark and Holly got engaged

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After living together for 2 years, Mark decided to ask the big question since they were head over heels for one another, they had moved up in their careers and dedicated enough time towards it, and loved living together. Holly immediately said yes and the 2 love bird got engaged. The couple were so incredibly excited to begin planning the wedding, little did Mark know – it would all turn south.