Mystique (Rebecca Romijn) – X-Men


Back in the pre-Hunger Games world, before Jennifer Lawrence took over pop culture, Rebecca Romijn’s Mystique spawned some of the nerdiest fantasies since Princess Leia’s bikini in Return of the Jedi. The enigmatic red-haired shapeshifter could theoretically look like anyone, so consider every other entry on this list just her in disguise. Her beauty and brutality were captivating in motion.

Khan (Richardo Montalbán) – Star Trek II


The late, legendarily charismatic Montalbán first portrayed this genetically perfect aspiring tyrant in Star Trek’s original 60s TV run, before reprising the role for the second motion picture. Khan is everything a villain should be: intense, whimsical and dangerously intelligent. It’s this combo that keeps us hanging off his every syllable! Khan’s flare for theatrics is hard to resist.

Merovingian (Lambert Wilson) – The Matrix: Reloaded


Much like how recent AI chatbots have become corrupted by irony-poisoned tech bros, the Merovingian is a computer program that, of its own accord, just got really into the whole French vibe. He sips his wine, mutters something profound about cause and effect, then makes a digital cake with extremely, erm, romantic consequences. Five to go, please.

The Devil (Elizabeth Hurley) – Bedazzled


Brendan Fraser’s return to acting and the public eye has been heartwarming to see, and this often overlooked addition to his filmography saw him squaring off with the Devil herself. English model and actress Elizabeth Hurley stepped into her role as the princess of darkness with such a sultry, passionate vibe that it’s almost a shame her sense of humor is so twisted.

Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell) – Iron Man II


The MCU isn’t exactly lacking in sexy villains. Loki, Killmonger, Namor, Cate Blanchett’s dominating Goddess of death Hela, and Jeff Bridges is kinda hot too! This award, however, goes to Iron Man II villain Justin Hammer. He works to remind Tony Stark of what he was destined to become unless he changes his ways; covered in fake tan and an incredible dancer.

Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich) – Scream


It’s not just that Skeet Ulrich has a pretty face or even that his name is really funny to say. Loomis was the 90s condensed into a villain. His chiseled jawline and N-SYNC haircut, the fact he’s not big or scary looking but feels as if he’s above consequences. He’s confident that he’s part of the narrative that the film itself is commenting on. The casting choice is not only clever, but mega hot!

T-X (Kristanna Loken) – Terminator III


The third Terminator movie marked a lull in the popularity and draw of the franchise, but it did give us T-X and for that we are forever grateful. Loken continues the legacy of the unstoppable force that stalks the film’s heroes, hunting them with inhuman speed, strength, and impeccable drip.

Curtis (Jamie Foxx) – Dreamgirls


Jamie Foxx could be one of the most charismatic performers of this generation, which made watching his selfish, greed-driven, morally bankrupt behavior in 2006s Dreamgirls such a struggle. The story of Dreamgirls is fictional, but rooted in the very real and well-documented history of the soul and Motown industry. That makes falling under Foxx’s manipulative charm all the more sour.

Queen Akasha (Aaliyah) – Queen of the Damned


This was the last film R&B princess Aaliyah worked on before her tragic death in 2001. It sees her portray the eponymous Queen of the Damned in a kind of sequel to 1994’s Interview with the Vampire. It’s straight to DVD, low-budget glam rock camp, but Queen Akasha was a feast for the eyes.

Whiskey (Pedro Pascal) – Kingsman: The Golden Circle


Pedro Pascal’s fame (and subsequent DILF status) has skyrocketed recently, thanks to the success of Disney’s The Mandalorian and HBO’s The Last Of Us. He’s been responsible for plenty of thirst, so let’s take a big old sip of Whiskey. Pascal’s all-American spy gadgets include his six shooters, a laser lasso, and a perfectly combed moustache!