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Is the guy at work beginning to look a little too good? Maybe the way he laughs, smiles, and files papers is strangely attractive, and you’re developing a crush. If revealing your feelings isn’t an option, what are you going to do? Keep reading for some handy tips on getting over your crush at work.

Lean on your support network


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An objective take on the situation, that isn’t clouded by workplace gossip or other agendas, will help you to make sense of your feelings and work out a plan of action. Once you have a clear plan, you can then take steps to get over your crush at work.

Talk to other guys


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Don’t let feelings for someone you can’t have stand in the way of your love life. Make a conscious effort to go out and enjoy yourself, you don’t need to hit on guys or desperately try to land a date, rather you should focus on making friends, having fun, and meeting new people.


Distance yourself

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Seeing and interacting with your crush will only prolong your feelings and stop you from moving on. So, it’s vital to consciously distance yourself from your office crush as much as possible. To do this, you can change your route to work, break times, and even your desk if you can.


Maintain healthy boundaries

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If you must interact with your crush, avoid spending time alone with him, having intimate conversations, or even worse, flirting. It will only drag on the situation and hurt your feelings even more. So, it’s vital to keep your distance and actively work to maintain healthy boundaries.

Look at the negatives

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Ordinarily, you probably don’t try to focus on people’s negative qualities but when you have a crush that you need to get over, focusing on their bad side can help. Does he chew loudly, microwave fish in the office, or occasionally laugh like a goat? Remember that.

Keep busy


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Staying busy by focusing on your work, taking on extra tasks, or losing yourself in your hobbies can help you to take your mind off your crush. Plus, achieving your goals and getting more done is likely to boost your mood while you take on the tough task of getting over him.


Make time to grieve

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Let’s face it, being unable to be with the guy you like whether it’s because he doesn’t like you or because of the situation is grim. So, it’s okay to take time to grieve over what you can’t have. Making time to work through your negative emotions will allow you to move on faster.


Look after yourself

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During times of stress, and getting over a crush counts, it’s important to take time for yourself. Offset your pain by making a conscious effort to eat and sleep better, to exercise more, and take time to relax. Beyond improving your mood, it will also distract you from your feelings.

Focus on the future

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Yes, being unable to be with your crush is tough, but it’s only a small part of your life. Eventually you’ll be over him and enjoying potential future love and happiness. So, keep focusing on your goals, and investing time in yourself for a happier tomorrow.