Top Ten Tips for Teenage Dating

Relationships are tough enough at the best of times but during our teenage years they really are put to the test! Up against a choice of clashes from fighting hormones to homework, family to Facebook, the way we manage the time and energy we put into our relationship with that special someone really is critical if we want to make sure our blossoming love succeeds! Here are our top ten ‘T’s you need to remember when in the teenage dating game!


With our super crazy busy lives, trying to fit in friends, family, work and school we need to remember and be sure to take time out for our relationship. Try setting a date night one a week when you both know you will get some quality time together to enjoy a dinner or a trip to the cinema or even just slobbing out on the sofa. It reinforces to each other how much you care and shows you are prepared to put everything else on hold (including your mobile phone!) even it is just for a short time!


A simple but totally effective strategy for keeping a happy and healthy relationship is keeping things honest! Be sure to always be truthful to your other half and expect them to do the same. One you start harbouring secrets you become anxious and stressed, which will reflect in the way you behave and start having negative repercussions on your relationship.




Embrace the modern age and behave like a modern day gal by keeping the financial balance on an equal footing.  It doesn’t matter if one of you earns more than the other, just be sure to keep your dates within both your budgets and take turns at paying for them. Or let one of you buy the dinner and the one buy the drinks/film tickets. Keeping things balanced this way will help pave the way for an equal relationship as things get more serious down the line.


Communication is key to a successful relationship. As teens we literally kick ass with our communicating skills, thing is that’s mostly the kind of communicating that comes through a screen! We need to make sure we are actually really TALKING to each other! Discuss any concerns or worries and share information from our daily lives. There really is no substitute for face to face!


Another easy trap to fall into whilst living as part of a social media network is to overshare! Whilst it’s lovely and no doubt very tempting to want to share all your intimate lovey dovey moments with your friends (not to mention how it’s second nature to post/tweet/instagram/pin all aspects of our lives with a click!) you need to remember that not everyone wants to be bombarded with your love life! Keep the intimacies of your relationship to the two of you and by doing so you will keep them special.



An honest relationship doesn’t just mean being truthful to each other, it also means you must be honest to yourself. Be true to who you really are, don’t try and be somebody or something that you’re not just in order to please someone else. You can’t build a happy future on a foundation of dishonesty and if you put on a façade in the early days you will not be able to maintain it and the relationship will be a product of a lie

Take your TIME

Our lives are crammed so full that it’s no wonder they whiz by in the blink of an eye. We need to make sure that when it comes to our relationship we take things SLOW! We are still young and have all the time in the world to make sure we get to know each other properly, enjoy each other, experience as much as possible together before eventually making a life together. There is no rush to reach a finishing line, relationships are a life long journey.


Paranoia and distrust bring out the worst in us and induce a negative vibe into a relationship. We need to trust our other halves completely in order to maintain a harmonious connection. We need to not be so wrapped up in our paranoia and false anxieties that we stop enjoying the happiness our relationship is bringing us.  If you don’t trust your partner then you need to address why and if in the end there is just cause for the distrust then perhaps the relationship needs some serious consideration.

Don’t deTACH yourselves from friends

As well as making time for some quality time together, you need to make an effort to make sure you are looking after your friends! Your friends are important in keeping you happy and balanced and as such will help you keep your relationship happy and balanced.  Seeing your friends will help keep you both from isolating yourselves as a couple and keep you as part of a social community.



No one likes to be talked at, shouted at…..nagged at! There should be no need for any of it. We might be teenagers but we can still be mature! If you have a gripe about something or their behaviour is bothering you, discuss it calmly rather than ramming it down their throat! This will only build annoyance on their part and things are likely to implode rather than resolve themselves.