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Eat fiber-rich foods

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Fiber is the key to a healthy diet that allows you to lose weight. The main reason for this is because it fills you up much quicker than regular food, even if you eat the same amount as normal! This is because it slows your digestion down and makes you feel fuller for longer. Foods with lots of fiber include; raspberries, avacado, and cheese.

A Mediterranean diet

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Foods within a Mediterranean diet are much lower in unhealthy fats like sugar, but are much higher in healthy fats like omegas. This diet will then reduce your total body fat due to decreasing your normal intake of fatty foods. A Mediterranean diet includes eating foods like fruit and veg, whole grains, herbs and dairy products. Basically, it’s a whole bunch of unprocessed foods.

Go on walks!

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Going on a regular walk is an extremely under-rated way to lose weight! Daily walking is one of the most impactful things you can do for weight loss as it burns calories whilst not being too impactful. At least 30 minutes of walking everyday is recommended by professionals, and if you do this alongside some healthy eating, you should be sure to see some results soon!

Bump up your protein

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Older people have an increased need for protein, therefore eating more protein is highly beneficial for not only weight loss, but the general health of your body. When eating more protein, it actually increases the likelihood of maintaining the weight loss and keeping up a healthy diet. It’s also good if you want to increase the strength of your muscles as its recommended for muscle regeneration and recovery.

Increase your strength

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After a woman turns 30, they may lose 3-5% of their muscle mass every decade. Therefore, it’s important to upkeep your muscle growth to ensure this does not happen. Along with this, having more lean muscles will improve your metabolisms maintenance when it comes to processing the food. This is crucial as when you get older, your metabolism requires more energy to do so.

Take in less carbs

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After turning 50, carbs become healthy, however you can store them much easier. This is because our bodies become much less insulin sensitive and will therefore store more carbs around our stomach. Therefore, to avoid this you must eat the healthier crabs like fruit and vegetables to make sure you don’t accidentally gain a few pounds rather than lose it.

Ever thought about intermittent fasting?

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Intermittent fasting has got a lot of successful reviews so far. It was proved to be promising for weight loss in recent study’s, through stating you could lose 0.8-13% body weight if you take part. Women are advised to try intermittent fasting by beginning with 12-14 hours and aiming to begin eating earlier in the day. This is said to then reduce the need to eat in the evening when we often consume ‘snacky’, high-calory foods.

Do some squats

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A common myth is that squats only work on your glutes, quads and hamstrings. And whilst that is true, it can actually also help in losing weight off of your stomach! This is because they help to build lean muscle which will in turn boost your metabolism. A boosted metabolism allows you to feel more energy, exercise more, keep the weight maintained off, and increase your sleeping quality for the next day ahead! It’s all round a good exercise to get used to.

Stay Hydrated

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The older you get, the more dehydrated you feel. Water intake improves a lot, from digestion to energy levels – it’s an overall good habit to get into. It helps with weight loss as decreases hunger and cravings, which will then allow for a more efficient and healthy diet. It’s recommended that you drink 1/2 your weight in ounces each day – try it out!

Do some burpees!

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Burpees are well-known for increasing ones core strength. It engages multiple muscle groups at once, which allows you to continue growing muscle lean and also reducing body tight to gives the appearance of ‘tightened’ looking skin all over. Therefore, it gets rid of your stomach fat! Along with this, because its an exersice, it boosts your heart rate meaning if you do some everyday, your energy levels will be increased dramatically.