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Believe you can have it

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Your life is a direct reflection of all your deep-rooted beliefs. What you subconsciously believe you deserve will be what you receive. Therefore, you want your beliefs to align with your desires. Change how you view yourself, shifting your perspective to one of positivity, abundance, and gratitude.

Visualize it

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Visualization is every manifestor’s best friend. Essentially, you want to slip into a realistic daydream of whatever it is you’re attracting. Manifesting love? Visualize your boo’s arms wrapped around you. Want a new car? Imagine yourself cruising down the highway. Visualize these scenes as often as possible and watch as the daydream becomes a reality.

Affirm with feeling

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Affirmations are short phrases that you repeat in your mind. If you’re trying to manifest money, tell yourself thoughts like “I can’t believe how wealthy I am.” Many spiritual folk believe that repeating these phrases is all you need to manifest. It’s recommended that you put some oomph into your thoughts, finding an emotion to match what you’re thinking.

Affirm robotically

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While it’s recommended that you affirm with some form of emotion behind your thoughts, some manifestation coaches claim that all you need is the power of your own mind – regardless of the emotion. Try both methods, and see which one works best for you. Stick with the one you feel most comfortable with.

Make a vision board

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Print out some pictures of your dream life. Cover anything and everything, from your bank balance, your car, your dream relationship, to your dream home. Place it somewhere you can see it each and every day, allowing your mind to soak it up. If you can’t make a physical vision board, consider making one on your phone.


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If you like writing things down, then scripting may be for you. You want to write out what you want to manifest over and over again. Use phrases such as “I have $10,000” for money, or “I’m in my dream job” for your career. Repetition is key – it allows your subconscious mind to become saturated with the thought, before turning it into a reality.

Picture your goals before bed

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Psychology experts claim that repeating a short imaginary scene before you fall asleep is a key way to bring it into fruition. It’s known as SATs – a State Akin to Sleep – where the subconscious mind is most susceptible to being influenced. Repeat your scene night after night, ensuring that you also keep your thoughts in check throughout the day.

Be clear on what you want

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The clearer you are with your intentions, the faster your manifestation will come. Instead of simply trying to manifest being rich, write down the exact figure you want. Better still, write down what you’d spend your new found wealth on, and how having the money would make you feel. Here, specificity is the key.

Make a gratitude list

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One quick and easy way to manifest more abundance into your life is to focus on what you already have. Write a daily gratitude list, from the big things like your car or home to the seemingly smaller things like your eyes and your limbs. Repeatedly doing this will shift your mindset, allowing you to access higher levels of happiness, and give you an appreciation for everything you have.

Work on yourself

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Spiritual experts believe that like attracts like. Therefore, you want to step into being the best version of yourself before your desires show up. This way, your mirrored reality has no choice but to reflect your inner world. Eat well, exercise, and have a loving mindset and your life will be blessed in no time.

Keep an eye out for signs or synchronicities

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Strange things can happen when you embark on a manifesting journey. As you begin attracting your desires towards you, you may notice many strange coincidences. For example, if you’re manifesting love, you may notice that your exes begin to hit you up. See these as signs from your higher self that you’re on the right track.

Speak as if

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It’s important to send out one very clear signal when you’re trying to manifest something specific. Therefore, you want your words to align with your thoughts. If friends ask you how your dating life is going, instead of indulging on a 10-minute rant, simply say “It’s going well, thank you”. The more often you do this, the faster your manifestation will arrive.

Act as if

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If you’re really looking to supercharge your manifestation, take note of your daily actions. If you’re bringing a long term relationship into your life, consider leaving a space in your closet for your other half’s clothes. This way, you’re already embodying the person you wish to be in the future.


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Meditation is a mindfulness practice that decreases stress, can lift your mood, and – yes – can help with manifestation. It allows you to slip into a deeper mindset, clearing out the mental sludge that you carry around with you each and every day. Incorporate a 15-minute morning meditation into your daily routine and watch as your life begins to change.

Surround yourself with positive people

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There’s no use in repeating positive affirmations only to go and spend the next five hours with folk who lower your vibe. Protect your own energy, and only engage with people who lift your spirits. The world is full of limiting beliefs as it is, so it’s best to avoid low energies whenever you can.

Practice detachment

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This is a vital step that can trip up many manifestors. Once you’ve done the work, you’ve set your intentions and repeated your affirmations, it’s important to detach from the outcome. Trust in yourself and the Universe that your desires will come. Otherwise, you’re operating from a place of lack, and lack is what you’ll receive.

Stay in the present

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When manifesting, it can be all too easy to get swept away in your fantasy life. However, you shouldn’t spend your days merely wishful thinking. Instead you should embody the person who already has their desires. You can do this by being present and mindful, focusing on of all the good that you already have in your life.

Plan ahead

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While trying to manifest a better life for yourself, put in a plan of action in order to achieve your goals. Big or small; look at every aspect of where you can improve. Pairing this with a clean, optimistic mindset will ensure that your desires will emerge in your reality in no time flat. Planning ahead also helps you to feel more organized, and confident that you can reach your goals.

Work on any limiting beliefs

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Take a moment every day to assess how you feel about yourself. Go deep – reflect on everything in your life that hasn’t gone to plan. Then, correlate those events to your deep-rooted beliefs. From there, you can see what you need to work on, and what affirmations to incorporate into your daily routine.

Focus on abundance, not lack

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We often live our lives with a scarcity mindset. However, the opposite is in fact true – there’s more than enough to go around. Shine a light on everything you have in your life that you’re already grateful for, because this could open the door for more wonderful blessings.

Manifest in steps

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It can be difficult to go from being dirt poor to filthy rich simply by repeating a few affirmations. If the bridge seems too big for you, consider manifesting in steps. Instead of trying to manifest a million dollars, start by urging $100 to show up out of nowhere. It’ll give you a boost in both self belief and the manifesting process as a whole.

Listen to subliminals

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While this might not be a complete necessity in order to manifest, some spiritual folk claim that listening to subliminals can help the overall process. It’s recommended that you play these tracks as you sleep, allowing them to infiltrate your subconscious mind and change your reality. Your brain is most at ease when you sleep, so this has a positive underlying effect.

Start journaling

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Manifesting is a personal, intimate journey. Therefore, there’s no better way to get to grips with it than to start journaling. Every day, write about how you’re feeling. It’ll allow you to connect with yourself on a deeper level, addressing the emotions we so often push away. It can also help you monitor your progress to make sure you’re on the right track.

Don’t try and force it

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You can’t affirm for a week (or even a month) and then take matters into your own hands, forcing your manifestation into being. This shows that you’re coming from a place of desperation – an emotion that will repeatedly show up in your life until you approach your desires from a place of acceptance and ease.

Have a strict mental diet

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The ultimate key to any manifesting technique is to maintain a strict mental diet. This means being purposeful with your thoughts, thinking things you only want to experience. Try it for three days – repeating one affirmation related to a desire. When the three days are up, you’ll notice that something in your life has shifted.

Do things that make you feel good

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The better you feel, the better life is! As often as you can, indulge in activities that boost your mind and your soul. Not only will you feel happier for doing so, but you’ll also put yourself on a frequency that matches your desires, helping to bring them into existence.

Explore your emotions

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Although you would usually want to remain in high spirits, it doesn’t mean that you have to remain happy 100% of the time. Feel however you’re feeling, allowing the emotion to be purged from your mind. Your feelings are valid, and always will be. One of the worst things to do would be invalidating those feelings, rather than working on purging them.

Look back at your past

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Take a moment to look back at your life so far. How are your finances? What’s the state of your relationships? Then, go back further. What were your beliefs of these topics as a child? Often, you’ll see a direct correlation, showing what beliefs you have that shape your current reality.

Ignore what you don’t want

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Humans are conditioned to focus on problems, not solutions. Therefore, it can be easy to fall into the trap of focusing on all of the negatives. You want to slowly learn to shift your perspective, coming from a mental place of love and gratitude. When this mental shift happens, you’ll soon have your desire within reach.

Ride the storm

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When manifesting, you may suddenly experience the opposite results of what you desire. Don’t be disheartened – these are simply your old limiting beliefs purging from your subconscious mind. Stick to your manifesting methods, knowing that your desire will eventually emerge in your reality.

Delve deep into your imagination

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As often as you can, you want to imagine your ideal life. Not as some far-flung fantasy, but as something that you can easily achieve. Saturating your subconscious mind like this will result in your desires appearing in your reality sooner than you might expect, and then you can take the steps to progress onto the next stage.

Change your state of being

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How do you feel on a day-to-day basis? Are you always complaining, constantly feeling run down? Or are you optimistic and full of energy? If you’re looking to bring love and happiness into your life, you need to step into the version of yourself who already has those things. Slowly chip away at changing your state, and you’ll be surprised at how blessed you’ll become.

Use revision

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Revision is essentially mentally viewing past events and changing them. You can view unsavory things that happened to you through a different lens, knowing that seemingly bad events eventually led to good outcomes. With this mindset, you’ll know that everything in life is benefiting your highest good.

Don’t focus on time

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When you desperately desire something, it can be all too easy to slip into impatient patterns of thought. You can become frustrated at the lack of getting what you want, which ironically attracts more lack to you. Instead, walk with patience, knowing that everything you want is coming directly towards you.

Assume the best, not the worst

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If you constantly go about your life expecting the worst to happen, then that’s exactly what you’ll get. On the flip side, if you always assume the best, you’ll be proven right. It’s all in the mind – whatever you think and truly, deeply believe will happen will be the outcome that you receive.

Drop the victim mentality

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You can’t expect to live the life of your dreams if you’re constantly acting like a victim. Instead of dwelling over how bad things are – or how badly you’ve been treated in the past – focus on building yourself up. Negative experiences are a natural part of life. You can either let them define you, or use them as your personal armor.

Use askfirmations

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If positive affirmations aren’t your cup of tea, consider using ‘askfirmations.’ These are questions you ask in your head, such as “Why is everything in my life so perfect?” or “Why do I have so much money?” Your brain usually comes up with an answer to these questions, cementing the outcome as fact in your subconscious mind.

Be delusional

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Manifesting requires a small dose of delusion. You essentially need to trick or brainwash yourself into believing that your desires are on their way to you, turning a blind eye to anything that says otherwise. This can be a lengthy process, so be patient with yourself as you embark on your mental journey.

Go general

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If you’re struggling to manifest one specific thing, consider going general. Tell yourself that everything always works out for you, that you always get what you want, and that nothing can stop you from having your desires. This way, the cosmic forces will align in your favor, proving your thoughts to be accurate.

Take action

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It’s a common misconception that you can affirm a few times and journal every other night and what you want will just land in your lap. Truthfully, you need to take action. If you’re manifesting a bestseller, you need to write the book! If you’re looking for love, put yourself out there! You’ll soon see that the Universe always has your back.