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Okay, okay – a lot of those goings on in your home csn be explained away by drafts, or pets, or noisy neighbors. However, what if it’s something more sinister than that? You don’t have to believe in ghosts to read this, but maybe you will once you’re done…

Objects arriving in places they shouldn’t be…

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What is that saucepan doing in the bathroom? Do you remember putting that flowerpot there? If you notice things moving around your house, this could be one of the first signs that there is a poltergeist present. A poltergeist is a type of violent spirit that tends to make itself known once it is present in your home.

Or disappearing

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Do you remember putting that remote control down, but now you just can’t seem to find it anywhere? Yup, that could be a ghost. People that have reported hauntings in their homes have often described how things began to disappear into thin air and never were seen again.

Is there someone behind you?

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Feeling a presence is a strong indicator that there could be some supernatural goings on in your home. Do you feel like there’s always someone right behind you but when you turn around there is no one there? Or do you feel a general vibe that you are not alone? Sometimes, the things you can’t put your finger on are the most significant.

Feeling a room get suddenly cold

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Have you ever walked into one corner of your house and found that it is suddenly colder, even in the middle of summer? Paranormal investigators often use infared technology to see if there are any uncharacteristic cold spots in a room as this could signal a spirit.

Or hot…

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Or, maybe you randomly feel a warmth coming from nowhere, almost like there was someone else’s body heat near your, or even someone breathing down your neck? Sudden changes in temperature, either hot or cold, are strong indicators that there coud be a ghost in the very room you are sitting in…

A strong smell that comes from nowhere

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Do you ever notice that a strong smell wafts past your nose and then disappears, as if someone walked past you with an invisible plate or food, or sprayed an invisible bottle of perfume? Memories are often connected to smells, so it’s no surprise that ghosts with unfinished business often carry around scents from when they were alive.

Things go bump in the night?

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This one is a give-in, but if you hear things moving around inexplicably at night, this isn’t always caused by rowdy upstairs neighbors. Spirits have been known to be so strong that they can move entire pieces of furniture across a room, so that’s what that noise is.


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How did that glass smash when you were in another room and there’s no one else in the house? Particularly violent spirits have been known to break things and in some extreme cases, even smash windows. If this happens to you, maybe it’s time to call in The Ghostbusters.


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One of the most common ways that a spirit makes itself known is by communicating with you. Do you feel a general vibe or connection with a certain area of your house? Or feel as if someone is trying to reach to you from the other side? Well, maybe that’s because they are.

Hearing voices

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Do you ever hear someone talking from the other room even if there’s no one in the house? Sometimes paranormal investigators use a machine called a ‘spirit box’ that can pick up on even the quietest of voices, and they have been known to say some pretty unsettling stuff.

Your children are behaving strangely

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If your child brings home a creepy drawing from school, it could just be their overactive imaginations, but does this explain the imaginary friend that they’ve made that only comes out in the middle of the night? Spirits have been known to target children as they are easier to manipulate.

Or your pets

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People often report that their dogs start barking at nothing in the middle of the night. This could, of course, be a bug or a noise that we humans can’t hear. But, it could also be that your dog has picked up on some sort of frequency that you aren’t able to detect.

You have trouble sleeping

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Have you always been someone who sleeps through the night, undisturbed? But you’ve been finding that you’ve been waking up in the middle of the night lately? This could be a cause for concern, especially if you find yourself waking up at the same time every night.

Doors opening and closing by themselves

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Okay, it could just be a draft. But, it could also be something more sinister. Ghosts are often in a home because they are trapped and unable to leave due to some circumstances in their lives, so it’s no surprise that they may open doors in an effort to try and escape.

Electrical disturbances

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Have you noticed your Alexa talking to no one? Or your TV turning on when no one is in the room? Let’s face it, electrical appliances nowadays rarely glitch or make mistakes, so if this is happening in your home frequently, it could be an indicator of a phantom presence in your home.

Feeling like you’re being watched?

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This one maybe isn’t as easy to put your finger on as some of the other signs that your home could be haunted, but it can be one of the most telling. Do you have a general feeling that someone is watching you? Do you get up to grab a glass of water in the middle of the night and can’t shake the sense that someone else is there? This could be a ghost.

Seeing shadowy figures

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If you stare into a dark corner for too long, you’re bound to see some some shadowy figures moving around. However, if you notice shadows flashing past the sides of your vision frequently, this could be a spirit that is trying to make itself known to you.

Unusual or unsettling dreams

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Have you been having strange dreams that wake you up in the middle of the night? This can be a cause for concern, especially if your dreams revolve around the house that you live in or its past occupants. The ghosts could be trying to connect with you whilst you are asleep.

Sudden and unexplained mood swings

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Okay, this doesn’t mean that every time you lash out at the other members of your household that you can blame it on a ghost! However, spirits have been known to try and get you to feel how they are feeling as a way to seek justice for how they died, so if you find yourself feeling inexplicably sad in a certain room of your house, it could mean that someone died in there…

Writing or symbols appearing on surfaces

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People who have experienced the terrifying feeling that their house is haunted, often report that they find strange scratchings in their walls or on tables. These often appear in different languages or feature phrases and words that we wouldn’t say nowadays.

Items levitating

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This one straight from a horror film, and you might not believe it. However, people who have seen spirits in their home swear that they have walked into rooms to find their items floating above their heads, only to fall to the ground and smash. This, of course, would be extremely unsettling.

Distorted reflection in mirrors

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Yes, this can happen if you look at yourself for too long anyway, but Victorians also used looking in mirrors as way to communicate with spirits. This is called ‘scrying’ and involves staring at your reflection for a prolonged amount of time in a dark room with only a single candle to illuminate your reflection. Spooky.

Feeling physical sensations

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Did someone just poke you or tap you on the shoulder? If a ghost wants to be seen or heard, they will find a way to get your attention. This could even mean that you might feel a physical sensation, as if someone was actually in the room with you.

Hearing footsteps

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This is another pretty good indicator that your house is haunted. Do you hear people walking about your home at night? Or hear footsteps as if someone is following you? Yeah, whatever you do, just don’t pull out the ouija board.

Feeling like you’ve been pushed or shoved

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This usually only happens in pretty extreme cases of hauntings, but people have reported that they have been pushed or shoved by an invisible force. If this happens whilst you are opening windows or standing on top of chairs, it could be that the poltergeist in your home is seeking revenge for something…

Unexplained illnesses since you’ve lived in this house

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If you’ve always been relatively healthy, but notice that since moving into a new home, you’ve had unexplained illnesses, there could be a paranormal reason for this. Especially if you find that you have rashes, as this is a common sign that a ghost has been near you.

Sudden sleep paralysis

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Sleep paralysis is a pretty terrifying experience, and you’ll know if it’s happened to you. If you notice that this is happening to you frequently in a new home, it could be a supernatural force. You are most vulnerable to spirits when you are asleep and sleep paralysis is a way they can stop you from fleeing their presence.

Feeling suddenly drained in the house

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No, this doesn’t just mean feeling tired after a log day of work! If you notice that you start to feel faint or drained in certain rooms in your home, it could mean that this room has. dark paranormal past and that the spirits in their are transferring your energy over to themselves.

Hearing music from another room

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This is another pretty obvious indicator that something is up in your home. Have you heard your Alexa start playing music you didn’t ask it to? Or even worse, have you the crackling sound of music from times gone by, coming from a sonograph that you don’t own?

Doors or windows that refuse to stay locked

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Why does that pesky window keep coming off the latch, no matter how many times you close it? One of the easiest ways for a spirit to make itself seen is through opening and closing windows. If you are ignoring it’s pleas, it will keep doing the same thing until you notice it.

Hearing children playing

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This one is even more unsettling if you don’t have children. Ghosts often spend the afterlife doing the same things that they did in life, so if you hear children playing at night in your home, it could mean that your house is being haunted by a youthful spirit who suffered an untimely death.

Difficulty breathing

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Do you feel an odd pressure in your chest, like someone is pushing you down and making it difficult to breathe? This can be a scary feeling, and one that might lead you to take a trip to the ER. However, the truth is that this could also be a particularly malevolent spirit in your home.

Hearing your name

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It can be common practice to try and find out information about the spirit that is present in your home, but what would you do if it shows that it knows things about you? Like your name? This, of course, could just be in your head… but what if it isn’t?

Seeing orbs

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One of the most common ways that people try and detect ghosts in their home is by taking pictures of the area in the house where they have bene noticing supernatural activity. In many cases, people have taken photos that feature strange light orbs that could indicate supernatural energy.

Clocks stopping or running backwards

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If you notice that your clock stops at the same time every night, it could just be the batteries, or it could be more sinister. Especially if this happens at around 4am, as this is what supernaturalists call ‘the witching hour’, when the veil between our world and the spirit realm is thinnest. Queue spooky noises.

Seeing people in outdated clothes

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If you’re in a crowd and see someone dressed in Victorian clothes or an outdated army uniform, this could literally mean that you are seeing dead people. Or that they are trying to communicate with you. This has only been reported a few times, so don’t greak out next time you’re at a historical reenactment.

Objects arranged in strange formations

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Have you ever come home and all of your cutlery is splayed out on the floor in an odd formation? When a ghost can’t speak to you, it will do anything to try and get it’s story across. The best advise is to put the cutlery away and ignore any pentagrams made out of teaspoons.

An overwhelming sense of dread or terror in certain rooms

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This one is pretty common. If you find that you feel terrified for no reason in certain rooms in your house, it could be worth looking into your home’s history because it is likely that someone met an untimely death in there and wants you to feel the way they felt at the time.

Objects catching fire

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Spontaneous combustion is the sign of a pretty powerful spirit, and one that you might actually need to seek assistance for. Ghosts have been known to set fire to items in the home, but this is extremely rare and it’s much more likely to have been caused by a stray candle.

A compulsion to harm oneself or others

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Ramping things up quite significantly here. However, when people have been experiencing paranormal goings on for a while, the situation can reach a terrifying climax when they feel a compulsion to harm themselves or others. People have reported that malevolent spirits have acted through them and tried to harm others.

Threat to life

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Finally, if you feel like an invisible spirit is trying to kill you within your home, it could mean that you have a pretty serious haunting on your hands. This is an indicator of a spirit that is trying to seek revenge and will do anything to get it’s own back. Definitely get The Ghostbusters in for this one.