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Your partner openly discusses their finances with you

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The biggest green flag that your partner is financially secure is that they’re willing to openly discuss their financial situation with you, especially without being prompted. Even if they have debt from prior loans, being inclined to openly communicate about the topic shows that it’s something they’re willing to work on.

They check in with you before making big decisions

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If you’re looking to eventually settle down with your other half, considering potentially taking out shared insurance or a mortgage together, you likely know them on a deep level. If they don’t make impulsive decisions, instead choosing to sit down and discuss any ventures with you first, it’s a good sign that they’re financially secure.

Your partner never asks you to pay

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Relationships are based on equal footing, so each of you paying your fair share paves the way for a brighter future. However, if your partner has never once asked you to pay for anything, it’s likely they’re VERY financially secure. After all, you wouldn’t consider sharing a life and bank account with someone who was constantly asking you to reach into your own pocket!

Have regular money check-ups

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Set aside some time, perhaps once or twice a month, to openly discuss your finances with each other. Talking about savings or future goals, like mortgages or investments. Regularly checking in with each other will not only lead to healthier spending habits, but it’ll also deepen your connection.

They have savings

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A huge green flag when it comes to financial security is having savings squirrelled away, especially if they accrued their wealth before they met you. It shows a level of financial maturity, knowing that savings are highly important when facd with the uncertainty of life!

They follow through with what they say

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A positive sign in a partner is them following through with their words, sticking to their convictions. This also goes for finances – if they never spend more than they say they have, it’s a sure sign they have their finances in order. Even if you’re looking to take out a loan, you need to be safe in the knowledge that they can do their bit in sticking to a repayment scheme.

They never ask to borrow money

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If your partner never borrows money, it’s likely that they’ve got their finances under control. Instead of relying on you or their friends and family to fund their shopping sprees, being able to pay their own way in life shows that they’ve got a level head on their shoulders.

They’re never without a job

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If your partner has never been without a job, they likely have a steady stream of income – making them generally safe to get a loan or mortgage with. Of course, how they spend their wages is another matter altogether, but at least they have a basic foundation of monetary security.

You do an array of activities together

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If your partner is happy to do a variety of different outings with you, it’s a green flag that they’re good with their finances. Financially inept folk tend to only suggest free activities, hiding their monetary woes. Of course, your partner may be pushing themselves further into debt to do these activities, so be wary!

Talk to them

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The easiest way to assess your partner’s financial situation is by having an open, honest conversation with them and any concerns you may have. After all, if you’re sharing a life together – you want to plan for the future! Money management doesn’t sound romantic, and you don’t need a deep drive into their credit score, but honesty is always attractive!