1. Chest hair

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Chest hair is something that some men have, whilst others do not – whether your partner likes it or not is entirely personal preference. Apparently, the percentage of people who prefer chest hair on guys comes in at 21% for men and 28% for women. But it all depends on what your partner finds attractive.

2. In good shape

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Being in good shape is an attractive trait for anyone because it shows a determination to better yourself in a lot of different ways. Your partner will most likely want you to look like you are in good shape for aesthetic appeal, as well as it being important for your long-term health and well-being.

3. Muscle definition

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Muscle definition is something that shows you are in good shape, but that you also work out as well. Having muscle definition is something that is typically viewed as a masculine trait, and will be attractive to those who like masculine men, but it can be appealing on women as well.

4. Well groomed

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Being well groomed is super important for presenting yourself in the best possible way, ensuring you look as great as you can for yourself and partner. There are plenty of ways you can do this, and developing a strong self-grooming routine which involves, washing, shaving, plucking, and moisturizing can have a huge impact on your appearance.

5. No back hair

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Back hair is one of the most divisive elements of how a partner might looks, and stats suggest that this is a very niche category. For example, according to surveys, 59% of men and 70% of women find back hair on men to be unattractive. Your partner will have their personal preference in this regard as well but, when in doubt, get rid.

6. Well dressed

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The way you dress says a lot about you as a person and how you view yourself in the world. It will be the case with most people that they will want their partner to be well dressed. In some cases, your partner might even want to help you choose what to buy or wear in order to improve how you dress.

7. Good teeth

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It is important to have good teeth for long-term health and happiness but, also, simply because it looks good as well. According to, 58% of men and 71% of women ranked teeth as the most important asset. Good teeth look attractive, as well as showing that health and hygiene are big priorities for you.

8. Smelling good

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Okay, so this isn’t something you can see, but it is part of the whole aesthetic process. A partner who smells good tends to look good, and vice versa, and one of the key reasons for this is that they care about their appearance and presenting themselves positively to their partner as much as possible.

9. Trendy haircut

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Your haircut can say a lot about you, and can massively increase or decrease your level of attractiveness or aesthetic appeal. This is why there is a good bet that your partner is going to value someone who has a trendy and great looking haircut. This is a key element of self-grooming and something that is important to get right.

10. Approachable

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When your partner looks at you, there is no doubt they’re going to want to see someone who is approachable. This is certainly a visual component, but it’s also something that is difficult to quantify. It’s an aura you have around you that shows you are a person who is approachable and fun.

11. Friendly

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Being friendly is so important, as this is a core part of human interaction and connection. If you are in a romantic relationship with a partner, it will be important to them that you are somebody who is friendly. This is going to make them more comfortable and at ease with being around you.

12. Big smile

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Having a big beaming smile is super important for making you a more attractive person, and this is something your partner is going to value very highly. A big smile tends to convey that you are a happy and healthy person who enjoys life and likes yourself, something that is incredibly attractive in a partner.

13. Confident in your skin

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Being confident in your own skin is absolutely essential if you want to make improvements in your life, and this is something that is going to help you appear more attractive to your partner in many ways. There are so many traits that people value in their partners, and confidence is truly one of the biggest ones!

14. No sweat patches

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Sweat patches following a workout are completely understandable, and there is no issue there. But sweat patches in regular clothes might suggest you haven’t taken the time to look after yourself and your appearance. People like their partners to look good, and no sweat patches is a key part of this.

15. Accessorizing

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Accessories are a core part of enhancing and complementing any outfit choice, and this is something that is going to help you stand out from the crowd. Your partner is going to want you to look good, stylish, and trendy. One of the best ways of being able to achieve that is to choose the right accessories to constantly switch up your look.

16. Enhancing your best features

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Enhancing your best features is a great way to stand out and be more attractive and there is so much to consider here. There are multiple ways of being able to achieve this, and focusing on doing what you can to make your best features stand out is a great way of becoming more attractive to your partner.

17. Captivating eyes

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Having captivating eyes can make you a much more attractive and interesting person. They say the eyes are the gateway to the soul, and having nice, soft, and attractive eyes is a great way of being able to ensure that you look great. This is going to be highly attractive to your partner as well, as they can see the beauty of the real you, inside.

18. Glowing complexion

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Glowing complexions can happen for a number of reasons, but there is no question they are a great way of helping you to stand out and look your best. Your partner has definite ideas about how they will want you to look in terms of clothing and styling choices, but a glowing complexion has pretty much no downside.

19. Well manicured nails

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Your nails can actually have a big impact on your physical appearance, and will impact the way in which people see you. Your partner is going to value you looking good, and having well manicured nails is a big part of this. Whether you are a man or a woman, it is important that your nails look good, clean, and tidy.

20. Appropriate footwear

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Wearing the appropriate footwear on the appropriate occasions is essential. Having some nice brogues or smart shoes for a fancy dinner, sneakers for working out, and hiking boots for a hike is important. Being able to determine the right footwear shows natural style, and a level of care for the occasion.

21. Good skin

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Having good skin is an important part of being able to look your best, and there are plenty of ways to look after it. Making sure you focus on what your skin needs in terms of treatments and products to help you look your best. Having great skin is important, providing the natural foundations for success and, crucially, attraction.

22. Well rested

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Getting the right amount of rest makes you look and feel more refreshed and alert, and can help to reduce dark circles and puffy eyes. Sleep-deprived people also tend to have more wrinkles on their faces and generally have a more subdued demeanor. Rest assured, none of these things are overly attractive to a partner.

23. Hydrated

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Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do to keep yourself looking and feeling fresh and revitalized. It can work wonders for your complexion due to maintaining skin elasticity! What’s more, water is a natural antioxidant, great for flushing your system, in turn, helping you to appear more alert and energized.

24. The right amount of makeup

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If you are someone who likes to wear makeup, it’s important to make sure you find the right amount of makeup to keep you looking your best. This can be a fine art, and it’s incredibly easy to get wrong. The last thing you want is to be wearing too much or not enough. The right amount of makeup will make your partner see the natural beauty that lies underneath!

25. Open body language

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Having open and inviting body language is a core part of being more attractive. This is mainly due to the fact that it suggests you are a happy and confident person, qualities most look for in a partner. Work on projecting positive body language, incorporating smiles, eye contact, a firm handshake, and an upright posture into your interactions.

26. Showcasing your own personal style

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Showcasing your personal style is really important because it shows you are being authentic and that you’re happy with who you are – both super attractive qualities! You can achieve this through the way you dress, your fashion and grooming choices, and how you carry yourself when out in public.

27. Good color matching

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Having some sort of fashion sense is hugely important, and this can help you to stand out and be more hip and trendy. One of the things your partner will be looking for here is your ability to color match your clothes in cool and unique ways that will improve your outfit choices, and make you look great.

28. Seasonal outfits

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Dressing seasonally is something that can also be mega attractive because it suggests you’re au fait with different fashion trends, and what looks good when. But, more than that, it shows you put time, effort, and thought into the way you want to look, which is a very attractive quality to have.

29. Confident & self-assured

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Confidence and self-assuredness is absolutely something that relates to the way you look, but it’s an intangible thing found in the way you carry and present yourself. Whether it’s in how you dress, the way you speak, the things you say, or your body language, confidence and comfort in your own skin can be a massive aphrodisiac!

30. Taking pride in how you look

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Taking pride in how you look is always important because it shows you care about elements of your life that are important, which is appealing to a partner. In order to take better pride in your appearance, you need to have a strong grooming regimen, which includes skincare, oral hygiene, and choosing the right clothes.

31. Styled hair

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Getting a haircut is important as we’ve already established, but you also need to make sure you style your hair as well. This is a great way of standing out, looking your best, and feeling more confident. Styled hair shows you care about looking good, which is something your partner will value greatly.

32. Good posture

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Good posture is important for improving your confidence and self-esteem, as well as enhancing the way you look and come across. Having a good posture shows you exude confidence, are comfortable in your skin, and feel good about yourself – all the things your partner will be looking for.

33. Aging gracefully

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Aging gracefully is really important for maintaining a partner’s interest. Of course they want to still be attracted to you even when you’re old and gray! This means dressing and behaving appropriately; you can still be young at heart but having a “late life crisis” is not going to be appealing. Ditch the fast car or the tattoo, and jet-set to Japan instead!

34. An aesthetic that’s congruent with your gender role

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We all know that gender is fluid, and traditional gender roles are not as keenly observed anymore. However, for some people, it can be highly attractive to see their partner with an aesthetic that is congruent to the gender role they have have adopted, so this is something to keep in mind if it’s for you. If not – don’t sacrifice yourself for someone else’s desire!

35. Physically fit

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Working on your physique and overall aesthetic to try to become as physically attractive as possible is important for keeping your partner interested but also for improving your own self-esteem! Hitting the gym, observing a balanced diet, grooming well, and respecting yourself are all things that fall into this bracket.

36. Calm and collected

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Remaining calm, collected, and in control of your emotions is a super attractive quality to have. If this is something you find hard, then taking up yoga or meditation, as well as finding constructive ways to relieve stress, can play big roles in helping improve your temperament.

37. Dressing for the weather

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Dressing for the weather is important for the way you come across to your partner; nobody wants to walk down the street holding hands with somebody sweating in a winter coat in mid-summer! Choosing weather-friendly clothes shows you are probably well-traveled and understand how to dress for different climates – rather than chucking anything on.

38. You respect your body

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Respecting your body shows that you respect yourself, and this is likely to be hugely important for any potential partner you have. There are loads of great ways to look after yourself better, such as exercise, abstaining from smoking or drinking, eating a balanced diet, and getting plenty of rest.

39. Tattoos?

Credit: Matthew Leland via Pexels

Tattoos are not for everyone, and they don’t suit everyone. But, for those who like them, it’s a big thumbs up. If your partner is into tattoos, this is something they will likely make clear to you early on in the relationship. But, even if they don’t like tattoos, this is still likely to be something you can work past as a couple.

40. Jewelry

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The great thing about jewelry is that it is a wonderful way to accessorize and improve your outfits! It makes you more stylish and, of course, attractive. Choosing the right watch, necklace, earrings, brooch, ring, pendant, pin, bangle, or choker can really amplify your fashion choices, which will certainly appeal to your partner and put personality into your looks.