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Oh, here we go again

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This woman in the picture clearly didn’t realise that Buffalos can run up to 30 miles an hours and will have no issues trampling over whoever gets in their way in the process. She may have gotten confused with a petting zoo, or she thinks she has 9 lives! If that’s the case, good for her!

We’d definitely watch this

Credit: Twitter via eddieschneider

If this kid is taking any suggestions for her new upcoming TV show, then it should be ‘Beyond the Curve’. One could only imagine the contestants that would be on this show! The expedition would undoubtedly be a wild one… and more likely an endless one. This genius 11 year old’s imagination really did come up with a show that’s out of this world.

License plate rebellion gone wrong

Credit: Lawrence Renner via Facebook/memejoenation

Imagine driving down the highway, listening to your favourite music, and you see this license plate in front of you. Clearly, whoever chose to have ‘anitgov’ written on their license plate has an obvious bone to pick with authority! Either way, the irony is shining through because he will have paid the government extra money to make this.

And just as she predicted, people didn’t understand

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Science puns certainly create amusement amongst people… but only if you understand it. Most people roll their eyes at science jokes, but that’s only because they don’t realise how funny they are! This internet posted used her words wisely, to the point where the rest of the internet truly appreciates the joke here.

Weird how Florida ounces are used in the other states too

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It seems like this person thought that the abbreviation for ‘fluid ounces’ decided to take a tropical vacation in the state of Florida! However, of course, they were entirely incorrect. The internet really is a crazy place; you can practically post whatever you want! However, someone will always be there to prove you wrong.

The great low pants epidemic explained

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Some people believe that the lower your pants hang, the cooler are! Or maybe this guy just forgot to wear a belt. While that mindset isn’t as popular these day, there are still some people that walk around like this in pride… and this guy took it to a whole other level! This trend is definitely one that leaves people either scratching their heads or cringing.

Repeat after us: Quotation marks matter

Credit: joshuarolson via Twitter

There’s no denying that there could be a handful of ways to mess up a sentence, but it’s crazy how quotation marks can change how we perceive a whole sentence. If we were a parent, we’d probably push out child away from this image that we may assume it was. Thankfully, it seems like a vintage image, so hopefully things may have changed.

That time McDonald’s fooled that masses with their ‘left-handed whopper’

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To most of us, left-handed burgers just don’t make much sense, considering you can hold a burger in any hand. It’s surprising that most fell for this joke, especially the left-hander who waited in line for hours only to realize they had been completely fooled.

Always research tattoo meanings beforehand

Credit: Christian Delgrosso via Facebook

Wel, this owner really did have good intentions when he decided to get a symbol that matched the dog his tattoo had. Most would go for a cute pawprint or do some research before getting something permanent on them – this man is like no other. It turns out the symbol actually meant that the dog had been neutered!

An influencer’s viral clock confusion

Credit: Jen Baird via Facebook

The point of this picture was to share the cuteness of her baby, but as soon as she uploaded it, her followers noticed something else in the background. They were quick to point out that the clock was positioned upside down, so evidently, nobody in this house has been able to tell time for a while!