Everyone wants to fall in love…Isn’t that what life is all about?



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Finding that one person you can’t live without? That person who steals the breaths you try to take between passionate kisses, the person who knows the deepest parts of yourself you shelter from the world? The one who could break your heart into a hundred pieces, yet you continue to give them the power to do so because in the end the bliss would be worth all of the pain?

From the time we are old enough to speak, we are told of wedding wishes, read fairy tales where the prince comes in and sweeps his princess off of her feet, giving her the happiest ever after imaginable. We are shown love on tv that brings tears to our eyes and puts hope into our hearts. We begin to believe over the years that a man will enter our lives and send off sparks bigger than all the fireworks on the fourth of July. We start to believe someone will waltz in and bring us a happily ever after better than the one we dream about.

We imagine ourselves in puffy white dresses, behind white picket fences and beside the man who lights up every time he looks at us. He is the beginning and end of our world. The solution to every problem. The route to every dead end and the parts of ourselves that we can never quite figure out.

Who doesn’t want that kind of love?


Call me crazy, but I won’t be anything less than honest with you.


Why should I wait for someone to feel sparks? Why should I wait for someone to complete me? I don’t want a flipping white picket fence and I could care less if my husband carries a briefcase or a pair of dirty boots. I don’t care about the size of my diamond (okay that might be a little bit of a lie…) and I don’t think I want to depend on someone to take away the hurdles I face.

I just want someone who can keep up with me. Forget the life where all we do is sit on the couch and make out like teenagers. I want someone who will go on spur of the moment trips, kiss me when I least expect it and call me out when I am wrong.


I don’t want to fall, I want to grow.

Don’t tell me you will catch me when I fall. Tell me when I am screwing up. Push me. Challenge me. Make me want to be better for myself before you ask me to be better for you. Tell me when it isn’t good enough and refuse to distract me from my dreams. I want someone who will believe in me when I doubt myself and who will stubbornly stand in my way until I realize what I am doing wrong. I want you to be passionate about my passions and strong when I am slacking. I don’t want you to pick up the slack, I want you to throw it back at me and tell me to pick it up.

Don’t lead me, encourage me. 


I’m sorry, but submissiveness is just not in my nature. Compromise? Sure. Effort? Of course. But I will not set aside my wants and needs to follow you. Some women do, and that is perfectly okay. But that’s just not me. I don’t want my decisions made for me. I want someone to encourage me to do what I believe in, to be myself and trust me in making my own decisions. Will I make mistakes? Yes. But that’s part of being human. I don’t need to be lead and I don’t want to be followed. I want room to be myself and be appreciated for it.

Don’t make time stand still; I want to move.

I don’t want to get lost in your eyes and lose track of the hours going by. I want to get up and see the sunrise. I want to feel the music in my bones watching our favorite bands. I want to feel adrenaline rushing through my veins before we do something crazy. I want to go swimming at midnight and look at city lights from the rooftops of abandoned buildings. I want to go to horse shows and kiss you between the stress of each class. I want to travel and explore and exhaust ourselves by taking in as much of the world as we can. I don’t want to sit still. I want to experience the new, the crazy and the exhilarating with you.

I don’t want someone who will walk away I want someone who will fight. 

I don’t care about being right, and I have no problem admitting that I am wrong but don’t ever walk away before things are solved. I want someone who will weather the tough, the inconvenient, and the draining with me. Don’t let me be right just to save us from an argument. Toughen up and endure it with me. Call me out. Tell me exactly what you think and kiss me when it’s over. I don’t believe in letting things go unsolved. I want to fix the problem and move forward.

Don’t love me tenderly, love me passionately. 

I’m not fragile and I don’t need to be babied. I need to feel. I want you to kiss me passionately, fight with me passionately and give me everything you have, whether it’s good or bad. I don’t want to be protected from your vices, treated like the most precious thing in the world or catered to. I want to feel all of you. I want to feel how crazy you are for me. I want to know the parts of you that you are ashamed of.


Don’t try to be perfect, I want us to be weird. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love getting dressed up, and I love when a man looks nice for me. But I don’t want you to always be perfect. I want to know your quirks and the embarrassing things you do. I want to be weird with you, not feel like I have to be perfect too. I love the unconventional, spunky and different sides of life. I want to experience it with someone who isn’t afraid to show it.