There comes a point in relationships where you hit a milestone.



The next step, if I may. The step that brings it all together and wraps it up, securing the relationship.

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Popping each other’s pimples.

Don’t pretend you’re grossed out, you know you love doing it. And if you really are grossed out by this then I suggest you keep reading the benefits it adds to relationships.


Sure, maybe at first it’s a bit awkward when you come across that untouched territory, but once it’s done it feels sort of like a relief. Finally, you can pick at each other in one-hundred percent peace without being awkward, timid or grossed out. Who cares if it grosses anyone else out, right?

So, why is this such a milestone in relationships? Because it proves several positive qualities your relationship has.

It proves you will do anything for your other half.

No matter how gross it might seem to anyone else. You don’t care about what other people think or how unappealing it might be. You want your partner to be happy and are willing to do whatever it takes to make them comfortable in their own skin. Literally.



It proves you don’t care about the gross stuff.

It really breaks the barrier of any kind of shyness you could be feeling. It shows you are completely comfortable with yourselves and all of your human-ness. Good and bad. We aren’t pretty and perfect all the time. Eventually the makeup comes off, the morning breath is revealed and breakouts happen. Being able to accept each other at your worst shows you are committed to more than just the good stuff.

It proves you value sharing secrets.

Not everyone gets to see the horrid breakout on your back, but your other half gets to witness it first-hand. It’s actually kind of nice to know they trust you enough to reveal their own pimples and you can trust them not to go telling everyone how gross yours are.

It proves you can bond.

Over anything. This is probably the most important one, to me anyway. Being able to bond without fancy meals or long walks in extravagant places really says something. When you can bond over the boring and undesirable things life tends to throw your way, you know your really bonding. There’s no need for fancy dinners or lavish gifts, being able to connect over a breakout in the bathroom is just as beneficial, if not more!

It lets you reveal your inner self.

Literally. How could you really expect someone to love you if they can’t see past what’s on the surface? Usually when someone is popping someone else’s pimples, it gives the two a chance to talk and reflect on their lives. When the room is quiet and all distractions are pretty much put away, you can take up the opportunity to ask questions and discuss experiences. No one who ever spent a good amount of time popping their partner’s pimples can honestly say they didn’t learn something interesting in the process.

It proves you’re vulnerable with each other.

Well, duh. You’re letting someone see the some of the nastiest parts of you. You’re letting them touch it! You’re letting them possibly scar your skin. If that doesn’t scream vulnerability, I don’t know what does.


All of these things are acquired when popping each other’s pimples, and all of them are important in a lasting relationship. Each of these qualities carries over into other areas of your relationship, so if you weren’t popping each other’s pimples before, I suggest you start!