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There are a lot of cute animals out there. And, there are a lot of dangerous animals out there. Unfortunately, some animals are both. If you see any of the below animals out in the wild, don’t try and go all National Geographic, just run as if your life depends on it, because it just might.

1. Slow Loris

Cobris via The Times

Awww look at its big eyes and little furry face, how could you not pet that? Well, you should because if this little rascal feels threatened it will mix toxins with its saliva and bite you. This will extreme swelling, pain and definitely a trip to the ER.

2. Blue-ringed octopus

Sacha Jansan via Shuttersock

They look so cool, you might just want to reach out and touch it…don’t. These unusual looking beasts have a venomous bite for which there is literally no anti-venom so you’ll be in a lot of pain for a long time. If you see this you should definitely walk (or swim) away.

3. Geographic cone snail

Jeff Rotman via Alamy

Do you ever see a really pretty shell in a tide-pool and decide that you have to pick it up and take it home? Well if you ever place your hand near one of these snail’s shells, you’ll know about it. The venom that comes from the geographic cone snail is apparently absolute agony once you come into contact with it, and what’s worse is that there is no anti-venom.

4. Leopard seal

GettyImages via iStockPhoto

These little guys that hail from Antartica are pretty cute with their big button eyes, but they are actually pretty vicious if you frighten them. They have powerful jaws and incredibly sharp teeth, meaning that they would rip you shreds if given the chance.

5. Honey badger

Getty Images via iStockPhoto

“Aw what a cute name.” I hear you say, these guys might even look cute too. However, honey badgers have been known to attach bigger beasts such as lions and buffalo, so they’ll definitely go for you if you stumble upon one in the wild.

6. Hooded pitohui

Jack Dumbacher via Austalian Geographic

This is one of the only birds known to be toxic. Their feathers contain batrachotoxin and even touching them can lead to your hands feeling like they’re on fire. On top of this, if even one particle of the toxin is ingested, the venom is so poisonous that it leads to paralysis and even death.

7. Racoon

David Kanigan via Pexels

Although racoons can be pretty annoying if you see them poking around in your trash, they can actually be very violent too. Racoons have sharp teeth and claws that they aren’t afraid to use. Not to mention the fact that, because they spend so time in the trash, they carry a ton of diseases.

8. Pufferfish

Phil Maher via Pexels

Not only could you be seriously poisoned if you eat the wrong part of a pufferfish (a delicacy in Japanese cuisine) but they are actually dangerous in other ways too. These unassuming fish will puff up and become a spiky ball if they feel threatened, hence the name.

9. Africanized honey bee

Daniel Plumer via Flickr

These bees have been recorded to have killed over 1,000 people and leave ten times more stings that an average bee. If you get stung by one of these, you’ll know about it; they leave the usual red and itchy bumps, as well as cause trouble breathing and hot flushes. They also have more stamina than a normal bee and will chase someone for up to a quarter-of-a-mile.

10. Hippo

Pixabay via Pexels

Hippos may just look like big guys who chill in rivers all day, but they are actually responsible for more human deaths than any other animal in Africa. This is because they get very territorial and have a habit of capsizing boats and causing humans to drown. Steer clear of that hippo.

11. Poison dart frog

Klub Boks via Pexels

Okay, the name is pretty intimidating, but these guys don’t wear name badges. These frogs are tiny and come in a lot of wonderful colours, which might entice you get to closer to them. However, they are incredibly poisonous and even touching their skin will release the venom, The golden poison dart frog, which is just two inches long, contains enough poison to kill 10 grown men.

12. Cassowary

The Washington Post via Pexels

These things look like something straight out of Jurassic Park. They have weird blue faces and dinosaur-like eyes and, if that’s not enough to make you run away, their violent nature is. Along with ostriches and chickens, these are the only birds that have been known to kill people with their beaks.

13. Chimpanzee

Francesco Ungaro via Pexels

This one may come as no surprise as chimps look exactly like humans – just much musclier and stronger. These animals are so clever and are fun to watch at the zoo, but if you stumble into their territory they will not like it. you might even get a glimpse of their terrifying teeth that we most certainly did not inherit.

14. Platypus

Nature Picture Library via Alamy Stock Photo

Half-duck and half-beaver, what’s not to love? A little-known fact is that male platypuses actually have spikes in their hind legs that secrete a venomous liquid when it comes into contact with human skin. So, be careful on your next trip to Australia.

15. Koala

Pixabay via Pexels

Koalas are known to be great huggers, and they make for a great photo opportunity at any safari. However, these adorable critters have a gnarly set of gnashers and will bite you if you make them feel threatened. Not only this, they have been known to carry certain diseases, although scientists assure that these can’t be passed on to humans.

16. Anteater

Sean P. Twomey via Pexels

They’re not just a threat to ants, they can be aggressive with humans too. If an anteater feels cornered, it will act in self-defense. These strange-looking creatures have been known to stand up on their hind legs and lash out with their long claws if they feel threatened.

17. Rat

DSD via Pexels

Whether you love them or hate them, there’s a chance that you’ve definitely come across a rat or two (or two million, if you’re in NYC) in your lifetime. Although you might think that. a rat’s bite is the scariest thing about them, don’t forget that these guys were responsible for wiping out half of Europe after they introduced the bubonic plague.

18. Dolphin

Pixabay via Pexels

Another animal that provides a greta photo opportunity when you’re on vacation. Dolphins are great fun and almost never act in a violent manner; however, they have been known to inadvertently kill humans. They do this by dragging people down to the bottom of the ocean (not realising that we can’t all breathe underwater) and end up drowning their poor, new friend.

19. Beaver

Niklas Jeromin via Pexels

These guys have chubby little faces and cute little tales and are known to build dams (very impressive!), however, they can be dangerous too. Beavers, like lots of their rodent siblings, have sharp teeth and if they feel threatened by you, they will lash out. Moral of the story: leave those dam beavers alone.

20. Buffalo

Harvey Sapir via Pexels

Buffalo strike more fear into hunters hearts than even lions and have been responsible for many human deaths. This is because grumpy old bulls are known to charge for absolutely no reason – and they will not stop until they’ve got their prey. They are extremely territorial and have crazy horns, so just run away if you see one.

21. Tsetse fly

Harvey Sapir via Mongabay

This fly looks like any other fly that you might see flitting around you in a hot climate. The tsetse fly (translated to “fly fly” in some African languages) is a large fly that feeds solely on the blood of humans and other animals. Because of this, they are notorious for carrying nasty diseases.

22. Red fox

Pixabay via Pexels

These guys are just as mischievous as racoons when it comes to poking through your trash can late at night. And just like racoons, lots of people think that red foxes are really cute. Your average red fox will immediately bolt the minute it senses that you are nearby. When a red fox becomes feral, however, it can be extremely dangerous.

23. Box jellyfish

Thomas B. Peschek via National Geographic

Jellyfish are so elegant and beautiful that you may be tempted to get closer to try and take a photo. However, a lot of these underwater beasts are poisonous and it’s very difficult to tell the difference between friend and foe. Their venom is so bad that it has been known to kill victims on the spot before they even make it to shore.

24. Sheep

Dan Hamill via Pexels

These animals may be the closest things to living clouds, however, male rams have been known to be incredibly violent and will not only fight each other but you also. If you enter a field with sheep and notice that the ones with the big horns are coming towards you, run for your life.

25. Lionfish

Los Muertos Crew via Pexels

Lionfish can be dangerous to humans due to the venom secreted from their fins. These fish are pretty rare, so instances of humans being stung is pretty infrequent. However, the stings are no joke and have been known to cause vomiting and nausea that can last over 48 hours.

26. Elephant

Venkat Ragavan via Pexels

Elephants are one of the most majestic animals to walk this earth, however, their sheer size can be pretty frightening. Although elephants are not known to have a violent nature, it’s a sad fact that a lot of them have bee mistreated by humans which has lead to tragic accidents.

27. Stonefish

Getty Images via iStockPhoto

A serious name for a serious predator. There are over 1,200 venomous fish in the sea, and this one is the most lethal. They have enough toxin to kill an adult human in under an hour. They are most common around the Indo-Pacific oceans and look exactly like a moving stone, hence the name.

28. Wolverine

Getty Images via iStockphoto

No, not the Hugh Jackman variety, you don’t need to run away from him. Wolverines in the wild are equally as cute and live in certain states in the US and Canada. They have powerful jaws, huge teeth and even sharper claws. They are well-equipped to put up a fight and they’ll happily do it if they feel threatened.

29. Bear

Tatjana via Pexels

Yes, Winnie-the-Pooh is very cute, but if you see a bear out in the wild – you should run. Although some naturalists argue that to tackle a bear you should stand your ground and make yourself appear larger so that the bear (hopefully) backs down from a fight, very few of us are brave enough to even consider that!

30. Horse

Helena Lopes via Pexels

This should come as no surprise, but as beautiful as horses are, they can be dangerous too. These huge animals scare very easily and if you walk behind one, expect the horse to buck. Riding horses comes with its fair share of dangers too and 1 in 10,000 horse-riders die every year.

31. Swan

Pixabay via Pexels

Swans are beautiful creatures, but if you’ve ever been hissed at by one, you’ll know that they have a dark side too. Swans have been known to chase people to inadvertently get too close to their nests, and they’ll do more than hiss at you. Their beaks are fairly sharp and you could wind up in the ER if bitten by one.

32. Gila monster

Krzysztof Wiktor via Pexels

With a name like that, this creature isn’t messing around. This reptile looks like a really big lizard and is recognisable through it’s speckled orange skin. The gila monster will bite you when it feels threatened but that’s not all. It will chew on your skin, allowing its teeth to secret venom into your wound, generally not letting go until they feel that they are no longer in danger.

33. Cow

Matthias Zomer via Pexels

Cows are responsible for many hospitalizations every year and even up to four deaths. The victims are usually farmers who end up getting trampled by their unruly cattle. However, there is also the risk that pedestrians out enjoying a lovely countryside walk can be attacked by a bull that feels that someone has crossed over into their territory.

34. Domestic cat

Tranmautritam via Pexels

Don’t let your own little kitty hear this, but we all know that cats can be unpredictable. One minute they’ll be your best friend and the next they’re leaving scratches all over you. These injuries can be more serious though and it’s been reported that up to 34 people a year die from injuries inflicted by their precious kitties.

35. Moose

Pixabay via Pexels

If you’ve ever seen a moose in real life, you’ll probably have been shocked at how massive they are too. It’s no surprise then, that moose can be incredibly dangerous and are responsible for up to 59,000 car accidents a year and 440 deaths. If you are lucky enough to see one of these amazing beats in the wild, just keep your distance.

36. Deer

Steve via Pexels

Did you know that if a deer runs out in front of your car, you should actually speed up in the hopes that the deer is thrown up over the car roof? This is because this is less likely to hurt you than a deer hurtling through the windshield and possibly causing a grave injury.

37. Stingray

Magda Ehlers via Pexels

With a name like that, it’s no surprise that these flat sea creatures can be dangerous. Some stingrays are perfectly harmless and can even be petted in aquariums, however, some others contain venom in their tails. A stingray will hide in shallow water and people usually end up accidentally standing on them. Ouch.

38. Mouse

Pixabay via Pexels

A lot of people are afraid of these tiny critters and, if you think those people are being dramatic, you’re wrong. Mice carry bacteria in their salvia and droppings and if you accidentally wind-up ingesting these somehow, you could end up with a nasty disease and a trip to the hospital. Those people who stand on chairs when they see a mouse aren’t so silly now, are they?

39. Mosquito

Pixabay via Pexels

Mosquitos are one of the most dangerous animals in the world and continue to be responsible for deaths all over the world. The scariest thing about them is that one could have had a full three-course meal on your body before you even realize it. Running away probably isn’t the best technique in this situation, just go buy some bug spray.

40. Dog

Matheus Bertelli via Pexels

Don’t let your pet dog read this. Lots of us have a canine friend that we love more than our literal family but it’s important to remember that if a dog is not trained properly or is exposed to violence, it will act out. Dogs have strong jaws and big teeth, which is probably the reason why over 4.5 million people a year have to head to the ER after a dog bite. Ouch.