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1. They storm out during arguments

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If your relationship is in a tricky spot, do they talk it through with you, or storm out? If it’s the latter – this is a big tell that your partner needs to process their emotions like an adult. Walking out before an argument is resolved can make the other person feel abandoned and lead to bigger rifts between the two of you. Talk it out, even if it’s difficult.

2. They give you the silent treatment

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The silent treatment can be a sign that your partner is emotionally immature. Your partner may find it difficult to process their emotions, but this only leads to you feeling like you have to fix everything yourself. Kristin Davis, a clinical psychologist, notes, “Being emotionally immature puts a lot of stress and strain on the relationship, leaving the other partner drained and emotionally depleted.”

3. They don’t take your feelings seriously

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Have you ever told your partner that something they did upset you, and you leave the conversation feeling like you shouldn’t have brought it up in the first place? If so, this could mean that your partner is so immature that they would rather make you feel guilty than work through things together. Having a partner who makes you feel understood, especially during difficult conversations, makes conflict easier and allows you to come out stronger.

4. You feel as if you are parenting them

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It may be all fun and games during the good times, but when things get tough, do you feel like you have an equal on your team, or someone you have to parent? If you find that your partner doesn’t know when it’s not okay to make jokes and fool around – it may mean that they can’t emotionally deal with serious issues, and have a bit of growing up to do!

5. You have to make all the decisions

“What should we do today?” “What should we have for dinner?” We all make decisions with our partners, however, when you are doing all the decision-making, it could mean that your partner relies on you for all the important stuff. Psychology Today points out that, “It’s important to make big relationship decisions clear-eyed and with your own best interests at heart.” Don’t lose sight of your own goals. Remember, your partner is just that – your partner! They should take part in any decision-making.