Credit: Austin Mabe via Unsplash

You’ve moved on from your past


The wisest of people don’t let their past hinder their future. These individuals are forward-thinking, rather than constantly reminiscing about things they can’t change. After all, if you’re still wrapped up in the sorrows of yesterday, how can you take the steps to make a brighter tomorrow?

Failure motivates you


Failure happens to us all. The smartest among us, however, know that failure isn’t a personal attack from the world. They simply learn from it, find a way to ensure that it won’t happen again, and shrug it off. Taking responsibility for your tribulations is a massive indicator of emotional intelligence. If you’re truly wise, you use your failures as motivation to do better.

You listen to others


As the old proverb goes: “Fools think their own way is right, but the wise listen to others.” Taking on other people’s opinions and having an open mind is the best way to live a full, well-rounded life. Those stuck in their ways have no room to grow, forever living in a mindset of ignorance.

You’re comfortable in your own skin


Learning to be comfortable in your own skin that you’re in is one of the best things you can ever do for yourself. Thinking you’re not good enough, hating your body, or forever worrying about your weight is a waste of energy. We only have one body – and the most astute people know that it’s best to love who you are, unconditionally.

Friends come to you for advice


If you’re the go-to pal in your friend group when it comes to advice, you’re probably also the wisest. People may constantly seek you out to get your opinion, trusting your views wholeheartedly. This isn’t a coincidence – it shows that you’re someone who has a well-rounded view of the world.

Being alone doesn’t bother you

Credit: Austin Mabe via Unsplash

Being alone can be a blessing. Instead of wallowing or searching for endless distractions, truly enlightened people use periods of isolation to self-assess, evaluate, and grow. Intelligent folk know that if it wasn’t for the gift of alone time, you wouldn’t have the space you need to reflect.

You don’t blame others


Blaming others absolves us of any responsibility. If you’re emotionally mature, however, you know that the best thing to do is to point the finger at the mirror. Instead of accusing others of being the cause of your flaws, you take full accountability, learning and growing from your experiences in the process.

You aren’t led by your ego


We all need a helping hand from time to time. Those led by their ego, however, find it hard to accept help. These egocentric people are self-righteous, easily offended, and often look down on their peers. The ideal mindset is to lead a life of humility, not arrogance.

Other people’s actions don’t bother you


The smartest of souls know that other people’s actions have nothing to do with them. Instead of taking everything to heart, the wise owls among us brush off unfavorable events with ease, knowing that the callous words of others are usually a reflection of the aggressor’s own lack of enlightenment.

You’re always willing to learn


Whether it’s through classes, books or just the thoughts of friends, true wisdom comes from having an open mind and a willingness to learn different things. Being receptive to new skills and ways of thinking is a fast-track way of gaining knowledge and becoming wise.