1. A Magnificent Respite


Oprah’s mansion resides in Montecito, a luxurious community known for its opulence. Surrounded by the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Montecito features residences ranging from $1 million to an astonishing $85 million. This area often attracts famous individuals. What influenced the television icon to select this prestigious location as her permanent residence?

2. A Chance Encounter


After amassing a remarkable fortune throughout her nearly 50-year career in the media industry, Oprah contemplated purchasing a property in 2001. By sheer coincidence, an opportunity presented itself when she received an invitation to a splendid party held in a stunning Montecito residence. Captivated by its exquisite allure, Oprah swiftly made up her mind to make the house her very own.

3. Oprah’s Staggering Offer


At the time, the house was owned by Robert Veloz, a prominent figure in aeronautical equipment manufacturing. Although the property was not on the market, Oprah’s determination could not be hindered. She made an astounding offer of $52 million to Robert, which stood out as one of the largest sales of a private home nationwide. In return, Oprah received something truly remarkable.

4. Fit For A Queen


Constructed in the grand Georgian architectural style in 1912, the expansive estate encompasses approximately 23,000 square feet and has witnessed numerous transformations over the course of a century. The current version of the mansion was completed in 1959 and holds an estimated value of around $88 million in today’s market. Oprah, boasting a diverse collection of rooms, in order to personalize the property, undertook extensive measures.

5. Seeking A Name


Oprah desired a name for her mansion. She considered “Tara II” to pay homage to Gone With The Wind, but Bob Greene felt it didn’t capture the property’s grandeur. Seeking inspiration from the Bible, he named it the “Promised Land,” a title that immediately resonated with Oprah.

6. Home At Last


With her new sanctuary in place, Oprah embarked on an ambitious and extensive endeavor to infuse her personal style into her dream home. Taking charge of the project were renowned designers Andrew Walker and David Simmons, who played pivotal roles in crafting the mansion’s exquisite interior décor.

7. Fabulous Foyer


Welcome to the magnificent entrance hall of Oprah’s residence. Adorned with an exquisite and whimsical banister, the pristine white main staircase gracefully ascends alongside the soft, creamy yellow walls. Notably, the entryway captures attention with framed photographs of loved ones displayed on the tables. This heartwarming touch serves as a reminder that, despite her immense wealth and status, Oprah remains grounded in her humanity.

8. Reading Room


Within Oprah’s reading room, you’ll discover a remarkable collection of books thoughtfully arranged along the entirety of the back wall. Every corner of the room has been meticulously curated. Take a closer look at the doll resting on the couch—it symbolizes both societal and personal progress. It serves as a poignant reminder of Oprah’s upbringing, where toys lacked representation of her skin color, and her childhood was marked by limited access to such treasures.

9. A Guest Room


Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting guest room. Adorned with bouquets of fresh flowers, the shelves above the fireplace exude a gentle fragrance that fills the air. Every element of furniture and décor has been carefully color-coded, resulting in a soothing ambience adorned with soothing lilac and lavender hues. It’s worth noting that the motifs found in this room differ significantly from those seen elsewhere in Oprah’s mansion.

10. A Living Room


Oprah’s mansion is known for its diverse rooms, each with unique patterns, colors, and décor. In this vibrant living room, a bold checkered pattern takes center stage. The striking green-striped couch and lavish pillows adorned with peonies and daisies are priced at $3,000. Remember, there are numerous captivating living rooms to discover in the mansion.