Stop throwing away your shavings. Get creative instead.

As well as covering matters of the heart and relationship issues, we also like to touch on things that we find interesting or beautiful. Here is a prime example.





We have all sharpened a pencil and thrown away the shavings without giving them a second thought. When you actually come to look at a shaving, they are actually quite beautiful.



With some simple sketches supporting the piece, some really great images can be created.


And as the shavings can be shaped and cut to different sizes, lots of ideas will start to flow.


You don’t have to be a budding Picasso either. Just a quick sketch and you are well on your way.

Pencil-shaving-art-5 Pencil-shaving-art-6

As pencils come in all different color’s, the possibilities are endless.


You don’t even need to draw anything. You can simply overlay the shavings to create some amazing patterns and shapes.



Pencil-shaving-art-10 Pencil-shaving-art-12 Pencil-shaving-art-13 Pencil-shaving-art-14 Pencil-shaving-art-15


665543_527275530635108_1615388582_o-1024x742 1


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