As we all know, women have a number of well known love/hate relationships. Ex-boyfriends, the war on chocolate cravings and constant carb counting to name but a few. We also however have another great frenemy: showers.

It seems that no matter when we decide to jump in the shower, it always conflicts with some area of our everyday life.

There was some light that came into my life around 6th grade in the form of Hair Straighteners (shout out GHD’s). They literally changed my life, meaning I no longer looked like I had just been electrocuted when I left the house each morning.

Guys have it so easy; the most they have to contend with is adding a bit of product to their mop (which always looks the same anyways). For a girl, hair can be a 2 hour a day routine.

Getting ready for a night out is difficult enough as we try to pick a dress that doesn’t show we have slipped up on our calorie counting that week.

So my hope is that men can read this and will no longer rush us or question our lateness when we are trying to get ready for dinner.

1. Washing our hair


This has to be the worst bit for a female. If you wash it every day it will turn to straw and if you use the wrong product you will end up with a greasy looking mop.

If your hair is thick you are a little better off as you can get away with only one or two washes each week but if you have thin hair you know just how greasy it can look after just one day.

If you have an event you have to go to, you need to change your hair washing schedule to work around the timings. I mean when did life get so complicated?

We also find ourselves skipping a spin class or a jog because we only washed our hair the night before. Hair is a real pain in the butt.

Oh and not to mention when we shed so much, we fear we may go bald…and then we collect it in a sorry looking ball in an attempt to spare the drain.

2. Spending Far Too Much On Products


Other than paying the rent, my next biggest monthly expenditure has to be on hair products. You need your protective shampoo, your conditioning serum, your smoothing spray and your heat protecting serum. Add in a bottle of root plumper and a dusting of fixing spray and your monthly haircare bill really racks up.

In fact I don’t even remember the last time I used less than 4 products on my hair at once.

We all go into the stylist adamant that we wont be taken in by their next wonder product but as soon as they start to recommend it, we all start throwing our money at them.

The more we shower, the more products we need and the vicious circle continues.

3. The After Shower Process Is A Nightmare


OK the title of the post is a little misleading. We don’t actually hate the process of warm water flowing over our bodies. It is the other stuff that goes along with it that is such a pain in the butt.

If we could step out of the shower and our hair look fabulous after letting it dry naturally, things would be a lot less of a pain. In fact if I could get out the shower and that would be the end of it, I would be showering three times each day. The unfortunate reality is that unlike guys, the showering process is just the start of a totally laborious routine.

Even if the shower only takes us 5 minutes (which is impossible), we still need to de-tangle, de-frizz, straighten/curl and style.

4. Shaving Sucks


Men really don’t know how lucky they are. A quick wizz over your face in the morning with a razor and you are good to go. You can even just leave it completely with the excuse it is a stylish beard.

Women however have to stay on top of their leg hair with what seems like constant shaving, waxing and moisturising. And it doesn’t stop at our legs. We also need to share arms, arm pits, ‘down there’ and anywhere that pesky unsightly hair decides to grow.

Shaving your entire body takes as long as a guy’s shower.

The most annoying part is when you have forgotten to shave and remember just as you are all ready to go out. There is of course always the option of waxing but that is as we all know some kind of torture process.

5. Stepping Out Is Freezing Cold


That terrible moment when you turn off the water and know you need to step out of the shower into the freezing cold.

The moment the shower door / curtain opens and you feel that first gust of cold air, you remember how HORRIBLE it is. It seems to be only women who suffer from the feeling of being cold. Is getting our period once a month not enough!

We then need to work out the best manoeuvre for dressing yourself while never taking off your towel.