A kiss is such a magical thing. It has to be the sweetest way of showing your affection to someone without the need for a single word. There are so many different kinds of kisses and some will be unique to you and your man. But what do they all mean?


So which type of kiss you you and your partner use and what does it mean in your relationship?

1. Forehead Kiss This has to be the most graceful of the lot. Kiss your loved one on their forehead to tell them how much you care for them. As well as letting them know you love them, it gives a sense of assurance that you will always be around.

2. Passionate French Kiss This one is a favourite across the world. Your lips and tongue embrace and slide together making sparks fly. This is often the kiss that lets your partner know there is more to come ;-)

3. Sandwich Kiss This stars with a soft slow kiss on the lips before you take their lower lip between yours softly. It makes for a perfect romantic moment and is often a tranquil start before the passion builds.


4. Nose Kiss This is a cute little kiss more commonly known as the ‘Eskimo kiss’. You rub your nose against your loved one’s nose back and forth, making both of you smile and feel good. It lets your partner know you adore them and love to make them smile.

5. Royal Kiss This involves taking your partners hand and planting a soft kiss on the back of it. It is an act of kindness and adoration letting your loved one know you really appreciate them and the love you both share.

6. Cheek Kiss All over Europe, a kiss on the cheek is a way to greet family and loved ones. A lip to cheek kiss on your loved ones cheek lets them know you love and adore them in the simplest way possible. Often a great kiss when you are out walking together and you want to lean in to give them a kiss.

7. Belly button Kiss This is a kiss that invariably leads to MUCH more, but the early stages of this kiss are both sweet and innocent. Kissing your partner on his belly button tingles and lets him know you love him and want some attention. It also feels just as good when he reciprocates.

8. Peck on the lips Not always romantic, this is a kiss used in various cultures all over the world. A peck on the lips is a lovely greeting and should be a kiss you try to regularly give your partner to keep a daily connection.

9. Eyelash Kiss The fluttering of eyelashes against your face will give you butterflies in your stomach! Facing each other, you are so close to your partner that the eyelashes splash on your skin. This tingling feeling on your face when your partner keeps blinking will make you want to just cuddle in your partner’s arms forever.

10. Cheek-to-cheek kiss The most frequently used greeting across continents is this happy cheek-to-cheek kiss. As you hug each other, you touch your cheeks to the other person’s and leave the kiss in the air. This cheek-to-cheek exchange portrays not only love and affection, but also friendliness and brotherhood.


11. Angel Kiss A soft and innocent kiss on the eyelids. Just a quick little peck like which often serves as the icing on the cake of a forehead kiss. You will definitely win brownie points when you end a kiss like this.

12. Solo Kiss A tight-lipped, close kiss on your partner’s lip is what they call a solo kiss. It is a lovely long kiss best performed while holding your partner in your arms. This is emits a ‘feel-the-love’ kind of aura setting up an amazing romantic mood giving your partner goosebumps!

13. Teaser Kiss A teaser kiss is apt when you wish to engage in some extra passion. Beginning from the forehead, moving to your cheeks, the nose, the neck, the arms and hands, you tease your partner and bring in a certain desire in the atmosphere. This works well when you wish to set a sensual mood in the air.

14. Love Kiss And finally the “Love Kiss”. This is actually different for different couples. Usually pretty much out of control, this is the kiss you do with your lover as you are in the heat of passion. Usually totally uncontrollable and sure to smear your lipstick, but who cares, you have more important things on your mind.

All I can say after giving advice on thousands of relationships, a kiss remains a key glue to keep your love alive!