Is Kissing Compatibility THAT Important?



Image Source: yourtango

When it comes to kissing, compatibility is more than important, it’s everything.

I never really thought about different kissing styles or the importance of a “successful” first kiss. What would that look like anyway? Recently, however, I had

a couple of experiences that left me wondering … how important is kissing compatibility?


Let’s face it – most first kisses are awkward. It’s totally natural to need a little practice before two sets of lips can find their perfect rhythm. I would never say “no” to a second date because we clumsily knocked teeth or kissed outside the lines.

Great kissing isn’t enough to make or break a great relationship, but it sure can give us something to think about.

The process is pretty simple, right? One person initiates and the other person is all in or pulls away. Do you turn your head and if so, you gotta make sure you go the “correct” way, the opposite of what the other person is doing if you are the responder. There’s just so much to think about – and no time to do it! Do you open your mouth or not? Is there a tongue rhythm? Is one person’s tongue supposed to be in other’s mouth the whole time or do we take turns? It’s not like you can plan this out – or worse, talk about it first. But we sure can afterward!

It doesn’t hurt to discuss what kissing “style” one prefers – and then of course to do it just to be sure.


The one thing you don’t want to do is talk so much that the fun of it is completely lost because it’s become a mind game.


The truth is, kissing compatibility is key. You are communicating how you feel without saying a word. It can cover, “I love you,” or “thank you,” or “Man you’re hot,” or any myriad of messages you want the other one to know. Chances are always that kissing encompasses a positive message. You can hardly expect a “Why aren’t the dishes done?” in a kiss.

Kissing is reserved for the good things – it is also an important part of intimacy. Any good lovemaking usually begins with and involves kissing. Put it this way, even ladies who are “in the business” don’t kiss as it’s too intimate – the other stuff is tolerable but kissing is not. That’s for a whole other topic, but underscores the importance of a good kiss.


So, how exactly important is kissing compatibility? Like any other aspect of a relationship, it’s as important as you want to make it. A little practice makes perfect! So keep calm and kiss on!