Credit: Ashley Poskin

Get a squeaky-clean microwave

Credit: Andrew Popov via Getty Images

The microwave is the heart of the kitchen, but it’s also one of the most neglected items when it comes to cleaning. Good housekeeping helps to simplify this forgotten chore, and all it takes is some water and vinegar that’s boiled in the microwave. This way the steam will build up, and once it’s finished cooking, let is stand for 15 minutes and wipe away the loosened grime.

Chemical-free oven cleaning

Credit: Cottonbro Studio via Pexels

If you don’t have a luxurious self-cleaning oven, and also don’t want to use harsh chemicals when you do clean it, then here’s what you should do: wash your oven with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. It does require leaving the paste to set for 12 hours, but the results are worth it – and you have an excuse to take a night off from cooking!

Shining stainless steel

Credit: bsstainless.com

We’ve learned that stainless steel can clean your hands, but what will clean stainless steel? To eliminate scratches and spots, restore your appliances’ original shine with a quick sponge over with dish soap and followed up by its partner-in-crime, vinegar. Rinse this away, and give it a light coating of olive oil to let the appliances sparkle.

Wooden cutting boards

Credit: Michael Sullivan

A wooden cutting board is one of our most used kitchen items, I mean it’s used for so many thing! Chopping onions, carving meat or even acting as a cheese board, we all use it, and we all wonder if it’s ever clean enough. To clean it, sanitize it with peroxide and clean your stains with baking soda. A final spritz of vinegar to make it smell nice and your board is ready!

Clean your oven with a dishwasher tablet

Credit: Kitchn

Turns out, you can also clean your oven with a humble dishwasher tablet. I mean, who’d have thought a dishwasher tablet could be used in something other than a dishwasher! We love it as a cleaning tool for ovens, and even toilets! Seriously.

Use vinegar to unclog faucet heads

Credit: Joe Lingeman

If you have hard water where you live, you may find that the faucet on your kitchen sink, or even shower head, gets clogged from time to time. To avoid this from happening, soak the faucet in vinegar and let the water run. This way, it will clean up on its own.

Squirt some dish soap down the drain

Credit: Joe Lingeman

Have you found that your drain is takes a long time for, um, drain? Well, this is easily fixable. Squirt a little dish soap down there and run hot water. Dish water is formulated to cut through grease, and usually that grease is on your dishes and cookware, but it can also accumulate in your drain and pipes.

Use oven cleaner on the outside of your stained dutch oven

Credit: Joe Lingeman

Sick of those dirty, rusty-looking pans filling up your cupboards?Oven cleaner can really remove cooked-on grease and other stubborn residue from the outside of enamel Dutch ovens. And what’s better? It won’t damage it’s colour or finishing either.

Add a steamer to your cleaning caddy

Credit: Ashley Poskin

Technically, a steamer is meant to de-wrinkle your clothes and it’ll only really ever be used for that purpose. However, believe it or not, a steamer can also help make quick work of cleaning grimy stovetops, cabinet doors and more. Who’d have thought it!

Cut a corner off your sponge

Credit: Joe Lingeman

You know that sponge that you use to clean the dishes with? And the other sponge you use to wipe down the walls? Keep a track of which one is for which purpose with this smart trick: cut off the corner of the sponge you use to do the dirty work!