There are certain features that every person has that they just hate. We all have them; whether it be the bump in your nose or your crooked smile. However today you need to learn that your flaws make you perfect.

1. Scars

Throughout your lifetime you will get a ton of scars, it is completely inevitable! However what you fail to see is that these scars make you interesting. They tell a story about what you may have had to overcome or a silly little mistake that you have learned from. Like when you were ice skating for the first time, you lost your balance because you were watching that really cute guy and landed on your knees which left you a really weird looking scar.

2. Dimpled Chins

In today’s day and age we find dimpled chins as sexy! So don’t go for one second thinking that it is a flaw. It is something that you have that some people will pay to get!


3. Crooked Smiles

Your mouth, amongst other things, was made for you to show off how happy you have teeth that aren’t placed in the “correct” location doesn’t mean you have nothing to smile about. Your teeth were place there because it is what makes you you!

4. Unsatisfying Hair

Let me tell you EVERYONE has hair that they are just unhappy with! That is why we have so many hair stylists on this planet. Whether you hate the color of your hair or you hate the texture of it, you need to realize one thing, having imperfect hair makes you more interesting, heck it could even be a conversation starter! Who knew that if you flaunted your natural hair you could meet your best friend?



5. Birthmarks

Birthmarks are a beautiful thing; they are unique and quite interesting. Having a birthmark, whether it be on your lip or on your arm, shows how real you are. Just look at Marilyn Monroe, so many people loved her birthmark they get it either tattooed or pierced on them. Who knows maybe that pretty little mole next to your eye might be the new trend one day!

6. Missing Limbs

Just because you are missing certain parts to your body DOES NOT mean you are lacking anything. You are still a beautiful person inside and out! If you are missing a part of your leg it would make you way more interesting than someone who has both legs. It also shows how much of a strong person you are!

7. Crooked or “Weird” Looking Fingers

There are a lot of things that make having crooked or weird looking fingers cool. For example if you have a hammer thumb then you would have an advantage at playing video games!


8. Bumped Noses

Some people consider having a bumped nose to be very high fashion. There are a ton of models and celebrities who have imperfect noses. You need to embrace your nose as a beautiful appendage used to smell wonderfully delightful scents!