Tipping generously is the norm

Credit: Christine Roy via Unsplash

To many, working on a luxury yacht might seem like a daunting task. However, there are significant perks, one of which includes generous tips. Deckhands often receive upwards of $1,000 each, an amount considered industry standard, rewarding their tireless work and dedication.

The attractive perk of free living

Credit: Tammy Gann via Unsplash

Yacht crew members enjoy free accommodation and meals while onboard. This often proves to be a great attraction for many young people, as it allows them to save money and explore the thrilling world of luxury yachting and catering to high profile clientele.

Off-duty is often serenity

Credit: Vika Jordanov via Unsplash

Contrary to popular belief, yacht crews don’t always engage in wild parties during their downtime. Most crews opt to rest and prepare for the next sailing, demonstrating a strong commitment to their work and guests. This also provides opportunities for team bonding away from work, building a stronger and more dynamic crew.

Maintenance is part of a deckhand’s duties


Deckhands shoulder the responsibility of general repairs and cleaning, ensuring the vessel always looks its best. Their hard work helps maintain the allure of the superyacht experience, reflecting their critical role onboard. Their tireless attention to detail not only upholds the aesthetic appeal of the yacht but also ensures the safety and functioning of the vessel. They truly provide an indispensable contribution to the yacht’s operations!

There is a side behind the glamour

Credit: Omar Eagle via Unsplash

In the yacht’s shadow lies a less glamorous reality. Illicit substances are unfortunately common and can be left behind by guests. Worse still, it’s the crew who face the sobering task of cleaning up, spotlighting the grittier aspects of their roles. The glamorous face of the industry sometimes masks these challenging situations.

There are eyes everywhere

Credit: Pawel Czerwinski via Unsplash

Luxury yachts bristle with cameras, allowing the crew to anticipate guests’ needs even before being asked. This provides the guests adequate time on their own to enjoy their trip without unnecessary interruption. This silent surveillance ensures the highest level of service and upholds the gold standard in luxury yachting.

Delivery by air and sea

Credit: Jeremy Bishop via Unsplash

Peering into the operations of superyachts uncovers an astonishing level of service. When guests’ desires extend beyond the onboard provisions, private planes and ships spring into action, ferrying goods from the mainland. This truly amplifies the lengths crews go to meet guests’ requirements, demonstrating an unrivalled commitment to often ridiculous demands in favor of customer satisfaction.

Gourmet challenges in tight quarters

Credit: Nick Karvounis via Unsplash

Guests on luxury yachts enjoy the privilege of unlimited culinary choices, often requesting meals that border on the extravagant. This places a creative and logistical demand on the yacht’s crew, especially the chefs. They are tasked with the challenge of crafting gourmet delights within the confines of compact ship kitchens. This scenario underscores their exceptional culinary skills, adaptability, and the art of maximising space.

The best of the best

Credit: Dylan Gills via Unsplashed

Superyachts demand the best crew. High wages and the allure of travelling the world keep the recruitment pool expanding. Each charter requires many roles to be filled, yet, most crews stick together throughout their tenure, creating a unique bond and work dynamic. This consistency ensures a seamless service to the guests and fosters strong team bonds!

Owners are often absent

Credit: Red Charlie via Unsplash

Contrary to popular perception, billionaire owners and charter guests don’t spend much time onboard their multimillion-dollar yachts. When they’re away, the crew’s work focuses on maintenance and ensuring the vessel remains in an immaculate state. This “downtime” is typically easier and can be enjoyable with a good crew, offering a unique relief and balance in this demanding industry.