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Not cleansing before applying

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This is one the deadliest sins in the beauty world. Not cleansing can cause irritation, rashes, or even infection. A clean, fresh face is the best canvas to work with, otherwise whatever products you use won’t stick to your skin, they will instead latch onto whatever oil and debris sits on your face. This will make your finished look seem patchy and rough.

Not using a primer

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After washing and moisturizing (and using toner, extra tip), the next important step is applying a primer that works with your skin type. Primer works to smooth surface imperfections and give your cosmetics a nice, flat surface they can really grab onto. This means more even coverage and much better layering for a more three-dimensional look.

Using dirty brushes

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We’re all guilty of this, but nobody is beyond saving. It can be a hassle to find the time to give all your brushes and blenders a proper cleanse, but most advice says to do so around once a week. Dirty brushes will clog your pours, apply your products unevenly and wreak a somehow both sticky and dry havoc in your make-up bag.

Using a mismatched foundation

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You ideally want a foundation that compliments your natural tone, not replace it altogether. Working with a color that is too dark or light is going to throw off your look and be more difficult to blend into a smooth gradient that gets rid of harsh lines around the neck and hairline.

Ignoring the color wheel

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Make-up is an art form and, like any art, you have to know your theory. The color wheel is a useful beauty shortcut that teaches you how to complement what you’re using. Blue and yellow make each other pop, and red and green are a festive and joyful combo. You can also consult the wheel for inspiration on new looks.

Overloading on blush

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Heavy use of blush was all the rage once the cosmetics craze kicked off, but its place in today’s routine is much more subtle. Use it more as an accent and to boost your contour. Avoid reds that show too dark on your skin. Try applying some to the temples, chin, and tip of the nose for a more cutesy look.

Doing your face before your eyes

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The eye makeup is usually the trickiest to nail, and the center of your whole ensemble. Make life easier by starting on the shadow and eyeliner first. That way, if you make a mistake and have to redraw your second wing, it doesn’t mess up your foundation.

Too much shimmer

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Sparkles are enchanting and enticing, but at some point, it really becomes a hazard. Shimmer comes in many forms across a bunch of different products, like eyeshadow, highlighter, bronzer, and powders. Use them sparingly if you don’t want to blind someone or, more likely, find sparkles in your house for months.

Not blending out contour

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It’s easy to overuse contour. We all wish we could change our face shape a little and this trick gives us that power. But use it wisely! – Opt for a tone that is roughly two shades darker than your foundation and blend well. You want it to look like a naturally diffused shadow, not a muddy cloud.

Not using setting products

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You’re throwing away hours of glam if you don’t set your face properly. You will want to find one that’s tailored to your skin type since that’s what usually causes make-up to degrade over the day. Oily skin tends to get shiny, which usually prompts another layer of powder, but this can quickly cake up. Setting sprays tend to fix this instantly and are easy to apply.