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Makeup is designed to compliment your face and give you a youthful look that brightens your face and makes you feel beautiful inside and out. Mastering the art of makeup as your body and appearance changes is key to feeling confident and empowered no matter what age you are.

Using too much foundation

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Foundation is called that for a reason, it is literally the foundation of your makeup look. A building with shaky foundations won’t stand. If you’re using too much foundation, it will settle into any fine lines and wrinkles on your face and simply exaggerate them rather than minimize them.

Neglecting lashes and brows

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Lashes and brows are a key part of any makeup look. If you just put on foundation and the rest of your base, this could take away from your beautiful features. Spend time on your eye makeup and your eyebrows in order to frame your face and draw attention to your best assets.

Skipping primer

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Primer is essential for creating a smooth makeup base and filling in any fine lines or wrinkles before any of your other makeup gets to clog them up. It also protects your pores from getting blocked with any residual makeup. Different primers are available for all skin types so find one that works for you.

Neglecting skincare

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Even on days when you aren’t wearing makeup, it’s essential that you have a skincare routine that you follow everyday. Trial and test products and when you find one that works, stick to it. However, it’s also important to monitor how you skin changes as you age and tailor your makeup routine to that.

Using the wrong foundation shade

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Using a foundation shade that is too light will completely wash you out. Using a foundation shade that is too dark will accentuate any wrinkles and just look ridiculous. Bottom line is, getting the right foundation shade is essential to make you look younger.

Overusing powder

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Powder is great for keeping your skin looking smooth and shine-free throughout the day. However, overuse of powder will build-up in those smile lines and crow’s feet and just make any little wrinkles much more noticeable. Keep the powder to under-eyes and just a little sweep on any problem areas.

Using too much concealer

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Concealer is typically thicker than foundation so, if you’re going to use it, do so sparingly. It’s great for covering any blemished and brightening a dark under-eye but can cause build-up and make blemishes more noticeable if overused. Opt for a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your foundation.

Skipping under-eye concealer

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Equally though, skipping under-eye concealer is a big no-no. If you have dark circles under your eyes (who doesn’t nowadays?), a bit of concealer is your best friend and will really lift any signs of wrinkling or dropping on your face. A hard day at work is nothing a bit of concealer can’t help.

Harsh brow color

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Very dark eyebrows look kind of crazy! Although, in times gone by, there may have only been eyebrow colorant that was essentially black, nowadays most brands have a range of shades so that you can match your eyebrow hair exactly. Be picky with your pencil and match it to your roots where possible.

Overplucking eyebrows

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Okay, yes, very think eyebrows were all the rage in the 90s, but they look very dated now. If your brows have been lucky enough to grow back from incessant plucking in the past, keep them big and bushy. A fuller eyebrow is a sign of a modern makeup look and someone who knows how to stay with the times.

Using too much eyeliner

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A classic winged eyeliner and a red lip is always a timeless look. However, using a lot of black eyeliner, especially under the eye, will just make your eyes look smaller and much droopier. Keep ’em bright and defined. Stick to the cat-eye or nothin’.

Neglecting the eyelash curler

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Having curled lashes opens up your eyes and gives you a more youthful look. A handy trick for this is to warm your eyelash curler slightly with your hairdryer, test it on your hand so you know it’s not too hot, and then curl away.

Applying mascara incorrectly

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Mascara adds definition to the eyes and really helps to keep you looking bright and youthful. However, overuse of mascara or using a bad brand can causing clumping and chunkiness that doesn’t look good on anyone. Also, watch out for any mascara that may be out of date and could cause eye infections.

Neglecting tightlining

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Tightlining is when you put white eyeliner along the waterline of your eye. This may seem like just a small thing that you could go without, but if you do this you’ll notice that your eyes look noticeably bigger and brighter. It’s like drinking 10 cups of coffee, but for makeup.

Heavy eyeshadow

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A smoky eye can definitely be a timeless look. However, too much eyeshadow, especially if it’s dark, will just fall into all the creases of your eye and make you look much older than you actually are. Opt for a subtle look in nudes or champagne tones if your eye creases are an insecurity.

Skipping blush

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Blush just breathes a nice bit of life into your face and neglecting this is definitely a big mistake, unfortunately one many people make. Applying a base layer is definitely great for blemishes but will also take the color out of your face. A nice sweep of blusher will inject that youthful glow right back in!

Using too much bronzer

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Bronzer is great if you want to make your face look slimmer, and also fool people into thinking that you’re just back from a Caribbean cruise. However, too much dark bronzer will accentuate any age spots or dark creases on your face or, worse still, make you look like you’ve not had a wash in a few days!

Neglecting highlighter

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Once you have applied your base, you may find your face looking a little lifeless and flat. This definitely ages you, even making you look like you haven’t slept or stepped outside in days. Add some shine to the high points of your face like your cheekbones or the tip of your nose for a natural glow.

Dark lip liner

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There is nothing that looks more dated than a lipstick with a lip outline that’s about three shades darker. It may have been the hot trend in the 90s, but not anymore. Don’t ruin a good lipstick by doing this! Pick a lip liner that is the same shade as your lipstick to keep everything looking clean and beautiful.

Matte lips

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Matte lipstick is a tricky one. It’s not that it’s an outdated look in itself, it just needs to be done right. If you have any dry spots on your lips, matte lipstick is just going to cling to those and make your lips look dry, instead of plump and youthful. If you insist on going matte, make sure you’re using a balm half an hour before application.

Overdrawing lips

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Okay, there’s nothing wrong with using makeup tricks to exaggerate what you’ve got =, but it’s crucial that this is done subtly. Really obviously overdrawing your lips just makes you look like you don’t know what you’re doing with your makeup, so try to keep it to a minimum.

Neglecting chapstick

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Not everyday is a lipstick day, and that’s okay. But, make sure you always have a chapstick with you. Nothing makes you look more tired or rundown than chapped, dry lips. Make sure you always have chapstick on for a clean and put together look.

Neglecting lip liner

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Although overdrawing your lips can look bad, so can not lining them at all. If you are using a lipstick that is particularly oily or tends to run a lot, it’s important to line your lips to stop them from bleeding onto your skin. The color will creep into fine lines and make these very noticeable.

Heavy contouring

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Contouring was all the rage a few years ago and can be a great way to help define your face to give you the chiseled face that you want. Too much of this can really hollow out the face and take away any youthful plumpness you’ve managed to achieve.

Not blending properly

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Nothing shouts “I don’t what I’m doing” more than not blending your makeup properly. Take the time to do your makeup in a well-lit setting, use makeup products that aren’t cheap and work for your skin type and, most importantly, blend, blend, blend.

Neglecting setting spray

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Setting spray helps to get rid of any powdery residue that your makeup application has left behind. It also helps your skin stay looking natural, dewy, and just generally beautiful. If that wasn’t enough, it also helps your makeup stay on for longer – so you’re free to live your life looking gorgeous at all times.

Using old makeup

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Makeup products have expiry dates too, just like food. Keep an eye on your makeup’s shelf-life so that you don’t end up using something that will no longer do it’s job like it’s supposed to. On top of this, expired makeup can cause skin problems and breakouts.

Heavy glitter

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A little bit of shimmer is definitely a fun makeup look for all ages. However, a lot of a heavy glitter can get caught in your fine lines and wrinkles and just make them look worse. Stick to an elegant sweep of shimmer if you want to look youthful.

Skipping sunscreen

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If you do nothing, please just use sunscreen, or at least a daily moisturizer with SPF. The sun damages your skin daily, even on days when it isn’t actually sunny. Sun damage not only heightens your risk of skin cancer, which should be enough to put you off alone, but encourages wrinkles and dry skin.

Overusing retinol

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Retinol seems to be the latest must-have skincare product because it is said to removed redness, blemishes and uneven skin tones. However, dermatologists warn against using too much of this stuff because it can actually dry out your skin. By all means, include it in your skincare plan, but be sure to moisturize too.

Neglecting neck and chest

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People tend to stop the skincare routine at their jaw. But why? Show your neck and chest some love. A really obvious sign of ageing is a wrinkly and sun-damaged neck and chest. Get the SPF on there and blend your makeup right down your neck.

Overusing textured products

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Matte, heavy or textured products can add unwanted texture to your skin and emphasise any blemishes. Pick makeup products that are natural and work with your skin type so that you get a flawless face of makeup. What’s worse than visible wrinkles and open pores?

Not drinking enough water

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Dehydrated skin is a massive tell and will make you look much older than you are. If you’re overworked, stressed and not getting enough water, this will show in your skin and leave your skin looking dull and sallow. Try and drink eight glasses of water a day, if you can.

Using heavy fragrances

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There’s nothing worse than makeup products that smell like old ladies, and not just because the fragrance knock you out if you get too close! Makeup products with heavy fragrances can be really harmful to your delicate skin. Natural products ten to be more gentle on skin and less likely to cause breakouts.

Ignoring allergies

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You may have been using that same brand of blusher for years, but if you notice that it’s leaving rashes or redness behind, it could be time to change it up. Your skin changes over time and if something isn’t agreeing with you, don’t ignore it.

Applying makeup in harsh lighting

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Applying makeup under a spotlight may make you feel like a movie-star, but it’s actually not the best way to get a beautiful and flawless face of makeup. Harsh lighting washes out the colors in your face and highlights blemishes. Try applying lighter makeup, in natural lighting.

Not adapting makeup to age

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It can be hard to stay on top of makeup trends, and it may feel like they are always changing with a new viral makeup trend every week. However, there are some things that are obviously very dated and it’s bets to avoid these if you want to look timelessly flawless. You may be used to your habits, but it could be time to upgrade your skills.

Overuse of red lipstick

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Red lipstick can be a very classy choice from time to time and, if it’s your staple look, why not just go for it? However, red lipstick should always be flawlessly neat and the sole focal point of your look. If you are using it, ensure to keep everything else fairly simple.

Overuse of colored eyeshadows

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A little sweep of color is great as it can be a really nice way to mix up your makeup. However, covering your whole eyelid in a whole rainbow is kind of a crazy look and will definitely age you. Color is good, but stick to small pops of color to avoid looking like a child that has just discovered makeup.

Stress and lack of sleep

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How you take care of yourself shows in your skin. if you’re stressed at work and not sleeping properly, this will show on your skin. As you go through life’s ups and downs, it’s important to take care of yourself and get enough rest. Catch up on those z’s and watch yourself glow.