Do a doodle

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Doing a doodle every morning can actually increase your life expectancy by 10 years. Research has found that just spending 10 minutes on this creative task will act as a speedy stress reliever as well as keeping the creative part of your brain active. Try doing this in the morning for a more positive start to your day!

Dance in the kitchen!

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If you struggle to keep fit and healthy, a dance break may be all you need. Of course, doing daily exercise increases your life expectancy anyways, but why not make it fun and get funky? By making your dance part of your daily exercise routine for just 10 minutes you increase your heart rate and can extend your life by years.

Eat healthier

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If you want to increase the longevity of your life, stop eating processed and high fat foods. Research has found that the sooner you start sticking to an optimal, balanced diet, the more life expectancy you could gain. Try eating natural foods such as peas, lentils and brown rice for a chance to have a longer life and gaining those valuable nutrients.

Drink in moderation… but cut out smoking

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Everyone knows that binge drinking and smoking can decrease the longevity of your life, however, you do not need to cut out alcohol completely! You can still drink at-most one glass of wine a day and still live a healthy and happy life. The sooner you quit smoking the better, though! If you quit by the time you’re 50, you can prolong your life by an extra 14 years!

Happiness is a choice

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Those who choose to radiate happiness and positive vibes have been found to live much longer than those who don’t. It can sometimes be hard to just keep happy, right? But sometimes it can be as easy as just spending time with your family or doing your favourite hobby. Happiness can be found everywhere, start by looking at the things you really love!

Explore nature

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Getting a real taste of nature, whether its just going on a walk or even doing some yoga on a field, can lower your stress levels. Just being in the great outdoors will reduce your chances of developing life-shortening health issues, like cardiovascular problems or depression and anxiety.

Get tech-y

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Now, this is something that’s suggested if you’re interested in learning to write code or developing an app – it might not be much good if the thought of anything beyond Google sends a shiver down your spine. If this stuff’s not of interest to you, then you could try learning a new language, or join a new social group instead. Learning something new works to improve your cognition and memory as your brain thrives in challenging settings.

Keep your teeth flossed

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Yep, that’s right, flossing your teeth can not only keep your oral hygiene excellent, it can also increase your lifespan. Research has found that those who don’t floss will have a higher risk of death by 30%! This is because experts found a link between dental health and cardiovascular diseases that are related to gum inflammation.

Go see your friends

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Seeing your friends just once a week has been found to add 10 years onto your lifespan! This is due to the positive impact it has on your mental health and cognitive function through social interaction. Though never comparable to IRL bonding, even just chatting online can somewhat increase your lifespan. Now you always have an excuse to hang out!

Have a laugh!


Laugh at some memes 0r head down memory lane and watch some funny old home videos – just watch something that you know will make you giggle! Having a good laugh for just 10 minutes at a time will add multiple years onto your life. It lowers your cortisol levels and, in turn, decreases feelings of stress that can prove physically and emotionally harmful.