Sadly, bad things can and do happen to good people – but fortunately, sometimes justice is served and bad things do end up happening to bad people as well. Whether you’re a staunch believer in karmic justice or not, it’s hard not to believe when you see someone get a taste of their own medicine. Here are Reddit’s best stories of times when karma hit hard.

1. Thanks mom

I was in daycare as a child. I had very long hair that my dad always put into a ponytail. There was girl that would pull my ponytail all the time. We were doing a musical chairs thing at the end of the day while parents were picking us up. The girl was behind me and kept yanking my ponytail, I kept telling her to stop.

The teacher didn’t see anything so [couldn’t] do anything about it. There were a bunch of parents waiting for us to finish our game, my mom included and she kept doing it and the teacher “didn’t see it” so I turned around and punched her as hard as I could, she stumbled into the “cubbies” where we kept our coats.

The teacher tried to chastise me and my mom was like “nope. I didn’t see anything.” Didn’t even get in trouble.

2. Put out their fire

I’m from San Diego and during the summer, you have to claim bonfire pits on the beach really in the morning if you want it for that night. So my friends and I got to the beach at 8am and stayed there so we can get a bonfire going into the night. Just before sundown, this one couple asked if they could share the bonfire with us and since our group wasn’t too big, we decided to share it with them.

However that couple proceeded to bring a group of like 15 others and they literally surrounded the pit and pushed us out. We were p***ed but we were so tired from being at the beach all day so we decided to head out. Little did we know what that night had an extreme high tide warning…

When we moved all of our stuff over the wall that divided the beachwalk with the beach, a huge wave came in and washed out that whole group surrounded by our bonfire. The wave flipped over their table of food, took a handful of sandals back into the ocean, and destroyed all their stuff.

The best part was this one girl was trying to jump the wall to save herself but she didn’t jump high enough and ended up falling right back into the waters. Karma’s a b****.


3. Wise words

My old manager was a monster. Belittled people, made a hostile environment, denied anything that would make coworkers happy while giving himself every comfort, even denied me a half day to go to my mother’s funeral, adding, “Would it be a big deal if you couldn’t go?”

He finally stepped on his d*** after he wrote up a fictitious counselling statement about someone and the entire office revolted. The manager wasn’t fired like we wanted, but he was relieved. So in comes the new manager. Very well regarded, 20 year Air Force veteran (retired at E-9), humble guy who knew how to handle people.

We have our first awkward team meeting, old manager bitterly in attendance. As the new manager is giving his “nice to meet you” speech, he sees the d*****bag glaring around the table trying to intimidate people. That’s when he completely changed what he was going to say.

He stops talking, pauses for a few seconds, and then says, “You know, when I was in the Air Force I learned that if you take care of your people, they’ll take care of you.” He then stared directly at the old manager and said, “And if you don’t take care of your people, they’ll take care of you.”

4. Patience is a virtue

Sitting on a highway late at night because of a bad car accident. The highway was packed and barely moving. One guy thinks he’s smarter than everyone else and tries to drive on the shoulder. He makes it a good little ways before running into an on ramp, which was also packed with cars, but that didn’t stop him one bit.

He had nowhere to go, and no one let him in. He was stuck between cars in the right most lane and cars from the on ramp. Everyone stuck bumper to bumper and flowed around him. I went from watching him pass me and almost getting out of my view to passing him and losing sight of him in my rear view. It was a great feeling.

5. That’s got to hurt

When I was a kid, we visited Montreal. I had gotten a hockey puck as a souvenir. While we were in our hotel, my sister decided to mess with me by hiding it. I got mad and yelled in my high pitched voice “GIVE ME BACK MY HOCKEY PUCK!” before smacking her in the head with a pillow. Guess where she had hidden it… I felt really bad.


6. Second chance at justice

I got rear ended in a turn lane by a girl texting. She was doing 45mph and I was stopped. No major injuries. I went to her court date hoping she got a big fine or something. She got a $50 ticket. I was a little bit upset.

As I was sitting at the stop light to pull out of the court I watched her run a red light and tbone a cop. I don’t normally laugh at other peoples misfortune, however, I laughed my a** off at that one.

7. Swift justice

I work in an ER and once a girl got brought in by ambulance after being assaulted. She was walking down the street when some guy tackled her to the ground and tried to drag her down an alley. A Good Samaritan managed to chase him off and call the cops.

Like 20 minutes later they brought in a guy in full cardiac arrest. Turns out the police found the attacker and chased him several blocks when he collapsed and his heart gave out. He was dead on arrival and the victim IDed him right in the ER. Pretty dark, but that’s karma.

8. How embarrassing

I was kicking a customer out for being racist and cursing at one of my employees. He yelled offensive stuff all and then he tried to slam the door on his way out, but it had one of those things on it that makes the door close slowly. He pushed it hard, it didn’t budge and he slipped and fell on the floor. We had a good laugh.


9. Instant karma

The other day I was taking my dog for a walk around the neighborhood. She squatted down to take a s*** and I reached for my doggie bags only to realize I was fresh out. So I peeked around making sure nobody was looking, and I just left it.

10 minutes later I’m walking across the road and I cut through a thin grass median in the centre and what do you know – I step in dog s***. I wasn’t even mad, I knew I deserved it.

10. Deserved it

I was at a party one time, and this one girl couldn’t stop talking s*** about this other girl that was coming to the party. The other girl shows up and this dude picked her up and hugged her and spun her around in a way where her foot kicked the girl that was talking s*** right in the head/face while she was sitting on the couch. Her beer spilled all over her and she caught a black eye.


11. Got the sack

I work for a contracted unloading service in a warehouse. One of the guys on my crew is an absolute little b**** sometimes. Complains about his work, tries to leave early every day, bums cigarettes off everyone without ever bringing his own pack, etc. He even owes some of my other coworkers money, I believe.

But I digress. On Thursday, he lost his s*** over a produce load and threw a temper tantrum: kicking boxes, tearing down tall pallets of product, and causing a lot of damage… Right as the site manager walked by his trailer door. Got suspended without pay and was told he is on his last chance with the company. Now it’s only a matter of time before he gets fired. Sweet, sweet, karma.


12. Soaked through

Had a moron driver in a Porsche convertible tailgating me on a 6 lane highway. I wasn’t in the far right lane, but I was in the middle so he still could have passed if he wanted to. He finally passes me and blows his horn at me right as he blows on past.

We get on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and it immediately starts torrentially pouring. There was nowhere for him to stop so he had to drive a several mile long bridge with his top down the whole way. He would have been completely soaked, and the car interior was probably ruined.


13. That stings

With glee, I ran over a bee on my tricycle once. Aimed for it on purpose and then SPLAT. Minutes later I got called into the house and I stepped on that same bee, stuck with stinger up, in my bare feet. It hurt so badly. I told my mom everything and she told me I got exactly what I deserved. I agreed. I now go out of my way to be kind to insects.


14. Spoilt their fun

This is from my younger years. A friend of mine had a cousin visiting around Victoria Day in Canada (aka firecracker day). When I went to visit him, I was told he was in the backyard. I go back there and he and his cousin are setting off firecrackers. They have a big bowl of loose firecrackers.

I ask if I can set a couple off as well and both my friend and his cousin start tossing lit firecrackers at me while laughing. I figure that they are both acting like greedy a**holes, so I decided to leave. Just as I’m about to leave a spark gets into the bowl.

The entire bowl of firecrackers ignite leaving only a few unexploded. This lasted about 10 or 15 seconds. The stunned look on my friend and cousin’s face was pure “karma is a b****.” I’m laughing at them. I’m sure they planned a whole afternoon of setting them off.

15. Dodgeball

I was working at a summer camp this past summer, and all the male campers and staff were playing dodgeball while the girls cabins did their own ‘girl night’ kinda thing. It was campers (and jr. staff) vs. staff, and it was kinda nearing the end of the night, so the rules for the staff were that if you got hit, you were done with no way of revival.

I looked a cross the gym and saw that one of my fellow staff was hit and laying on the ground with his hands behind his head. So naturally I grab a dodgeball, sneak around behind him keeping myself out of his field of view, and throw the ball at his d***.

As I was laughing and running away, It bounced off his d*** and, without hesitation, he brought his leg up and kicked the ball as hard as he could, and it hit me straight in the face with enough force to knock me off my feet. There was no coming back from that one.

16. Harrowing

My son’s abuser walked free in court. None of our mutual friends believed he could do something like that, so I was socially shunned after the hearing as well. Not long afterwards, the man was hit by a car and spent nine months in a coma before finally dying of a MRSA infection in his lungs. I was shocked when I heard the news, but also vindicated.

I don’t want to say I’m glad he suffered, because the kind of person to do something like that to a child is already tortured along their own karmic path. The reason I’m relieved he’s gone is because my son will never be hurt by that man, his father, again. It’s a huge weight off my mind to know that my son is growing up in a much safer world now.

17. Fake friends

Last spring I didn’t get a date to the junior prom. I wasn’t thrilled but I figured I’d go stag. I found the perfect dress and was actually really excited. Then my group of friends said I couldn’t come with them. Why? I didn’t have a date and it would ‘ruin the pictures’ if I stood by myself. That hurt my feelings, but then it got even worse.

And since I wasn’t going to be in the pictures, they said, wouldn’t it just be so awkward for me to get ready with them and be at Claudia’s (the ringleader’s) house before hand? And of course, wouldn’t I just be so uncomfortable being the only one in the limo with no boyfriend? And what would I do afterwards anyways? I mean everyone knows what happens at the parties after prom. So I didn’t go at all. But guess whose limo never showed up?

18. Put in her place

Not my story but my mom’s. Apparently when she was a young lass, there was a girl at school who was always a major b**** to her. Hated my mom for whatever reason and always made fun of her. Fast forward to my mom as a college aged woman now dating a guitarist from Bob Marley’s band, out at a bar with him getting a drink.

Dude goes to the bathroom and said b**** from back in the day comes up to my mom and says, “OMG, did you see who is here?!” At that moment, dude comes and puts his arm around my mom and says “hey babe, what’s happening?” She said the look on that girl’s face was priceless. A little petty for sure, but definitely an earned and harmless moment.


19. Don’t mess with sprinklers

Late to the party but this happened to me. When I was younger (high school) my city had automatic sprinklers in most of the parks and areas with grass – they would turn on automatically at like 3 or 4 am. So being a young dumb kid me and my friends figured out if you kicked them hard enough the top would break off and the sprinkler would full force shoot a huge stream into the air from then on.

We thought it was hilarious and were never caught. We kept on with this until one day they started replacing them with new super strong steel ones. I kicked one and broke my big toe and while in agony rolled my ankle so f***ing bad it was bruised up for a week and has never been the same. I definitely got what I deserved.


20. Served him right

When I was in middle school I was sitting at lunch with my normal lunch group. There wasn’t enoungh room for this one guy at the table so he sat at the table next to us by himself. One of our friends felt bad so he left our table and sat next to him.

The kid who was originally sitting by himself moved to our table, took the other guys old spot and leaving the other guy completely alone. We all moved to the other table and left him alone again. It was like musical chairs in that canteen, powered by karma.


21. Where he belongs

I was in high school, and this huge guy used to threaten me all the time. I didn’t take his s***, and that just made it worse. Constantly threatening me, trying to start stuff, etc. I got to go and testify against him at his last death penalty sentencing trial. He killed a older couple. He’s going to rot in jail. HAHA! If he ever escapes… I’m on his list.


22. Why you should never show off

A friend of a friend joined our group as we were going to a college football game. He spent the night aggressively hitting on our super-hot friend whose husband wasn’t around. She was obviously uncomfortable about it so I pulled him aside and told him she was married. His response was “So? A ring doesn’t plug a hole!” Gross.

In the parking lot he was goofing off and showed off his athleticism by sprinting across the parking lot, which wasn’t well-lit. The separators in the parking lot were those waist-high poles with chains connecting them. Almost invisible in the dark. This guy ran into the chain full-speed.

It hit him just below the waist, causing a complete stop followed by swinging back and pivoting over it onto his head. It wasn’t a minor injury, he could barely walk for a week and had a concussion. The friend is still happily married to her husband, and that guy, as far as I know, is still single.

23. Dodged a bullet

My sister’s fiance cheated on her after a four-year relationship and decided to leave my sister for the woman. The woman he cheated with decided that after a month it was appropriate to cheat ON HIM with his best friend. Ha ha, I never liked the guy anyway and now my sister is with this awesome sexy carpenter guy. Very hilarious.

24. Put in his place

Last year I felt unhappy with my job and tried to talk to my manager about it to see if I could fill in a different position. Follow a course or something so I could do something new. Win-win. Got told that if I didn’t like my job I should quit and look for something else.

After all my hard work at that company it made me feel like s***. A coworker took her position last month and my manager got downgraded and is now an assistant. Sweet sweet karma.


25. Role reversal

I had a “friend” in high school who would constantly tell me to kill myself, spread horrible rumours about me, and was just insanely mean to me. This girl was the typical beautiful cheerleader type girl who got everything she wanted. Fast-forward a few years and I graduated college and moved out to LA for an awesome job.

She contacted me asking if I would talk to my boss to see if I could get her a job, since my job was also her dream job. It may sound petty, but it was so nice that for once she wasn’t going to get everything she wanted.

She had treated me like complete s***, and then years later she thought she could just make amends and I would help her out. I was perfectly polite of course, but I didn’t let her use my connections for her own gain, and I felt pretty good about it. I’ve progressed up the career ladder and I haven’t heard from her again. Some friend.

26. What did he expect?

I was probably in third grade, in the elementary school bathroom. I was peeing and so was some other little kid when some fifth or sixth grade bully came in. [He] pulled the wallet out of the other kids pocket. Other kid turns around, peeing all over the bully. The bully’s face of horror and instant regret was absolutely classic.


27. A quick comeback

I was on my way home from work and stopped at a grocery store to get something to eat. I was wearing a really ratty and torn hoodie that I wear to work all the time. In front of me in line are two kinda-pretty girls. They are not-so-quietly talking s*** about the cashier. The cashier could definitely hear and was trying not to look upset.

One of them turns to me, looks me up and down and nudges her friend. Pointing towards me she says “looks like someone can’t afford nice things”. I looked her dead in the face and in my most sincere voice said “my dad gave me this sweatshirt the winter before he died”. The girl looked horrified and immediately began to cry. I just walked away and got into another line.


28. Don’t mess with frisbees

Used to play frisbee in a parking lot on Saturday nights, people would drive their cars through to f*** with us on a regular basis. One night a guy drives his car up to the edge of the area we are playing in and starts revving his engine really aggressively, we get the point and clear the area.

Dude drops the clutch and speeds through the parking lot but failed to notice the raised median in his path. Hits it going pretty fast, wrecks the underside of his car getting a little bit of air. The car comes to a stop, it is clearly leaking a lot of fluid.

It’s seemingly unable to drive anymore when the cherry tops of this sundae: a police officer who was just hanging out in a different part of the shopping area saw the whole thing go down and cruises up on the dude with lights flashing. We go back to playing.


29. A bad nurse

I work at a residential facility for individuals with developmental disabilities. The other day I was punching out after working an overnight shift and I hear the nurse who administers medication screaming at staff over something relatively minor in front of the residents while they were eating breakfast, stressing everybody out.

I leave and go across the street to another house because I had to hand in paperwork there (also I was so mad about her being inappropriate that I felt like I was about to say some things to her that would not be good for my job security). The same nurse comes into the house I am now in to begin administering meds in that house. The second she steps in the house a resident runs up to her, punches her in the face, and runs away. So satisfying.


30. Patience is a virtue

I was in a queue to pay for parking and had my kids with me. It was my turn to pay but this woman cut in front of me making a p*** poor attempt to pretend she didn’t see me. The machine swallowed her ticket and threw up a “wait for assistance” message.

Well by the time I went to a different machine, paid my ticket, bundled the kids into the car and drove out of the parking lot I could see that b**** was still waiting for assistance.


31. Poor bird

I was at the shore with some friends eating lunch. A seagull was watching my sandwich closely so I decided to tease it a little. I proceeded by pretending to toss my food over its way about 20 times. Every time the poor bird was fooled and left wanting. I guess it got fed up because the bird decided to fly right over me and take a s*** all over me and my food moments later.


32. Now the shoe’s on the other foot

I was checking a guy’s groceries out and when I finished he realized he forgot his wallet in the truck. It happens a lot more than you might think, no big deal. This woman behind him was really impatient. Just being extremely rude to him very condescending the entire time.

He comes back, pays for it and leaves. Now… I’m checking this lady’s groceries out. That’s when she realized she forgot her debit card in her vehicle too. Goes out to get it but can’t find her keys. She locked her keys and card in her van. No groceries for her!

33. Squirrel stands in dog doo-doo

Many years ago, a group of us were together with a guy who was nicknamed Squirrel. He was a small guy who loved attention and didn’t care what kind. One of his favourite things to do was jump into puddles to splash whoever was walking past with water, and he would do it again and again until the victim was way past annoyed.

One day we were walking down a sidewalk and there was a large fresh pile of dog poo on the walkway, he dropped back a little behind us then ran forward and took a leap to land on it just as we were close. It was apparently very slippery, his feet slipped out from under him and he landed right in it. It was a thing of beauty.


34. That’s what you get

My husband of seven years cheated on me and admitted it when I asked. The next morning he was mowing the lawn and ran over a beehive with the mower. He is allergic to bees. I had to take him to the hospital all blown up like a big puffy sack of s***. Obviously it’s never fun to see someone you care about so much in such terrible pain, but I did think he had it coming.


35. Cheaters never prosper

Dated a guy for 6 years. He broke up with me seemingly out of nowhere, saying he needed time to himself. I found out later he had a new girlfriend that he had been cheating on me with. Well, after about 2 months, she dumped him for her ex, and I guess they weren’t too careful because she also gave him chlamydia as a parting gift.

36. Why you should never steal

On a trip backpacking around Greece once I had a bad experience in a hotel and decided to take one of their beautifully painted stone eggs from the bowl in the reception as compensation. When we were on the ferry to the next island I started noticing a horrible smell coming from my bag, and the people around me had obviously noticed as well.

It turns out that it was not a stone egg at all, but a painted boiled egg that had broken in my bag, the whole thing had become so rotten it had turned a nice shade of green and the smell was almost intolerable. I had to borrow a lot of my friends clothes for the rest of the trip but at least it taught me a good lesson.


37. Don’t dish out what you can’t take

Back in the day, my dad went to college, and his particular dormitory had around 15 floors. There was this dude, we’ll call him Chester, who lived in the center apartment on the 14th floor, facing the north side. This meant that Chester’s window was located directly above the entrance to the dormitory.

Chester, being the a**hat he was, would come home from school, and wind down by throwing water balloons at the people walking into the building. Not even people he particularly hated or anything. Chester just did this to everyone for fun. One day, he hits my dad. Big mistake.

My dad and his friend bring a garbage can up 15 flights of stairs, head to the bathroom, and fill it with water. They then head up to his friend’s dorm, which happens to be the center dorm on the 15th floor, right above Chester’s. A couple of girls walk up the steps to the door. Chester leans out of his window prepared to throw the balloons. And is promptly hit with an entire garbage can of water.

38. Poor pigeons

Sitting at a stop light, I watch as two preppy girls from the university chase pigeons off the sidewalk. They fly up and land a few feet further every time. As they approach the intersection, one girl squeals and runs right at them. As they take flight in the same direction (now across the street where traffic is flowing) and a bus drives by at full speed, probably 35/40 mph.

Two of the pigeons don’t make it in time and instantly transformed into a cloud of feathers and smaller pigeon pieces. Then I hear the blood curling scream. “They’re ON me!” “THEY’RE ON ME!”. That girl was COVERED in pigeon guts and feathers, and completely losing her s***. Her friend was doubled over in laughter. Don’t think she’ll be tormenting pigeons ever again.

39. Brotherly love

I was once at the park with my brother, and we were both on our bikes. I stopped because I had some kind of trouble with my chain. He biked past me, pointing and laughing. I saw the fence, but figured it wasn’t worth it to take the time to warn him. His laughter was cut short as he went head first over the fence and straight onto the pavement. I’m just glad he found the situation as funny as I did.


40. Babysitter from hell

When I was 7 I had this really terrible babysitter. She would lock me in my room and lock my 5 year old autistic brother in the basement (he didn’t understand how locks or light switches worked so he cried pretty much the entire time). One day after Christmas I took my new point and shoot camera out for a spin, pretending I was a detective.

I would creep along walls and jump around corners snapping away at whatever I could find. I could hear my babysitter talking to her boyfriend on the phone so I thought I would “investigate.” I crept up to the kitchen and then swung around the corner snapping away in my camera. She got really angry and chased me around the house as I was laughing my head off.

The next week my mom takes me to get my film developed. Her and I sat down in the mall food court and looked at the pictures, because what mom wouldn’t want to see the pictures their son took with their Christmas present.

As we flipped through my mom snatched one of the pictures out of my hand and her face went red. My mom was holding photographic proof of my babysitter going through my mom’s purse. I’ve never seen my mom light anyone up as bad as she did that poor 16 year old girl.

41. Stay in your lane

I have 45+ minute commute to work every day. It should only take 15 minutes, but traffic is always a disaster. There’s a carpool lane. I constantly see single drivers hauling a** down the carpool lane. One day, I said “alright, f*** it, I’m gonna do it too”.

The closer I get the carpool lane, the more I feel like a piece of s***, so I decided to be a good person and just stay in the regular lanes. A little bit up the road, I see a cop busting every single person in the carpool lane. I dodged one heck of a bullet right there.

42. Their lucky day

My friends and I were walking down the street in high school, before any of us had cars. Some random girl hung out the window of her friend’s car and shouted “WALKERS!” at us on our way home, throwing a McDonald’s soda at us (she missed). I noticed something fall out of her car as she threw the soda, but they sped off too fast to notice.

We walked up to it and sure enough it was a “clutch” style wallet. We opened it up and there was $80 in it! None of us had jobs so we were suddenly rich. We split it 4 ways, took her wallet to a nearby park and took turns peeing on it. I’ve never been more satisfied spending $20 in my life (this was the 90s so I could eat lunch for a week on $20).

43. The tech thief

Back in October 2012; 10th grade, I bought my 3DS in order to play Pokemon X. 5 days later, it was stolen from my locker in PE. Next day, I tell my friend about what happened and told me he might know who did it. Following day, a kid I never met claimed to have found it.

Turns out, he was the thief my friend described earlier in that morning who stole it and tried to sell my own device back for a reward for doing a ‘good deed’. The device was in terrible condition and he tried to lie about the game was missing. Fortunately, it was not, but I was still pretty pissed about the device.

I cussed him out and refused to give him the reward. He then has the nerve to tell me to ‘go f*** myself’. I reported this to the police in the school who didn’t do jack s*** about the situation at first, but a few days later caught the kid after he tried to steal an iPad. Afterwards, he’s forced to buy me another new 3DS. Fast forward to November; the week after thanksgiving, he’s expelled for another failed robbery.

44. Should have kept his mouth shut

When my brother and I were kids, (mid 90s) my parents bought us nice rollerblades and took us skating often. We both got pretty good at it, which made my brother act like a cocky little f***. One day at the rink, as we sped past by a couple of girls struggling to maintain balance in their rented skates.

He looked over his shoulder, pointed, laughed loudly, and made a rude comment about their skates and technique. Then the Karma gods came for him. He then crashed into a wall, which he would have seen if he wasn’t busy looking behind him and talking s*** to strangers.


45. It pays to be patient

It was third grade and it was winter. The school had pushed all the snow off to the sides of the tarmac (paved area of the schoolyard) and there were these five foot high snow banks that kids were sliding down. The snow banks were basically ice since it had rained and then froze over. Lots of kids were having fun sliding down them while the teachers weren’t watching.

I went to slide down the snow bank, this b*****d comes up and pushes me out of the way so he can slide down the snowbank first. He’s the type of idiot that tried to stand up and slide down the snowbank. He starts going, slips, smacks face first into the pavement. The kid broke his nose and I slid down the snowbank in victory while he wailed.

46. Flying pizza

I was outside my local bar which is next to a gym. These two young’uns went by on their skateboard, one of them was carrying a pizza. The kid skates by the window showing the box to the people inside and said, “Bet you wish you could have some of this.”

He made it about four feet past the window and proceeded to fall flat on his face, the pizza went flying across the sidewalk. I made sure to laugh loud enough that he heard it. Who was the person who said revenge is a dish best served cold? It’s got to be hot enough to melt the cheese.


47. Card declined

I work for the service desk at the Home Depot. I had a customer a few weeks ago come up to the desk with his wife cussing out a cashier because their home depot card wasn’t working and the cashier was a “f***ing idiot” and all this uncalled-for nonsense.

So I get his card and call credit services. My manager is standing in a corner behind the desk keeping an eye on things and is ready to jump in if necessary. Meanwhile, another customer at the desk tells infuriated guy to chill out and quit cursing around the ladies as its disrespectful and rude.

Infuriated guy just gets more p****d, the wife jumps in and now it’s just a fiasco. I’m starting to get nervous that a fist fight is going to break out, and I can feel the manager getting nervous too. I finally get through to credit services and they tell me that his card is being declined because he didn’t have enough available credit left on his card.

I had to stifle my laughter (didn’t bother hiding the grin) before I handed the phone to the customer. No apology from the customer and I’m sure there were no apologies to the poor cashier to had to deal with him.

48. Watch where you’re going

Years ago, my mom and I were lost in an unfamiliar town, trying to find the gym my volleyball tournament was at. We pulled over on the shoulder for a second to get our bearings and agree on a direction to head in, not realizing we’d partially pulled into a bike lane.

Alright, our bad. Well, before my mother could even shift the car into park/reverse/whatever, a woman on a bicycle smacked her knuckles on the passenger window really sharply and yelled “This is a bike lane, idiot!” at my mom.

While she had her head turned backward to sneer at my poor mother, she drove her bicycle straight into a huge telephone pole and completely wiped out. Flew over the handlebars, splayed like a bearskin rug across the pavement. Real slapstick looking stuff. She got up sheepishly as my mother and I drove away, literally crying from laughing so hard.

49. Evicted

Our neighbors share a house with us and are always making a racket. Every weekend they let their kids stomp around the house and play wall ball against the walls separating our apartments. Tonight we hear the abusive boyfriend screaming about how he can’t get a job because no one wants to hire a registered sex offender.

We naturally call the police and notify the real state agency to let them know about the noise complaint/possible sex offender living with children. The real estate agent messages us back informing us that they haven’t paid their rent and that they’ve been asked to leave. I felt really bad for the kids being stuck in that situation, but the parents from hell were gone.


50. Sore eyes

Was serving tables in high school at a high volume chain restaurant. One of those families that doesn’t give a s*** was sitting at my table. The kids were screaming, running around and being s*** heads. I politely suggested that the children running around was dangerous to the servers carrying heavy trays, other patrons, and the kids themselves. Parents gave zero f***s.

One of the kids was banging a bottle of tabasco sauce against the table. Again, the parents didn’t give a s***. All of a sudden the banging stops, and the brat starts crying – full volume. The cap came off and squirted fiery karma sauce right into his eyes. The mom flips out and rushes the kid to the bathroom. I laughed without trying to conceal my “told you so” smirk and don’t recall getting tipped. Worth it.