Trying to find your Mr or Mrs Right can be a real challenge.

Even with the increased use of dating sites and apps like Tinder, it can still be difficult to find that special person. If you are over 40, this can be even more difficult as there are likely to be less people your age using those sites and many others your age are already happily married.

If you have a single parent who is clearly in the search for love and feeling maybe a little lonely, it can be heartbreaking to watch. They may not be tech savvy or even reluctant to use dating sites because they are “for young people”.

That is exactly what Youtube user alexnorgay saw every time he looked at his mother. Here is this incredibly woman who he loves dearly, going through life without a partner to share experiences with. He had enough and decided to do something about it. The result was this video which is entitled “Looking For Adam”

If you ask me, his mom looks pretty great and with 8million Youtube views so far, I am sure she will soon find her Adam.

Source – (Youtube)